A Bold Move

(Reposted from BLY July 2, 2012)

As regulars know I’ve been busy the last little while and posting frequency is suffering because of it.

However I did want to congratulate Ontario P.C. Leader Tim Hudak for taking on Big Union Entitlement. As Andrew Coyne said, it’s about time someone stood up to them.  Jobs are going south because we are just not competitive.  High labour costs are certainly partially related to that problem. High energy costs are another. Hudak has ideas for both.

And then there are the bloated public sector unions that are being supported by taxpayers; many of whom have already lost jobs in the private sector (like RIM).

This is a proposal that you’ll either love or hate but it certainly does differentiate the Progressive Conservatives from everyone else left of them.

We are very tired of Liberal and Liberal-Lite in this province.

The Financial Post points out that union workers could also benefit from this proposal. It allows freedom of choice:

…Reforms would even be good for Ontario’s union members, too – many of whom may see some value in union membership and collective bargaining in theory, but don’t get much back for the money that is stripped, on a compulsory basis, off their paycheques, and have little or no say in how that money is spent once it’s been taken. If union members want to contribute to the Working Families Coalition, or any other cause, let them do it out of their own income, not dues that are extracted from them against their will.

Finally someone with a spine has emerged in Ontario.

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