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The End of the Road

Well I think this journey has ended. Circumstances have dictated that I need to focus on other things. Thanks for the laughs, the engagement and the companionship. Take care everyone!

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Fresh Start

It may take me a while to get back into the groove here. I started this blog sometime ago as a backup and it has come in handy since the previous server was extremely unstable and ultimately failed in every … Continue reading

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Welcome to Blue Like You

However you arrived here, welcome! This is a test blog while I decide the next step. Thanks for stopping by.

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Another Wafer Chase

(Reposted from BLY – Feb. 24,/12) John Gormley’s column in today’s Leader Post (Harper’s critics need to chill) takes a look on the consistently over-the-top attack on the Conservative Government (H/T NNW): This tendency by opposition parties and the Bandwagon … Continue reading

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Obamaguinty is scary in stereo

Reposted from Blue Like You – Feb. 1, 2012 *   *   *   * I’ve often thought of Dalton McGuinty as a kind of Obama Mini-me; especially when he has the sleeves of his white shirt rolled up … Continue reading

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Issues with Primary Site

Having some problems with Blue Like You at the main site. If you hit the stop button as soon as the page loads you won’t be redirected, but I’m in the process of trying to solve the problem. Thanks for … Continue reading

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Economy & Energy prime election issues

(Reposted from BLY)   I’m still on my ‘break’ but the previous thread is moving in the direction of Ontario politics. Some are saying that education should be a big election issue. Personally I want to stay far away from … Continue reading

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Right to know more?

No I’m not back to regular posting yet but I thought I’d better start a new thread and decided to throw out a question that I’ve been wrestling with myself over the past few days. That is, do Canadians have … Continue reading

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Long overdue break

I’ve decided to take Sandy’s lead and go on hiatus. I am totally burned out and need to refocus my priories. Also there are a lot of technical issue that need to be worked out here. Thanks for your understanding.   … Continue reading

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What went wrong?

Rex Murphy is right that those ‘whiny, pampered, useless sacks of skin‘ that caused so much destruction in Vancouver Wednesday night should be soundly punished for the mayhem they instigated. But there is more blame to go around. How about … Continue reading

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