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Long overdue break

I’ve decided to take Sandy’s lead and go on hiatus. I am totally burned out and need to refocus my┬ápriories. Also there are a lot of technical issue that need to be worked out here. Thanks for your understanding.   … Continue reading

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What went wrong?

Rex Murphy is right that those ‘whiny, pampered, useless sacks of skin‘ that caused so much destruction in Vancouver Wednesday night should be soundly punished for the mayhem they instigated. But there is more blame to go around. How about … Continue reading

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Vancouver shamed

Trending right now worldwide on Twitter: Dear Vancouver and #canucksriot. Please report these losers to the Vancouver Police and post evidence at Vancouver 2011 Riot Criminal List. The Guardian’s Matthew Good feels all the benefits from the Olympics have now … Continue reading

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One NDP bill I can support

I’m sure I’ll suffer a pounding from fellow Conservatives on this one but I really do like NDP MP Peter Stoffer’s idea about a ban on floor crossing and having to win an election: His bill, if passed, would prohibit … Continue reading

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Conservatives vs. the Media Party

Stockwell Day feels that the new era in civility should extend to the media, and especially the Parliamentary Press Gallery – Conservatives ‘lay track’ to attack media, real opposition party in new Parliament – Hill Times: “With great freedom comes … Continue reading

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DePape & cohorts actually *against* democracy?

Tom Oleson nails it here in the WFP: …there was no nobility in what Ms. DePape did to make her such a darling. Rather, she abused her privileged position as a page in the Canadian Senate to disrupt the Throne … Continue reading

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Trouble Shooting

There are still a few issues to iron out on this new site. One of the main ones is some readers reporting problems with the Blogging Tories aggregator trying to access Blue Like You. This post will be another test … Continue reading

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New Server

Well here we are again after another major server changeover. First of all I want to thank Cynapse for all his hard work getting us set up. ┬áMy son has also been very helpful, as has Sandy in answering questions … Continue reading

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Of protests and civil disobedience

(Reposted from Blue Like You June 6, 2011) At first I was planning to protest Brigette DePape’s protest by ignoring it, but some interesting angles are aligning. Namely we have a front page story in today’s National Post about 62-year-old … Continue reading

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Historic day ahead

As Peter Mansbridge notes on Twitter, today’s Throne Speech will be another milestone: First Throne Speech from a majority Conservative government this century… This comes the day after the election of Andrew Scheer as the youngest Speaker in Canadian history … Continue reading

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