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Premier Brad Wall – a Man of Integrity

Rex Murphy wrote an eloquent column in praise of Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall on Friday – Brad Wall’s departure a rare show of sanity and humility in politics. Reading a Rex Murphy piece is something that must not be rushed. … Continue reading

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Great Wisdom

I found a terrific Globe column via someone I follow on Twitter and I’d like to highlight it here: Canada’s Real Strength? It’s Not Diversity, by Catherine Little. Diversity is often touted by the left (and especially by Trudeau) as … Continue reading

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Left-Right Balance Struggle

A healthy democracy flourishes when there is a constant and equal struggle between two opposing sides. This keeps both in check and minimizes temptation for the Government of the day to take advantage of being in power. They are held … Continue reading

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From the Canadian Ministry of Hypocrisy

Yesterday Ralph Goodale and company desperately tried to blame the Harper Government for the outrage of having to apologize and pay off Omar Khadr. However many people are pointing out that Ralph Goodale was a Cabinet minister during the Chretien/Martin … Continue reading

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Crisis Averted?

It seems that the unthinkable (for some) has happened: Premier Christy Clark’s government has been defeated and B.C. Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon has given the NDP along with the support of the Green Party a chance to govern. Do you think … Continue reading

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Honeymoon Over?

Nik Nanos thinks so. Is the Lib honeymoon over? @niknanos speaks with @ctvqp about how some support is shifting — Nik Nanos.Pollster (@niknanos) June 18, 2017 Is there hope? My thoughts are that Trudeau is pushing so far … Continue reading

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Politics Overload

Between the Comey testimony, British election, and various situations going on in Canada, it’s been difficult to keep up with everything. I sometimes feel like I have social media ADD. Twitter can be especially addictive as Jad noted in the … Continue reading

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Andrew Scheer – Team Builder

The new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada has many challenges right now but once of the most important is to bring his caucus together. That is the fundamental building block on which he can unite and grow the … Continue reading

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Fresh Start

It may take me a while to get back into the groove here. I started this blog sometime ago as a backup and it has come in handy since the previous server was extremely unstable and ultimately failed in every … Continue reading

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Welcome to Blue Like You

However you arrived here, welcome! This is a test blog while I decide the next step. Thanks for stopping by.

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