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The Intolerant Left

How many times have you found yourself in a discussion where someone asks you if you “believe” in climate change? It’s a loaded question isn’t it? And you know exactly where it’s going:  If you don’t answer in the affirmative … Continue reading

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LibSpeak 101

This Federal Liberal government seems to have quite the knack for coming up with impressive euphemisms to downplay illegal and criminal activity. The obvious example is their use of “irregular” vs. illegal border crossing of migrants coming into Canada from … Continue reading

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Doug Ford vs. Judicial Activism

When I first heard about Ontario Premier Doug Ford‘s announcement that he would use the notwithstanding clause to override a decision on the constitutionality of shrinking Toronto council, I was somewhat concerned. This option was always supposed to be the … Continue reading

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What is the End Game?

The recent exit of Maxime Bernier from the Conservative Party of Canada has caused quite the kerfuffle in Canadian politics. And no doubt Gerald Butts is salivating at the prospects. But why did Bernier do this? What is his grand … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Justin Trudeau?

As Anne mentioned in comments on the previous blog post, what is going on with Saudi Arabia and Canada? And where is Justin Trudeau on this? In fact why was he MIA on so many files lately? I know this … Continue reading

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Hubris and Hypocrisy will be the Liberals’ downfall.

So it seems as if the PMO brainiacs have attempted to move GropeGate off the political radar by introducing an Attack Ford Gov strategy. The initial shot was fired by Trudeau when after he first met with Premier Doug Ford, … Continue reading

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GropeGate story has legs

Okay. I’m going to break my own policy here and link to a Kinsella article because it’s just so interesting! Most mainstream outlets didn’t even want to touch the Trudeau Grope story when the rumours first started trickling out. Then … Continue reading

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Trudeau-Trump Feud

I’m starting a new thread here for the latest developments in the NAFTA negotiations and the unfortunate fallout from the G7 summit. I have been supportive of Trump in the past but this situation demands that everyone park their egos … Continue reading

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Waking up in Blue Ontario!

Since I started writing a blog back in 2005 I have been railing against the Liberals who have been in power for almost 15 years now. But that all changed last night. It was my fellow Blogging Tory buddy Alberta … Continue reading

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NDP plus Wynne = Nightmare!

Lorrie Goldstein clearly lays out the case for a PC majority here: Horwath now open to coalition government with Wynne. This is scary stuff. Probably the absolute worst-case scenario. Horwath is now flip-flopping on a previous statement that no way … Continue reading

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