GropeGate story has legs

Okay. I’m going to break my own policy here and link to a Kinsella article because it’s just so interesting!

Most mainstream outlets didn’t even want to touch the Trudeau Grope story when the rumours first started trickling out. Then some in Canadian media started picking it up. But yesterday during his Bash the U.S. tour, Justin was asked about it and repeated the official statement: That he doesn’t remember having any “negative interactions” that day.

Except that it is very puzzling that Trudeau provided a quote for a column in the Creston Valley Advance at that time explaining that he didn’t realize the woman was “reporting for a national paper” or he would never have been so “forward”!!

And now we hear from Warren:

He “doesn’t think he had any negative interactions there.” Not exactly a categorical denial.

So, that matters, and so does this: the young woman who was assaulted doesn’t want to say anything else about the incident. She holds a senior position in a federally-regulated sector, and she is undoubtedly afraid about what could happen to her and her family. Until she says otherwise, then, she should remain what she is. Which is anonymous.

And I totally agree. But the problem for Justin now is that his Feminist persona is becoming tainted with hypocrisy, which affects his credibility.

And so that Golden Boy image is becoming increasingly tarnished. The PMO must be desperately hoping this story goes away but there are too many unanswered questions that won’t be satisfied by a “selective memory” response.

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Trudeau-Trump Feud

I’m starting a new thread here for the latest developments in the NAFTA negotiations and the unfortunate fallout from the G7 summit.

I have been supportive of Trump in the past but this situation demands that everyone park their egos and get the job done. Name-calling on either side isn’t going to help.

Brian Lilley provides a backgrounder here on how tensions escalated to this point: Justin Trudeau’s childish antics won’t help on NAFTA/Trade files.

Meanwhile we are reminded how good we had things under PM Stephen Harper:



Good read here – Why Trudeau doesn’t have the high ground on trade by J.J. McCullough (Washington Post).

And this! Diplomacy Trump-Style: Understanding NarcissismDon Lenihan (via NNW):

“CBC’s Rob Russo provides further details. At that meeting, he says, Trump unexpectedly waived his demand for a sunset clause, which was the main obstacle to an agreement. Suddenly, the logjam broke and a deal was within reach. When Trump took off for Singapore, the understanding was that the NAFTA negotiations would quickly resume. Everyone was optimistic.

Kudlow believes that at this meeting Trump and Trudeau effectively made an agreement to move on from their differences, but that Trudeau then violated it at the press conference.

In Trump’s mind, the decision to waive the sunset clause had been a generous act of reconciliation. Yet Trudeau publicly denigrated him just to score political points with Canadians.”

So now we can see why Trump reacted the way he did to Justin’s ‘we will not be pushed around’ presser moments after he left.

This Rebel segment with Ian Lee is well worth checking out:

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Waking up in Blue Ontario!

Since I started writing a blog back in 2005 I have been railing against the Liberals who have been in power for almost 15 years now. But that all changed last night.

It was my fellow Blogging Tory buddy Alberta Aardvark who reminded me how long this battle has taken:

Back in the glory days of Blogging Tories he would support and console me during the McGuinty era while he sat in strong, conservative Alberta. So now the colours have changed for both of us but I firmly believe Alberta will be blue once again after the next election.

The once mighty Ontario Liberal Party has been reduced to a mere rump of 7 seats which means they lose official party status. Kathleen Wynne will have to wear that humiliation.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has ended up with 76 seats which is a very decent majority. Actually it’s quite remarkable when you consider what chaos the party was in just a few short months ago during the Patrick Brown debacle. Doug Ford wasn’t my first choice as party leader but it has all worked out for the best in the end. My ultimate fear was a NDP-Liberal coalition so this majority PC outcome is such a relief! The NDP as official opposition is manageable, and could even garner more conservative support as Ontarians see what a radical crew they truly are.

And now we have strong conservative presence in Ontario to stand up to Justin Trudeau’s ruinous policies. Let’s work together to spread this Blue Wave right across Canada!



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NDP plus Wynne = Nightmare!

Lorrie Goldstein clearly lays out the case for a PC majority here: Horwath now open to coalition government with Wynne. This is scary stuff. Probably the absolute worst-case scenario. Horwath is now flip-flopping on a previous statement that no way would she work with Wynne.

…Despite that, Horwath now appears open to cutting a deal with Wynne to become premier if she fails to win a majority of 63 of the legislature’s 124 seats.

Under that scenario, Horwath could win fewer seats than Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives, who are running neck-and-neck in the polls with the NDP. and still become premier, if neither the PCs or NDP win 63 seats.

In that case Wynne, whose Liberals are running in third place in the polls, would hold the balance of power in deciding whether to make Horwath or Ford premier.

I can’t come up with even one optimistic thought to comfort myself in that event, other than I might possibly still get my “free” dental care – if Horwath can be trusted to at least keep that promise.


LILLEY: Foreign-funded activist group helping Andrea Horwath’s NDP – Toronto Sun:

Why is a Vancouver-based group, substantially funded and founded by American billionaires through a San Francisco based foundation working against Ontario’s PC Party?

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Worrisome NDP Candidates

Great article here by Joe Warmington about the latest NDP candidate to be outed for a controversial past: Gurratan Singh, brother of Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

Apparently Gurratan wasn’t a big fan of police when he was younger, but Andrea Horwath has basically said oh well that was then and she is keeping him on.

The problem here is that this is just another sign of a very concerning trend in this NDP party where radical tendencies seem to be accepted. What would an Andrea Horwath cabinet look like? Voters deserve to know.


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And they’re off and running!!

Well the Ontario election of 2018 has officially started! Of course Wynne has been campaigning on taxpayer dime the last few months with all her spending announcements, so campaign costs will now have to come out of Liberal coffers.

So how are you feeling right now? Are you already locked in or still unsure? And to those outside Ontario, which party or leader do you feel would benefit the rest of Canada in terms of federal and interprovincial dynamics?

I suspect many Ontarians will end up having to hold their noses when voting on June 7 no matter whom they end up choosing.

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Has Kathleen Wynne has lost her mind??

Never a winning strategy to denigrate the President of the United States when NAFTA negotiations are at such a critical state – especially if you are the leader of Canada’s largest province.

Update: Great response from Doug Ford here regarding Liberal campaign co-chair David Herle’s inappropriate comments and ensuing “apology”.

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A Conservative renaissance?

I was wanting to start a new post here since the previous one is becoming a bit long with all the comments. When I tried to think of a new topic, the usual shenanigans of the Ontario and Federal Liberals came to mind.

But this morning I read this article via Twitter from the Prince George Citizen which suggests a mood of discontent may be percolating up from the Canadian public right across the country. – Right, left united on Trudeau by Nathan Giede:

We are on the verge of what might well be a Conservative renaissance in this country. In B.C., a shaky lefty coalition is teetering on the edge as the extremists pull the strings; in Alberta, a party of supposedly the same name is all but sure to lose to a revitalized Tory party run by the most effective politician in Canada; and in Ontario, the “activist centre” Wynne Liberals could very well lose to Canada’s own angry man with bad hair by default, no matter how hard they try.

Progressives should be worried, because for all their disbelief in trickle-down economics, they definitely subscribe to trickle-down resentment. Thatcher, Reagan, Bush Jr., Harper, Trump – all these names have been used by liberals and the far left to denigrate the character of lone candidates on the right at every level of government. But with their own hands on the wheel of federal power as well as major provinces, it is now they who look inept and totally out of touch.

So I offer this as a jumping-off point for more discussion about our current political situation in Canada. Personally I’m hoping the pendulum will swing back from extreme left to the responsible centre.


And on a related note, Lindsay Shepherd articulates her thoughts on the divisiveness of the left, and how their intolerance is pushing her towards the right:

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The Unbearable Shallowness of Justin Trudeau

Terrific interview and column by Antonella Artuso in the Sun: EXCLUSIVE: Prof. Jordan Peterson gives ‘Peter Pan’ Trudeau budget a failing grade:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “gender equity” budget is as shallow and ideologically-driven as he is, professor Jordan B. Peterson says.

“To me, when I look at Trudeau, there’s a couple of things that I see. I see someone who hasn’t grown up, so he’s Peter Pan,” the clinical psychologist said in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun.

And being shallow is bad enough, but when you combine it with a mindless devotion to identity politics, Trudeau’s style of governing becomes dangerously divisive:

The “solutions” in the budget are those one learns in the first week of women’s studies, Peterson countered.

The usual markers of radical left ideology are all there — equity, diversity, inclusivity, white privilege, systemic racism, he said.

“I think the identity politics is absolutely catastrophic … We will see a rise in racial tension and tension between the genders as a consequence of this,” he said. “It’s already happening. We’re introducing problems into a country.”

We can only pray that enough Canadian wake up before the next federal election and vote to Make Trudeau a Drama Teacher Again.

More from Jordan Peterson on the subject of Justin Trudeau:

And then there’s this!

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Four More Years of Wynne?

I fear I might annoy some of my True-Blue readership here but I need to convey my disappointment with last night’s Progressive Conservative leadership results.

It’s not that I dislike Doug Ford as a person, but I truly do fear that he will give Wynne and friends so much ammunition for attack ads; whether deserved or not. Will we be able to get rid of this dreadful Liberal government that’s been ruining our province for the last 15 years?

Also the P.C. Party is obviously severely divided. The results were incredibly close and apparently Christine Elliott won the popular vote. In a strange sense I can now understand how Hillary supporters felt on the night of the last U.S. election.

Having said all that, I will work through my feelings of disappointment and do my best to get back on board the unity train for the sake of the party and province.

It might just take some time.


March 17 Update:

Starting to feel a bit more optimistic. It’s been a busy week with not much time to do more than scan headlines, but from what I’m seeing this Ontario election could be quite interesting. 

Interesting column in the Star by Jaimie Watt: Unfiltered Ford is the best chance for a PC victory in Ontario.

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