The Unbearable Shallowness of Justin Trudeau

Terrific interview and column by Antonella Artuso in the Sun: EXCLUSIVE: Prof. Jordan Peterson gives ‘Peter Pan’ Trudeau budget a failing grade:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “gender equity” budget is as shallow and ideologically-driven as he is, professor Jordan B. Peterson says.

“To me, when I look at Trudeau, there’s a couple of things that I see. I see someone who hasn’t grown up, so he’s Peter Pan,” the clinical psychologist said in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun.

And being shallow is bad enough, but when you combine it with a mindless devotion to identity politics, Trudeau’s style of governing becomes dangerously divisive:

The “solutions” in the budget are those one learns in the first week of women’s studies, Peterson countered.

The usual markers of radical left ideology are all there — equity, diversity, inclusivity, white privilege, systemic racism, he said.

“I think the identity politics is absolutely catastrophic … We will see a rise in racial tension and tension between the genders as a consequence of this,” he said. “It’s already happening. We’re introducing problems into a country.”

We can only pray that enough Canadian wake up before the next federal election and vote to Make Trudeau a Drama Teacher Again.

More from Jordan Peterson on the subject of Justin Trudeau:

And then there’s this!

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Four More Years of Wynne?

I fear I might annoy some of my True-Blue readership here but I need to convey my disappointment with last night’s Progressive Conservative leadership results.

It’s not that I dislike Doug Ford as a person, but I truly do fear that he will give Wynne and friends so much ammunition for attack ads; whether deserved or not. Will we be able to get rid of this dreadful Liberal government that’s been ruining our province for the last 15 years?

Also the P.C. Party is obviously severely divided. The results were incredibly close and apparently Christine Elliott won the popular vote. In a strange sense I can now understand how Hillary supporters felt on the night of the last U.S. election.

Having said all that, I will work through my feelings of disappointment and do my best to get back on board the unity train for the sake of the party and province.

It might just take some time.


March 17 Update:

Starting to feel a bit more optimistic. It’s been a busy week with not much time to do more than scan headlines, but from what I’m seeing this Ontario election could be quite interesting. 

Interesting column in the Star by Jaimie Watt: Unfiltered Ford is the best chance for a PC victory in Ontario.

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Mr. Dressup Goes to India

What can be said that hasn’t already been proclaimed all over global media as to what a twit we have for Prime Minister?

Trudeau’s trip to India surely has to have been one of the most gaffe-laden, mocked, and derided foreign visits in Canadian history.

In spite of Justin and family’s extensive wardrobe, this truly has been a week in which the whole world witnessed the fact that the emperor has no clothes. There he was on the global stage in all of his tone-deaf, egotistical, self-serving and incompetent glory.

Of course complicit media sources are attempting to comply with the desperate  “rogue elements” theory, but they’re not having much success convincing the public.

Canadians and people all over the world have now awakened to what we were telling them right from the beginning: Trudeau is Just Not Ready.

And I doubt he will ever be.


This column that Candice Malcolm wrote for the Economic Times is well worth checking out: Why Justin Trudeau’s India tour turned out to be a diplomatic disaster.

Charles Adler’s interview with Terry Glavin is very informative as well.

This story is just getting more and more bizarre! From David Akin, Global News:

“And then “worse” turned to “farce” when the PMO trotted out one of the most senior members of the civil service, someone who is one of the handful of bureaucrats privy to literally all the secrets of our national security agencies, to engage in frantic damage control.

After insisting that any journalist who wanted to listen to what this individual had to say could not name this person, the government tasked the bureaucrat with peddling what must be one of the most bizarre conspiracy theories ever advanced by a Canadian government…”


And this piece by Terry Glavin is an absolute must-read! How Trudeau’s top national security advisor lost the plot in India – Macleans:

 “But now it’s out in the open, and now everybody knows that the character who set in motion the central drama in a calamity that the Times of India calls “a disaster that has little parallel in India’s recent diplomatic history” was Daniel Jean.”

Oh-oh. Bad news for Junior Trudeau:
Justin Trudeau would lose if an election were held tomorrow, India trip a symptom of shift in mood: Ipsos pollGlobal News

Reminder – What a real leader looks like:

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Ontario Political Drama

The Patrick Brown debacle continues in the news with Brown fighting back to clear his name – which he is certainly entitled to do.

The question for the Ontario PC Party now is how to address all this controversy and still carry on in an attempt to find a new leader and get rid of the Wynne Liberals. If Patrick Brown is found to be the victim of shoddy journalism on the part of CTV and/or a nefarious political plot, then what does the party do going forward?


The one thing I ask is to please continue using discretion in the comment section regarding anything that could be taken as a libelous comment or accusation. If you want to use reporters’ names I think that is fine as long as the commentary is factual. I know we were wrestling with the question about using a certain CTV reporter’s name but I feel now that is ok as long as we are careful to stick to the facts. Or perhaps we could use initials (eg. G.M.) Thanks very much for your understanding.

Who knew Ontario politics could be so intriguing?



Patrick Brown says ‘I am suing CTV’ over report details sexual misconduct allegationsGlobal News.  Never a dull moment in Ontario these days!

And Friday Feb. 16 was absolutely Cray-cray!!

The following is an excellent interview from The Roy Green Show with Roy talking to Alex Pierson on Sunday, February 17. Please give it a listen and then tell me if it changes your opinion at all about Patrick Brown. Thanks.  [Access Roy Green Show here and click on archived interview with Alex near the middle of the page – 12:32 minutes on Feb. 17.]

And then there’s this: Brown accuser won award from CTVAnthony Furey, Toronto Sun.

Forum Poll looks very promising in spite of everything!! Half of Ontarians would vote for PCs in next election: pollToronto Star

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There are no Angels in Politics

I’m just going to write down some stream-of-consciousness thoughts here.

In almost every party and every level of government we are constantly pinning our hopes on our political representatives – and yet they all seem to disappoint us sooner or later.

We want our team to win. We are so sure that they are the chosen ones and we support them until they remind us that they are human and therefore flawed. And then we look around at the alternatives and try to assess whether we should stick with our team or move on.

You can choose to withdraw from following politics altogether but then you are forfeiting your right and responsibility to vote intelligently. Eventually that hurts you, your family and everyone around you – and it hurts democracy.

And so I think that as we view the current chaos in the Ontario PC Party, we should probably all take a deep breath, consider the alternatives and then make a decision.

The big question for every Ontario citizen is, are you happy with the way the Ontario Liberals have been running this province for the past 15 years? Or are you ready for a change?

If the latter then try to decide which party would have the best chance of defeating the Liberals (i.e. that most closely aligns with your own views). Then lock in and do your best to make that happen!


Related links:

NP View: After a disaster, Ontario Conservatives are doing things right: “Trust the members to choose, and then let Ontarians decide if they chose right.”

EDITORIAL: Anyone but Wynne a win for Ontario. (Toronto Sun) – “For Ontario voters in general, any of the four represent real and desperately needed change.”

And more “fallen angels”:

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Justin Trudeau – The Great Divider

The Trudeau Government sure has stepped into it this time concerning the application requirements for youth summer-job funding. Voices right across a broad political spectrum are critical of how this is being rolled out.

The Toronto Star editorial board (of all sources) has honed in on the particular flaw in the process:

…It needs to return the debate to one about actions, not beliefs. Government doesn’t have to fund actions that violate rights, but it shouldn’t try to police what people believe.

Of course we could have a whole other debate on whether or not abortion is an actual “right” in this country, and included in the Charter. Some say no.

But first of all the Trudeau Liberals need to stop trying to punish people with viewpoints that differ from their own.

Like it or not, Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister of all Canadians – not just of the left. He should start acting that way.


Update: Canada Summer Jobs attestation specifically targets activities, not beliefs: Hajdu – Global News.

Well, a lot of people still seem to have trouble believing that.

And then there’s this: Archbishop to Trudeau: You’re ‘confused’ if you think you can be pro-abortion and Catholic. I doubt that Trudeau actually sees himself as Catholic. Probably more of a post-modernist Global Gaia Worshipper.

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Happy 2018!!

I had actually started two previous drafts of my first post of 2018. The first had to do with Kathleen Wynne’s politically self-serving economic policies and the second was about the apparent Joshua Boyle-Justin Trudeau bromance.

But then I remembered a tweet that Rachel Curran had sent out:

And you know, no matter how bad things seem right now because our teams aren’t at the levers of power, it’s ok. We’re still here and we are in a great country. It’s our duty as Canadians to make sure this country stays on the right track but let’s not dwell excessively on the failures of our current governments.

Enjoy each day and grab that opportunity to engage with family and friends! Have faith. And listen to that inner voice nudging you to work towards the greater plan.

It will all work out as it should.

BTW check this out!

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Mary Dawson gives Justin Trudeau a lump of coal for Christmas

Via the Toronto Star: Trudeau violated conflict-of-interest rules with vacation to Aga Khan’s island: ethics commissioner.

Nice parting shot Ms. Dawson! No doubt you were tired of being thrown under the bus by this Liberal Government. Thank you very much for your hard work!

This is a breaking news story so I’ll post any interesting updates.

This is dynamite!! And from CBC of all places! Kudos to Rosemary Barton.

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A “Cut off you Nose to Spite your Face” Moment?

I apologize for in infrequency of new posts here but I have been fighting a horrible cough for weeks now and don’t have much energy. However I need to get the following off my chest so to speak.

I have been noticing a disturbing trend on my Twitter feed that many conservative fellow-travelers are getting fed up with Patrick Brown’s policies and switching to the Trillium Party. Yesterday’s PC Policy Convention seems to have caused many folks to speak out aggressively against Brown.

While I sympathize with their concerns, on a practical level I find myself worrying about a conservative split developing in Ontario, much like what had happened between the PC and Wildrose party. The outcome of that discord is the current Rachel Notley NDP disaster. Thankfully conservatives in Alberta have finally awakened to the need to stay united under Jason Kenney. I wish them great success in trying to restore hope and financial stability to their province.

So I guess my question to readers is do you understand and agree with this strategy that it’s better to have another Liberal government and thereby teach Patrick Brown a lesson?

Personally I am flummoxed by this attitude.


Great post here by Sandy: Beware Ontario Liberal lies about Brown’s PC “People’s Guarantee!”

Chris Selley also has an excellent column in the National Post: You can argue it’s ‘Liberal lite,’ but Ontario PC platform offers a pathway to victory.

It might not be especially conservative vision, but it is a vision — a different vision, a mostly defensible vision, an positive and upbeat vision despite its swipes at the Liberals, and a vision the Liberals will have some trouble trying to attack without looking foolish. (A simple carbon tax is the best policy, and they know it.)

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More Dirty Tricks

I have to give CBC’s Mike Crawley credit for exposing this Machiavellian move by the Ontario Liberal Government.

If I understand this correctly, the Wynne Liberals quietly created a new government agency to provide home care, and will thereby encourage many PSWs to leave private agencies and become Ontario government employees instead.

These new workers will likely become members of a powerful union (SEIU Healthcare) that has strong Liberal ties and is the key financial backer of Working Ontario Women which is running attack ads against Patrick Brown.

As Crawley points out, the political advantage for the Liberals is not lost on many in the industry:

“This is not about health care, this is about delivering these workers to this union,” said one industry insider who asked not to be identified to avoid potential business repercussions. “Everybody in health care knows that this is what this play is all about.”


So this will buy the union’s favour and they in turn will put out even more attack ads on Patrick Brown.

Wynne is cunning. I’ll give her that.  Liberals always put their own party before everyone else’s interests; especially just before an election campaign.


Poll suggests union attack ads on Brown are taking a tollToronto Star

Working Ontario Women: A “pink-washed front group”Sheila Gunn Reid via EBL News.

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