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We Hear from PM Harper!

Well, sort of. Alexander Panetta reports that an Oct. 25th  letter signed by former PM Stephen Harper and sent to clients of his firm Harper & Associates has been “obtained” by the Canadian Press. It is entitled “Napping on NAFTA” … Continue reading

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Continental Corruption

Layers and layers of leftwing corruption are oozing out of the swamps across North America. From Queen’s Park to Parliament Hill and beyond, lefties and liberals seem unable to silence their slimy secrets. Some of these cover-ups and creative accounting … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks in Troubled Times

It’s a challenge to remain optimistic about the future in this troubled world. One could easily give in to feelings of despair, cynicism and apathy. Never have I seen such divisiveness in our society. One would almost think there is … Continue reading

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From the Canadian Ministry of Hypocrisy

Yesterday Ralph Goodale and company desperately tried to blame the Harper Government for the outrage of having to apologize and pay off Omar Khadr. However many people are pointing out that Ralph Goodale was a Cabinet minister during the Chretien/Martin … Continue reading

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Politics Overload

Between the Comey testimony, British election, and various situations going on in Canada, it’s been difficult to keep up with everything. I sometimes feel like I have social media ADD. Twitter can be especially addictive as Jad noted in the … Continue reading

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