Goodbye Dalton McGuinty

I am still on a long break from blogging but this is an important weekend as the New Premier of Ontario is chosen.

It reminds me of a Rex Murphy column from last summer in which he urged Dalton to resign. Better late than never I guess (reposted from BLY July 14, 2012):

In “Turned Off” Rex Murphy suggests that Dalton should resign over the Mississauga Gas Plant Scandal, but he also issues a pox on all their houses by pointing out how a general lack of integrity and self-interest permeates politics these days:

But something else may be going on. People’s contempt for actions of this sort may be so deep that for a while it remains unspoken. Arrogance and self-interest on this level leaves most normal people speechless. They resign themselves to the sleaziness and corruption of the game. They learn to quietly despise politics. At that point, in a democracy, all are losers. And make no error: It was the Ontario Liberals this time, but once in power, every party, from the Tories to the Greens, is capable of acting in the same way.

For a ploy of this magnitude, Dalton McGuinty and his energy minister should resign. But such gestures – resignation in the wake of incompetence, trickery, waste or deep mismanagement – belong to a time when politics had a noble status, public life retained a vestige of honour and politicians actually had an organ of conscience that occasionally allowed them to register real emotions of honest shame.

And that may explain how Dalton manages to stay in power despite his conniving, bungling and disgraceful performance: people have simply given up.

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