Justin Trudeau – The Great Divider

The Trudeau Government sure has stepped into it this time concerning the application requirements for youth summer-job funding. Voices right across a broad political spectrum are critical of how this is being rolled out.

The Toronto Star editorial board (of all sources) has honed in on the particular flaw in the process:

…It needs to return the debate to one about actions, not beliefs. Government doesn’t have to fund actions that violate rights, but it shouldn’t try to police what people believe.

Of course we could have a whole other debate on whether or not abortion is an actual “right” in this country, and included in the Charter. Some say no.

But first of all the Trudeau Liberals need to stop trying to punish people with viewpoints that differ from their own.

Like it or not, Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister of all Canadians – not just of the left. He should start acting that way.


Update: Canada Summer Jobs attestation specifically targets activities, not beliefs: Hajdu – Global News.

Well, a lot of people still seem to have trouble believing that.

And then there’s this: Archbishop to Trudeau: You’re ‘confused’ if you think you can be pro-abortion and Catholic. I doubt that Trudeau actually sees himself as Catholic. Probably more of a post-modernist Global Gaia Worshipper.

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Happy 2018!!

I had actually started two previous drafts of my first post of 2018. The first had to do with Kathleen Wynne’s politically self-serving economic policies and the second was about the apparent Joshua Boyle-Justin Trudeau bromance.

But then I remembered a tweet that Rachel Curran had sent out:

And you know, no matter how bad things seem right now because our teams aren’t at the levers of power, it’s ok. We’re still here and we are in a great country. It’s our duty as Canadians to make sure this country stays on the right track but let’s not dwell excessively on the failures of our current governments.

Enjoy each day and grab that opportunity to engage with family and friends! Have faith. And listen to that inner voice nudging you to work towards the greater plan.

It will all work out as it should.

BTW check this out!

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Mary Dawson gives Justin Trudeau a lump of coal for Christmas

Via the Toronto Star: Trudeau violated conflict-of-interest rules with vacation to Aga Khan’s island: ethics commissioner.

Nice parting shot Ms. Dawson! No doubt you were tired of being thrown under the bus by this Liberal Government. Thank you very much for your hard work!

This is a breaking news story so I’ll post any interesting updates.

This is dynamite!! And from CBC of all places! Kudos to Rosemary Barton.

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A “Cut off you Nose to Spite your Face” Moment?

I apologize for in infrequency of new posts here but I have been fighting a horrible cough for weeks now and don’t have much energy. However I need to get the following off my chest so to speak.

I have been noticing a disturbing trend on my Twitter feed that many conservative fellow-travelers are getting fed up with Patrick Brown’s policies and switching to the Trillium Party. Yesterday’s PC Policy Convention seems to have caused many folks to speak out aggressively against Brown.

While I sympathize with their concerns, on a practical level I find myself worrying about a conservative split developing in Ontario, much like what had happened between the PC and Wildrose party. The outcome of that discord is the current Rachel Notley NDP disaster. Thankfully conservatives in Alberta have finally awakened to the need to stay united under Jason Kenney. I wish them great success in trying to restore hope and financial stability to their province.

So I guess my question to readers is do you understand and agree with this strategy that it’s better to have another Liberal government and thereby teach Patrick Brown a lesson?

Personally I am flummoxed by this attitude.


Great post here by Sandy: Beware Ontario Liberal lies about Brown’s PC “People’s Guarantee!”

Chris Selley also has an excellent column in the National Post: You can argue it’s ‘Liberal lite,’ but Ontario PC platform offers a pathway to victory.

It might not be especially conservative vision, but it is a vision — a different vision, a mostly defensible vision, an positive and upbeat vision despite its swipes at the Liberals, and a vision the Liberals will have some trouble trying to attack without looking foolish. (A simple carbon tax is the best policy, and they know it.)

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More Dirty Tricks

I have to give CBC’s Mike Crawley credit for exposing this Machiavellian move by the Ontario Liberal Government.

If I understand this correctly, the Wynne Liberals quietly created a new government agency to provide home care, and will thereby encourage many PSWs to leave private agencies and become Ontario government employees instead.

These new workers will likely become members of a powerful union (SEIU Healthcare) that has strong Liberal ties and is the key financial backer of Working Ontario Women which is running attack ads against Patrick Brown.

As Crawley points out, the political advantage for the Liberals is not lost on many in the industry:

“This is not about health care, this is about delivering these workers to this union,” said one industry insider who asked not to be identified to avoid potential business repercussions. “Everybody in health care knows that this is what this play is all about.”


So this will buy the union’s favour and they in turn will put out even more attack ads on Patrick Brown.

Wynne is cunning. I’ll give her that.  Liberals always put their own party before everyone else’s interests; especially just before an election campaign.


Poll suggests union attack ads on Brown are taking a tollToronto Star

Working Ontario Women: A “pink-washed front group”Sheila Gunn Reid via EBL News.

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We Hear from PM Harper!

Well, sort of.

Alexander Panetta reports that an Oct. 25th  letter signed by former PM Stephen Harper and sent to clients of his firm Harper & Associates has been “obtained” by the Canadian Press.

It is entitled “Napping on NAFTA” and contains some criticisms and concerns about how the current government is handling the negotiations.

The criticisms are solid and include issues such as too quickly rejecting U.S. proposals, trying to tie negotiations to Mexico, and pushing social issues.

In his role of consultant Stephen Harper warns his clients:

“I fear that the NAFTA re-negotiation is going very badly. I also believe that President (Donald) Trump’s threat to terminate NAFTA is not a bluff… I believe this threat is real. Therefore, Canada’s government needs to get its head around this reality: it does not matter whether current American proposals are worse than what we have now. What matters in evaluating them is whether it is worth having a trade agreement with the Americans or not.”

But there is another side to this story.

How did the Canadian Press “obtain” this letter? Was it a deliberate leak or what? The reason that is important is because the Trudeau gov’t is going ballistic over it, as you can read in Panetta’s article. They are basically accusing the former Prime Minister of deliberately trying to sabotage Canada’s NAFTA negotiation efforts.

If you follow Twitter, this is a most interesting exchange where Ben Harper actually challenges Panetta on the public release of the memo that was intended for Harper and Associates’ clients.

If I were a conspiracy theorist I would have to marvel at the convenient timing of this story. It may very well be a “squirrel” moment in an attempt to deflect unwanted media attention away from Trudeau’s embattled Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

Or perhaps there are even more sinister reasons.

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Continental Corruption

Layers and layers of leftwing corruption are oozing out of the swamps across North America.

From Queen’s Park to Parliament Hill and beyond, lefties and liberals seem unable to silence their slimy secrets.

Some of these cover-ups and creative accounting methods may not technically be against the law but they certainly do seem to contravene the spirit of the law, and appear to benefit certain transgressors in power at the time.

So is this something only leftwing politicians do or have we seen examples of this from the other side as well? And do you see more examples of this kind of ethical malfeasance elsewhere in North America?


Related articles of interest:

EXCLUSIVE: Morneau using ethics loophole to maintain ownership of shares in family business. CTV

Liberal tax reforms’ most lasting impact may be on Morneau’s reputation – John Ivison, National Post:

“The only takeaway for the vast majority of people is that a very rich man, who is taking advantage of tax loopholes to stay rich, was trying to close tax loopholes for people who are much less rich than he is.”

A Russian nuclear firm under FBI investigation was allowed to purchase US uranium supply – Sara A. Carter, Circa.

BREAKING NEWS! Morneau to put assets in blind trust.  But that’s not going to make this little “distraction” go away. Too little too late.

Morneau’s firm doing work for the feds; Has contract with Bank of Canada worth more than $8M – Candice Malcolm, Toronto Sun

And then there are the ghosts of Ontario’s email-gate rearing their ugly heads again.

More Breaking News – and from the Washington Post of all places!! Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier.

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Giving Thanks in Troubled Times

It’s a challenge to remain optimistic about the future in this troubled world. One could easily give in to feelings of despair, cynicism and apathy.

Never have I seen such divisiveness in our society. One would almost think there is a deliberate plot to sow discord among various competing religious, political, regional and economic tribes.

We see the politics of division displayed by the actions of the Trudeau Government. Just like his father, Justin Trudeau is pitting East against West; Energy sector against environmentalists.

But Justin goes further and favours certain religious rights at the expense of others and of free speech. And Bill Morneau’s proposed tax reforms have done nothing but stoke anger among small businesses, all in a crass populist political maneuver likely inspired by “class warfare” instigators.

Some see Donald Trump as a divisive figure. Or is it actually the left which is so divisive and constantly stoking anger and discord?

Of course terror remains our greatest threat to Western life as we know it. How do we deal with a world where almost every day you hear of another attack somewhere? We’ve almost come to expect it now.

And so at this Thanksgiving I try to put on my blinders and just focus on my own blessings: family, friends, relatively good health and the simple beauty of life right around me. I thank God for that and I ask for peace – even if it can be only found in my own heart.


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New Season; New beginnings?

Since autumn is starting and the MPs are back in Parliament, I thought I’d put up a new post. Andrew Scheer seems like he’s finding his way as Leader of the Official Opposition.

I watched question period yesterday and Bill Morneau seems very weak in his defense of the tax changes and how they would affect small business.

In Ontario this will become even more onerous when compounded with Kathleen Wynne’s carbon tax, high hydro rates and minimum wage increases.

The conservative leaders in provincial and federal politics have been handed gifts here since the economy is right in their wheelhouse. Let’s hope they make good use of the opportunity.

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Conservative Leadership M.I.A

This will be more of a rant than a blog post but I am seriously disappointed in the conservatives both provincially and federally (with the exception of Brad Wall, and now he’s leaving).

Both Andrew Scheer and Patrick Brown have been less than inspiring to date. I want to see some fire in their bellies! Things better improve soon especially in Ontario with the election less than a year away!

I will support the leaders when I see something to support. Until then I remain a disillusioned Canadian drowning in a sea of politically-correct virtue-signaling and not seeing any way out of the mire.

Thank you for listening.


Shadow Cabinet unveiled!

“Instead of naming them “critics,” Scheer is calling his team “shadow ministers” because…he’s trying to position the Tories as a government-in-waiting.”

I like it!

And Sandy has a very thought-provoking column here: ALL Canadian Conservatives need to support Andrew Scheer to win in 2019!

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