Canada Wins!!

Last night’s election results are the very best thing that could have happened for our country, and for each individual party except the Bloc and the ABC Press Party.

Obviously I am thrilled that we now have a strong, stable Majority Conservative government in Canada. The implications are excellent for our economic future.

But as John Ivison points out there are benefits for other parties as well – notably the NDP:

…This is the best of all possible worlds – our politics have been transformed by an energetic, young party and the election of the country’s first Green MP; the separatists have been reduced to a rump; and, the country is still in the hands of the most experienced and competent of the men who were running for the job of Prime Minister.

(John Ivison’s back in my good books again.)

Yes it was a historic night for the NDP and Green Parties too.

And the Liberal party now has much-needed time to reinvent itself from the bottom up  instead of constantly needing to be battle-ready, and lurching from one failed leader to the next.

Last night’s biggest winner was Canada.

Lots more to discuss but I just want to savour the moment for now.  Readers are welcome to share their emotions and stories as always.

Oh yeah.  Congratulations Stephen Woodworth and other Conservative area incumbents. Woo-hoo! And a big shout-out to everyone who worked so hard on the campaigns. Every donation, every footstep, every phone-call, every sign – it’s all so appreciated.

One big final thank you goes to the Coalition that caused this election in the first place!!!

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230 Responses to Canada Wins!!

  1. maz2 says:

    Of the ABC Press Party.

    “Exweb said…

    This victory ends the myths I have been told by the MSM. MYTH: No one likes Stephen Harper. (Except he won a majority). MYTH: Stephen Harper doesn’t work with other parties. (Except he governed for a record 5 years in a minority parliament AND didn’t force this election) MYTH: Jack Layton is Canada’s savior. (Except he came up 150 seats or so shy of a majority) MYTH: 60 percent of Canadians will vote against Stephen Harper. (69 percent voted against the NDP, 81 percent voted against Liberals…What is your point again?) MYTH: Canadians just don’t trust Harper with a majority (except they voted to give him one.) I have been completely misled by the MSM and I am done with 660 News in Calgary forever. For the last month or so I have been told every 10 minutes every one of the above lies. I will never tune in again. We’re done. What a great feeling!”


    Trusty Tory:

    “Natural governing party replaced.”

    “But now, it is time to gloat. Why?

    I have been blogging since 2004. I watched arrogant Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin try to be all things to all people. I watched the media and the Liberal Party of Canada try to destroy Stephen Harper. I watched them in 2004, 2005, 2008 and in this election try and try again. I watched the Opposition ridicule those of us who supported Stephen Harper, calling us dinosaurs, calling us “bigots” and whatever else they could throw at us.

    They can piss up a rope.

    My joy does not end there.

    Gilles Duceppe lost his seat. The Bloc Quebecois has finally reached their end, only winning 4 seats in the province of Quebec. No longer are they the party of Quebec, no longer is there a voice of separatism in Ottawa. Quebecers sent them a message – you are a political dinosaur from days gone by. Brian Mulroney – vengeance is yours.

    Michael Ignatieff bombed. He lost his own seat. In Toronto. To the Conservatives.

    I am not making this up.

    The Tories gained almost all of the Liberals’ lost seats. Do I feel “bad” for Ignatieff?

    Not on your life.

    The Liberal Party of Canada has been sent a clear message: You are NOT the voice of Canadians. You are not the “natural governing party.” Hell, you aren’t even the voice of Toronto anymore! You are an arrogant, old lot who have lost their way. You are a fringe party. Your arrogant, demeaning way in which you have treated Canadians since the Sponsorship Scandal has finally come to bite you in the ass. You tried to shove some Harvard professor down our throats like some elitist aristocratic party who thinks they know what’s good for Canadians. Boy, were you wrong. You were reduced to 33 seats, 7 less than John Turner won in the Mulroney sweep of 1984.

    Mark Holland, Ruby Dhalla, Ujjal Dosanjh, Joe Volpe, Ken Dryden, Rob Oliphant, and many, many others, were wrong.

    In conclusion, three things.

    1) Hey Alberta, Ontario has your back. That includes Toronto, as you can see.

    2) It would appear as though Toronto had it’s own Conservative conversion.

    3) Below is a song for Gilles Duceppe AND Michael Ignatieff, who will be resigning in the morning. See ya later.”


  2. Garfield says:

    Joanne, thank you for giving us a forum to whine, worry, commiserate and mostly to encourage each other when we sometimes faced a less than favourable wind. We elected our candidate with over 60% of the vote due in no small part to our volunteers who were motivated beyond belief!
    The best part is we can stand down from election readiness for a while and enjoy the peace and quiet.


  3. Alberta Girl says:

    Seems like I am always late to the party…posting comments in the previous thread just as Joanne is writing a new one – must be that dratted time change thing – LOL. I am reposting the comment over here – sorry to anyone who has to read it twice.

    I laughed out loud last night when Jack Layton started talking about his new caucus who were full of parliamentary experience!!

    Does anyone doubt what our media would have been saying if Conservatives had elected these vacationing placeholders….yet Nothing from our media.

    I get a huge kick out of the MSM talking about how the vote splitting helped the Tories win a majority….um, what about the Strategic voting on the left that kept them to 167 seats. Funny that it is OK when the left employs these tactics or (as was back in Chretien’s majority days – win because of vote splitting).

    I really feel like this is the election that the MSM realized that they don’t hold the power anymore…I intend to keep on challenging them as I doubt that their negativity will stop.

    Congratulations to all Conservatives – and a special thanks to those who worked so hard helping candidates in this election – sometimes I feel isolated in that regard out here in Blue Alberta.

    And an extra special thanks to all the Blogging Tories for their hard work and dedication in creating a forum where Conservative minded Canadians can speak their minds. Not to mention breaking many of the stories that the MSM didn’t want Canadians to know about.

    I do not think our job is done…hopefully now – with 4 years of peace, the truth can come out about the “hidden agenda” of the left.


  4. wilson says:

    Rick Mercer and his vote mob must have assumed Conservatives don’t vote until they turn 35.
    Big salute to our CPC youth vote!

    Yah got the job done CPC grassroots…..


  5. Alberta Girl says:

    “One big final thank you goes to the Coalition that caused this election in the first place!!!”

    Joanne – you need to tweet that line!!

    I wonder how many of the Coalition members are regretting their hasty actions now….although in hindsight, from where I sit, it was about time and the very best thing for this country!

    Thanks Coalition!


  6. Ruth says:

    we lost the ag minister, foreign affairs minister….how many more ministers?


  7. wilson says:

    Greens won only 576,221 votes, in 2008 GPC 941,097
    Lizzy May ignored her party and it cost 365K votes to win that one seat in BC
    That should be an interesting general meeting, eh!


  8. Liz J says:

    Oh Happy Day. I think I’ll pick up a couple of blue balloons and put them on our lawn sign and savor the victory for a couple of days.

    Is Jack Layton the biggest story in this election or is it Screech Owl Lizzie May? Listening to the news it appears they’ll be the new media pets.

    Jack deserves kudos for wiping out the Bloc but he stands alone, no coalition buddies. He won’t be able to deliver all his promises like opening the Constitution or enact language bills across the land.


  9. Norm 294 says:

    I would add the MSM as somebody who needs to reinvent themselves. It seems pretty obvious to me that the Canadians who voted Conservative know what the word Progressive means in todays political world. Those that voted Conservative also know bias/propaganda when they see it. I would suggest those that voted for the other parties know what Progressive means but don’t admit it during an election.

    The MSM (you know who you are) also lost the elections last night. Bring back journalism and give is balance, not bias.


  10. billg says:

    I very rarely get a chance to gloat, but, I belive I did post a comment 2 weeks ago that I had a hard time believing the Conservatives would not win at least 166 seats…so, I just gloated…feels good. And one more thing, I think its a good thing EMay won and, I would not be surprised if the PM asks her to become more involved in the environmental file….ya, he’s that smart. Enjoy the day boys and girls, because, regardless of last nights results, life is really beautiful.


    • Joanne says:

      I think its a good thing EMay won and, I would not be surprised if the PM asks her to become more involved in the environmental file….ya, he’s that smart.

      The problem with that is that Lizzie May wouldn’t necessarily accept it with grace but yeah, maybe it would work.

      In any case I suspect we are going to see a lot less acrimony in Parliament now. They will actually be able to get to work instead of constantly campaigning.


  11. Michael Harkov says:

    A majority WITHOUT Quebec. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    After navigating the tempermental waters of minority government for so long, Prime Minister Harper has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he, the Tories, and Canada deserves this well earned majority.

    And as an aside, here is a song for Ignatieff; I believe you all know the tune –

    “Na na na na, na na na na, heeeey eeehh ehhh goodbyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!”


  12. PrairieKid says:

    I woke up this morning and guess what? The world didn’t end. The sun is still shining. And I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I think it’s shining brighter than usual.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge all the hard work that the CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star and their employees put in to try and make sure Canada had it’s natural governing party back at the helm. Too bad for you that Canadians saw through all your fear mongering and decided that enough was enough.

    And to all the Chicken Little’s out there, here’s what you can really expect from a majority Conservative government.

    1. Get tough on criminals not victims.

    2. Get rid of the per vote subsidy.

    3. Introduce some form of private health care.

    4. Let Quebec know they have to start getting their financial house in order.

    5. Get rid of the gun registry.

    And here’s one I’d personally love to see. Privatize the CBC.

    P.S. If any Canadian needs help in packing, sorry I’m busy this week helping Heather Mallick move.


  13. Michael Harkov says:

    Again, I have to reiteraqte – wehave a majority WITHOUT Quebec. Even if we didn’t win those 6 seats, we STILL would have 160 seats from everywere else.

    There is going to be some changes ’round here, I reckon……………..


  14. SomeGuyinOttawa says:

    I am extremely pleased with he outcome of course – although our Conservative candidate lost to Jr. McGuinty. The MAJORITY win is a huge achievement for all Canadians! We have all been talking about what could be done if only we had a majority. Now that the Conservatives have one, it’s time to get things done.

    I am also pleased that many of the msm has been exposed even more as Lib or left-wing agents, news spinners/fabricators, gossip mongers, liars, and hypocrites. That photo of Mildew is very fitting. More please…


  15. greenleaf says:

    Congratulations Honourable Prime Minister Harper for your strong, steady leadership, in spite of all the MSM opposition. I praise God for answered prayer with these results.
    Also, thank you Joanne for allowing this forum where anyone can come and voice their opinions. This has been like a family to me.
    Thank you to all those who were able to help with the campaigning, donating your time and energy, unfortunately I would like to have helped more but due to back surgery 5 weeks ago, all I could do was put a large sign out, use my computer, facebook, speak to friends, family and pray.
    Let’s pray for peace and move forward in our country for the next 4 years.
    God bless Canada!


  16. Clown Party says:

    Now we can get a petition started to get rid of:

    Constantly Bashing Canada [CBC]
    The Canadian Wheat Board – [CWB] unless ALL farmers go under the CWB and follow their dictatorial policies
    Human Rights Commission – [HRC] we have real courts to do what they do.

    CBC – should cut a billion a year of support – Canada does not need CBC anymore, it is a waste of money.
    Native Reserves – there is no way there should be poverty with the amount of money they get every year,
    and ALL mp’s/Senaters expense accounts.

    That would be a goos start.

    Thank you Canada for giving us at least four years of not worring ablut an election every two years.


  17. Michael Harkov says:

    What people shouldn’t overlook is how important it was the Bev Oda retained her seat. The significance of that tells a whole narrative on it’s own.


  18. Calgary Junkie says:

    Joanne, here are my personal highlights from Harper’s rally …

    Got a chance to thank Preston Manning for getting us to this historical achievement … thanked Jason Kenney for all his hard work. I was hanging around where Craig Oliver was interviewing people, and was the guy holding up the “CANADA” sign when Preston and Jason were his guests …

    Congratulated Rob Anders for upping his margin of victory from 57 % to 62 % … he’s got a tough riding (for Calgary), which includes lots of university and hospital workers … I asked him: what are the chances that the Libs and Dippers will merge before 2015, and he said “zero chance, there’s too much pride on the Liberal side”.

    Two emotional moments for me were when the crowd sang “Oh Canada”, just before Harper and his family made their appearance (did any of the networks show that ?). And the extended ovation we gave Laureen. I got all choked up when I saw the video later, of her crying.

    It was all good. We were loud, happy and well behaved. So very happy for our Prime Minister. I’ve watched him closely since he was my Reform MP for Calgary West, in 1993. The guy is a political genius, given all that he has accomplished, under such overwhelming opposition, especially from the msm.


    • Joanne says:

      CJ – That’s so exciting!

      Babysitting today but Ill check back in later to read more reaction.


  19. Michael Harkov says:

    The trainwreck that is the Liberal party tody. This picture is SO appropriate –


  20. Blame Crash says:

    What if they called a “Culture War” and nobody came?


  21. maz2 says:

    The next Blue surge.

    Washing and rinsing Liberal McGuinty out of Ontario’s hair.

    That surge starts now.

    Down with Liberal McGuinty, Red-Green May, et al.


    “McGuinty defends clean energy plan”

    “TORONTO – Premier Dalton McGuinty is defending his government’s clean energy plan from complaints that it’s increasingly forcing the export of electricity at a financial loss.

    Ontario had to pay outside utilities to take its power for two hours on Earth Day, last Friday – something the electricity system has done more than two dozen times so far this year.

    McGuinty said he would rather deal with a problem of surplus electricity than the brownouts and blackout that plagued the previous Progressive Conservative government when it managed the system.

    “If we have to choose between having a shortage of electricity here in Ontario as we used to in 2003 or a bit of a surplus as we do today in 2011, I’m for the surplus,” McGuinty said Wednesday.

    The province imported a net $400 million worth of electricity in 2003, while last year it made a net $300 million from its sale, he said.

    According to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) website, Ontario’s total electricity demand in 2010 was 142 terawatt-hours (TWh), down from 152 TWh in 2003.

    Energy expert Tom Adams told QMI Agency the province is becoming a major exporter of electricity but often finds itself selling low and buying high.”

    More here: It’s chock full-of-facts.

    Left liberals/socialists hate facts.

    They scream: RAID!.

    “Hydro One Rip Off”


    • Joanne says:

      Just heard that Kitchener-Conestoga MP Harold Albrecht’s wife is in critical condition in Hamilton and that prayers are appreciated.


  22. stephen p says:

    I don’t feel very creative this morning – too exhausted and i can’t wipe the siily grin off my face – so let me repeat my comment from the middle of the night!

    First – congratulations to PMSH on an historical victory – well deserved – and a great speech by our PM who for the first time in his political life could express himself freely without fear of being hacked to death by the MSM. It will be a great few years ahead as he and his team go about leading Canada to new heights.
    And then we have the NDP. They increased their seat count by 67 over disolution. 58 new seats in Quebec and 9, I SAY NINE, in the ROC. Jack will sit in Stornoway but Quebec has the majority vote in caucus led by the ever volatile Mulcair. This is truly Quebec at its best (or worse) – they have traded the separatist party and taken over the socialist party. The NDP caucus will implode within 12 months and you heard it here first.
    For the hapless Ignatieff, maybe he should have taken advice from Stephane (Dion) who, afterall, keeps winning every leadership and constituency race he has ever entered!


  23. stephen p says:

    Hey mazz2 – it is truly a great day out here in Wildrose country!
    Thank you Canada and particularly thank you Ontario for joining hands with your friends out west. Welcome to common sense country – together we are going to help Canada go from strength to strength.
    All the best Joanne to you and your fellow travellers in the BTsphere – you deserve a wonderful bouquet of roses.


  24. James says:

    Apparently Jack has told his new caucus they are not to speak to any press. Don’t blame him since it’d be the first time in their lives talking to any press. Some of these pylons should make for some funny moments. I look forward to the expense account stories.


  25. Smac says:

    Important points from last night’s results:

    1) Jack’s 102 seat caucus of new players will be like herding cats. And even with that seat total they have less influence now than with 36 seats in the previous minority parliament.

    2) How long will the Quebec dominated caucus stand for a leader from downtown Toronto?

    3) A majority is possible without Quebec, even under today’s seat distribution. This is key. Seat redistribution/additions in ON, AB and BC will render that even more common in future.


  26. Ruth says:

    I’m still baffled as to why anyone in Quebec would vote for a NDP that they knew nothing about and shut out Lawrence Cannon, an experienced Minister.


  27. Ruth says:

    yes, as someone else mentioned, I think we all need to thank Jason Kenny for all his hard work and long hours in the GTA and the area around Toronto. Thanks Jason.


  28. Peterb says:

    In speaking to Liberal supporters Ignatieff said ” we will continue the fight and I will fight with you and be your leader for as long as you want me to be”

    Minutes later Liberals had their response for him “About one more sleep”

    Canadians also had an answer for the professor this morning – ” In the spirit of a true democracy let’s have that charade of a contempt vote now in the parliament of Canada”

    Canadians also have advice for the Liberal Party “If your next choice for leader is Bob Rae, that will be the final nail in the coffin of the Liberal Party of Canada.”


  29. frmgrl says:

    Congrats, Conservatives!!! It’s a great day in Canada! All that hard work the last five weeks payed off.


  30. Cassie says:

    Add Minister Flaherty to the many thanks list, too. It feels like New Year’s Eve turning the page on a new, very hopeful day.

    “Look to the North from whence cometh thy help.”

    “The true North strong and free.”

    Hip, hip hooray X 3. Canada’s on a roll…..


  31. Michael Harkov says:

    Ignatieff quits. Goodale will replace him.

    Good riddance. At least he doesn’t get a pension before scurrying back to Harvard.


  32. Sandy says:

    Hey guys, remember that on April 26th I predicted a majority with between 165 and 170 seats and that I would expect a blue virtual cake afterwards. Well, I hope everyone enjoys a piece of that cake. I just put up a post about my prediction. I know others made predictions but not as early as I did. In fact, I made the prediction because everyone seemed so down in the dumps.


  33. Michael Harkov says:

    Look at Ignatieff little speech; he is blaming anyone but his party for their utter failure – attack ads, etc. If this is the prevailing attitude about the Liberal’ newly humbled position, then they are finished as a party. They are going to go the way of the Liberals in UK.


  34. Michael Harkov says:

    He says we didn’t have time to get to know him. You had 30+ years to do that if you chose to, you have 5 years as an MP, and 2 years as leader. We got to know you alright, it is why you lost.


  35. wilson says:

    ‘Iggy sez attack ads worked to vilify him’

    Right, flip flopping on every position he took for 2 1/2 years had nothing to do with it.
    Flying off to his villa in France every break he got instead of hanging out with us peasants, had nothing to do with it.
    Having no political sense, and no political eperience, and parachuting into Canada ONLY because Al Apps told him he could be PM had nothing to do with it.

    Iffy lived up to every attack ad run.


  36. Fay says:

    I have a sign up on my screen from Bell satellite provider that my service has been removed at the request of Sun News???? Anyone seeing this on their screen?


  37. wilson says:

    I have same message on Bell Sat too Fay


  38. stephen p says:

    Michael @ 10:21
    Too funny. I guess Zussanna (or whatever) had it right – why bother becoming a Canadian – after all we are just visiting aren’t we Iggy?!
    I don’t think her vote would have made a difference anyway!


  39. Ontario Girl says:

    CPAC has a call in show on now….wonder if they will take just Liberal and NDP callers today?


  40. Peterb says:

    Last night Ignatieff was arrogant enough to think that he could remain party leader and he would continue to foist himself on the party as leader, but it didn’t take long for party people to get the message to him – he was dead meat.
    You can feel sorry for him and that is fair but it was his arrogance that was one of the biggest factors in destroying his career in politics.


  41. Dirt says:

    I watched Iffy resign and once again his narcissism shoned through. Whew he is so much like Obama. It’s going to be interesting watching the new NDP MPs being vetted by the press, if Liberal Media can be bothered vetting them that is.


  42. Cassie says:

    Your count prediction, Sandy was smack dab right on! Your advisory held the fort. There’s an unmistakeable zing to this and deep satisfaction.

    That Victory Speech was simply the best.


  43. Michael Harkov says:

    So Stephane Dion was one of the few, and that was after being thrown under the bus, being constantly undermined by Ignatieff loyalists. I bet Dion is smiling the smile of angels right now, and for some strange reason, I am happy for him. 😀


  44. Michael Harkov says:

    Now Helena Guergis is saying she will right a tell all book. This should be good.

    Good riddance.


  45. wilson says:

    I don’t tweet, but the message already sent to Ezra

    ezralevant Ezra Levant
    Dunno, will check RT @KevinGaudet: what’s up with SunTV removed from Bell satellite today?


  46. x2para says:

    the difference between socialists and conservatives; when Layton mentiones Harper, the NDP mob howls, boos, and catcalls, when the reverse is done the conservative audience responds with polite applause and not a single boo; and progressives are supposed to be the tolerant ones, the ones who want to restore civility? as for the Liberals, they (especially Bob Rae) are still in denial thinking that if they swing more left they can turn things around and Iggy’s excuses sounding like sour grapes; with attitudes like that they deserved to get trounced


  47. Ruth says:

    for all you people in the West, maybe the Canadian Wheat Board will get results now too. Don’t think we got rid of Wayne Easter though.


  48. Jen says:

    We would nave had a far larger majority had the canadians known about Layton’s plan for Quebec not translated to the rest of canada. S deal he promised them to make.
    Layton inherited some of the coalition BQ staffers. Most likely the Liberals might join NDP as one big happy family.

    The msm have lost themselves brought themselves down to the lowest level-some should be fired-gone. Taber most likely will promote her radical opposition.

    One thing for sure, the msm has done more harm than good. Many canadians have been brainwashed due to the media’s daily manipulation.

    Ladies and gentlemen who worked at the polls, or canvassing etc thank you for your hard work and dedication.


    One more thing to say “REX MURPY, YOU ARE DONE. You DO NOT know the meaning of DEMOCRACY. Don’t make the mistake of addressing our PM in the same boat as the NDP. You stand by the NDP that wants to put Moratorium, protectionism and kill our economical engine the oilsands. while are our PM stands for recovery, businesses, trade………..”



  49. Barbara says:

    For the first time ever, I don’t care what Milewski, Fife, or Oliver have to say. I also don’t care if CBC or CTV or CPAC are biased. It doesn’t matter anymore. Canadians have spoken and it’s obvious they do not believe the bias the media dishes out. It just won’t work anymore.

    I do not consider myself a vindictive person, but I must say I am really, really enjoying how those on the left are reacting to this wonderful paradigm shift! The fear in lefty land is over the top. There will be no more abortions, nobody will be able to retire, no social programs, blah, blah, blah…It’s going to be a glorious 4 years!


  50. stephen p says:

    Ruth @ 10:49

    Don’t think we got rid of Wayne Easter though
    All the more sweet when the CWB vote is passed! We can watch his reaction right on CPAC – never get angry – just get >>> you know the rest.


  51. Bubba Brown says:

    Slept like a log, must have spent 12 hours at the campaign office yesterday, great crowd!
    Enjoying my morning coffee, the sky here is a very deep blue, its morning in Canada!
    A fresh start, we must not forget that this belongs to all of us who believed, worked to make it happen.
    We must also not forget to thank the zany antics of media, remember those two girls who went to a Conservative Rally to make trouble?
    Old Olivers intoned darkly that the “incident” would “Lose” “Harper” his majority. Right you are Mr Oliver!
    Of course the ever rude and nasty Mildew-ski should also get a special thank you for his tireless work to help get a Tory Majority. Every time you opened your pie-hole Terry the vote meter was red-lining, thanks!
    Bev Oda got quiet a boost also, ordinary Canadians don’t like bullies.
    We also really don’t like freeloading busybodies, that feel entitled to our tax dollars.
    Begone! Have a bake sale, or a spaghetti supper to raise funds.
    You will have less time to dream up s**t like “white poppies”
    We had a Kap’yong veteran there last night was a privilege to meet a member of the only Canadian battalion to ever win a Presidential Citation for Valour for their bravery on hill 677.
    This is the first time I was so involved with a campaign, won’t be the last time.
    Thank you Joanne for hosting the party, and to all here.


    • Joanne says:

      This is the first time I was so involved with a campaign, won’t be the last time

      It’s a terrific experience, isn’t it Bubba? And there are a lot of side benefits including meeting new friends that are like-minded, and you get invited to special events.


  52. Richco says:

    To hell with Michael Ignatieff and the LPOC. They’ve now become what political parties fear most – invisible.

    This day belongs to Stephen Harper and his historic achievement on a couple of fronts.

    Take time to enjoy and give credit where credit’s due because you already MUST know that the same MSM and PPG pups who hung on Iggy’s tail will now make Jack their “special” project. Nothing with change on that front.

    What HAS changed for Canadians is that they now have another news option in SunTV and it’s working out VERY well so far. The left-leaning media and the pollsters were the biggest losers by far when all is said and done.

    We have an opportunity to write our own narrative, believe it and move it. It’s ours if we want it.


  53. Michael Harkov says:

    Looks like Senator Marjorie Lebreton was right when she addressed Terry Milewski thusly -“keep it up, you’re winning our majority for us”.

    Milewski isn’t so outspoken today, is he? 😀


  54. wilson says:

    On behalf of Western Canadians who, due to the Liberal NEP,
    lost their jobs, lost their homes, lost their farms, lost their businesses and sadly lost a loved one,
    good riddence LPC , and may you never rise from the ashes again.


  55. Ruth says:

    all those severance payments and pensions to pay out now… least Iggy’s pension didn’t kick in till 2012. I would rather pay him a pension that all the Bloc MP’s that wanted to break up Canada.


  56. Lorraine says:

    Congratulations to PM Harper’s Big Blue Team!!!
    Very special personal thanks to Joanne and the patriotic “True Blue” grass roots supporters I have had the pleasure and inspiration to read, blog with, tweet with and now celebrate stability for our country with.
    Canada wins!!!


  57. Jen says:

    Ruth says:
    May 3, 2011 at 9:42 am
    I’m still baffled as to why anyone in Quebec would vote for a NDP

    Ruth, if you had listened to Brian Lillely this morning, he probably gave us the reason why NDP was voted. He promised Quebecers what was never repeated to the ROC.
    I am possitive for this reason, the bloc migrated to the NDP to get precisely what they have been hoping for- for decades.
    Will SUNTV be on the NDP’s ‘secret agenda.’ I hope so.


  58. Jen says:

    I was the POLL CLERK and man, my hand hurt holding down the ruler but the pain worth every minute of it. Came home around 10pm.
    While we were repacking items into the EC box, someone shouted ‘a majority for the conservatives’. I said “what, a majority?” then looking up to the Heavens with tears “THANK YOU GOD”


  59. Liz J says:

    There’s little doubt Layton and Mulcair promised big things in Quebec. The Bloc voters in return decided to back them hoping the Liberals would win enough to form a coalition and give them everything the Bloc never could.
    However the ROC spoke and put the monkey wrench on all their wildest schemes, including Jack Layton’s. Jack is the leader of the Official Opposition, with a Conservative Majority he has more questions in the HOC, get’s to live in a lovely residence courtesy of the taxpayer,that’s all.

    It’s so nice to be able to say to all the media slaggers of our PM, like Millie Mildewski and Mikey Harris, etc, etc, go to hell fellas and gals.


  60. Richco says:

    “I watched Iffy resign and once again his narcissism shoned through”

    That had to be one of the worst resignation speeches EVER! Proof that Ignatieff has learned nothing at all from Canadians. Disgusting, truly, disgusting.

    An empty suit to the end.


  61. maz2 says:

    The End of a Sore Loser: “Just Visiting”.

    Ex-Liberal Count Ignatieff: I-Me sore loser.

    “He noted that the “only thing Canadians like less than a loser is a sore loser”.

    Sore loser’s sour grapes:

    “This is a Prime Minister found in contempt of Parliament. This was a Prime Minister where the accumulations of what we believed to be abuses of power led to a point at which it seemed to me absolutely my responsibility as the leader of the opposition to stand up for the sovereignty of Parliament,” he said.”

    “He also said the Conservative attack ads launched against him – well before the writ was dropped – “had an impact.” And he called it an “absolutely unscrupulous campaign of personal attack.”

    “I had a very large square put around my neck for a number of years,” he said, adding that Canadians “were always surprised to meet me in the flesh” after seeing those ads.”

    ““I think the surest guarantee of a future for the Liberal Party of Canada is four years of Conservative right-wing government”.

    The End.


  62. ed says:

    The close-up of Laureen, with tears streaming down her cheeks, while Stephen gave his victory speech, was a highlight of the victory celebrations. That close-up had a tremendous impact. We can imagine how she felt recalling all those years enduring the terrible put downs of her husband, our PM. The effect on her and her family must have been very difficult throughout these years. All the work Laureen, her husband and her children did during the campaign and throughout, and then to have it culminate with that convincing majority last night , no wonder the tears.


  63. Martin says:

    Milewski isn’t so outspoken today, is he?

    This over at Terry Milewski:
    “Before we all start spinning our brilliant theories to explain why Stephen Harper did so well, let’s admit it. We got it wrong, wrong, wrong”.


  64. Garfield says:

    Where’s my SUNTV?
    Nothing on their website!
    Wha hoppen?


  65. Liz J says:

    The Liberals will be coming out of the woodwork, whining and slagging, they’ve been rejected even in their stronghold, the GTA.

    Mr Ignatieff’s resignation speech is an example of a sore loser. Their loss is everyone else’s fault but their own. He’s damning the Canadian people for voting in a Conservative majority government. Nothing ever changes with them, they can’t accept graciously the peoples’ choice and that’s the reason they’ve ended up where they are. If they’re smart they’ll get busy and take on a long rebuilding process and not attempt to dress a mannequin for the window with nothing in the store.


  66. Terry Newman says:

    For shelter from the storm, I thank you, Joanne.


  67. ed says:

    Thank you to God for prayers answered.

    Thank you to Joanne, you set the example of “the power of one!!” Your blog has a tremendous impact, a major contribution to the Conservative victory, a major contribution to Canada. And that’s no exaggeration.

    Thank you to all the bloggers and posters here at BLY. You’re simply amazing. And that’s no exaggeration. You are the “real” Canadians.

    Thank you to my better half for putting up with me throughout this long campaign. And that’s no exaggeration. 🙂


    • Joanne says:

      Ed at 12:00 pm – I’m still working my way through yesterday’s comments. I think I had a ‘Happiness’ hangover from Monday night (and not much sleep.)

      In any case I really appreciated your kind words, especially this:

      Thank you to Joanne, you set the example of “the power of one!!” Your blog has a tremendous impact, a major contribution to the Conservative victory, a major contribution to Canada. And that’s no exaggeration.

      I feel really good about that. The last election I was more of an observer than anything but this time I felt strongly motivated to make a difference in any way I could – both with this blog and on the ground locally.

      My reward was seeing folks like Bubba and so many others volunteer at their local campaign office for the first time and see that it gave them such satisfaction and input into helping move the Blue Sea across Canada.


  68. Richco says:

    re: Harper’s press conference

    Harper’s so in control of them it’s almost funny. I’m pretty sure that judging by Harper’s facial expressions he’s got the media EXACTLY where he wants them.

    Harper’s still not off his game – not matter how hard they try. THAT’S why Canadians like Harper.


  69. ed says:

    maz2 says: May 3, 2011 at 7:13 am.

    maz2, those are two terrific posts!!


  70. Richco says:

    ed “Thank you to Joanne, you set the example of “the power of one!!”

    Yes, I have a theory that the “power of one” and believing in that power is within the reach of each and everyone of us and manifests itself in any number of ways….including the writings of blogs.

    The “power of one” matters in my Canada.


  71. Ontario Girl says:

    PM Harper talking to media from Calgary…he told a neat story…when he got back to the room after his victory speech last night, his campaign works gave him a bottle of champaign to drink straight from the bottle. Even though he isn’t much of a drinker, he drank from the bottle, but there was only an inch in the bottle….so so much for my wild side….he said…………..lolol How can anyone say PM Harper is mean and angry?


  72. SomeGuyinOttawa says:

    Just wondering…how much longer will the previous Liberal leadership candidates be given to finally pay back their debts?

    And speaking of money owed to Canadians, how about a more thorough investigation of the adscam affair. Where is the stolen money? Who else was involved?

    Next the Liberal foundations that were not accessible to the AG.

    More nails in the coffin please…


  73. Richco says:

    ooops posted the link to the wrong column. This is the one that says it all for me – not that other one


  74. Alberta Girl says:

    What the hell is up with Terry M – he is determined to get Stephen Harper to say he will cut everything!!! What a dolt.


  75. ed says:

    Norm 294 says: May 3, 2011 at 7:44 am:

    “I would add the MSM as somebody who needs to reinvent themselves.”

    Agreed. That would be the next miracle if it ever did happen.

    PrairieKid says: May 3, 2011 at 7:58 am:

    “1. Get tough on criminals not victims.

    2. Get rid of the per vote subsidy.

    3. Introduce some form of private health care.

    4. Let Quebec know they have to start getting their financial house in order.

    5. Get rid of the gun registry.

    And here’s one I’d personally love to see. Privatize the CBC.”

    Make “Privatize the CBC” number one on the list. Great list!!

    Clown Party says: May 3, 2011 at 8:28 am:

    “Now we can get a petition started to get rid of:

    Constantly Bashing Canada [CBC]
    The Canadian Wheat Board – [CWB] unless ALL farmers go under the CWB and follow their dictatorial policies
    Human Rights Commission – [HRC] we have real courts to do what they do.”

    Agreed. As for the “The Canadian Wheat Board”, I plead ignorance on the issue.


  76. Mary T says:

    Listen for Terry M when he questions the PM at his press conference this a.m.. The PM answered with, forget your preamble.
    You would have thought it was my birthday or Mother’s Day with the phone calls I got from all my family, hey Mom, are you happy.
    Layton really has less power now as he has to be careful what he promises. His speech last night was like a campaign speech.
    Can’t wait to see all those MPs from Quebec, if they show up.
    Quebec will have the most to lose as Layton can’t do a thing for them during this mandate
    Just wish the PM would quit starting his speeches in French.
    What a lot of very long faces on cbc/ctv. I think there might be some retirements.


  77. paulsstuff says:

    Chris Alexander, MP FOR AJAX-PICKERING. Man I love the sound of that. Congrats to all the Conservative bloggers, people who comment on great blogs like Joanne’s, and everyone who helped on Conservative campaigns across the country.


  78. maz2 says:

    Now is the time to get mean and angry with Liberal-socialist Ontario McGuinty.

    This is the road of McGuinty’s socialism.

    Throw McGuinty Liberals and its debt pile out of office.


    “Greece rejects debt restructuring”

    “ATHENS/LISBON – Greece insisted on Tuesday any restructuring of its debts would be a disaster for the economy, but financial markets continue to view it as likely and are betting that the euro zone debt crisis will worsen.

    In Portugal, European Union and International Monetary Fund experts pursued negotiations over a bailout with Lisbon’s caretaker government, with one newspaper that the headline figure could end up being substantially higher than expected.

    A year and a day since the EU and IMF agreed to extend Greece 110 billion euros ($163 billion) in loans in exchange for deep structural adjustments to its economy, the finance minister again dismissed growing suggestions that Athens will have to restructure its debts, which are set to hit 150 percent of annual output, or around 340 billion euros, this year.

    “A restructuring, haircuts on debt, would be a huge mistake for the country,” Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou told state television as EU and IMF inspectors began a new visit to assess if the government’s austerity plans are sufficient.

    “It would have a very big cost and we would not have the benefit, we would stay out of markets for 10-15 years, the wealth of Greek pension funds would suffer writedowns, we would have problems in the banking system and hence the real economy.”

    Despite the minister’s insistence, two German government advisers said last week a restructuring of the debt pile, which is only increasing as Greece’s output contracts, was now inevitable, and markets hold the same view.”


  79. Ontario Girl says:

    Call in show on CPAC with Mark Sutcliff…guests….Andrew Cohen and Bellevance….very sad, sad, faces……Pompus peacock massage porno Layton coming up with a speech…


  80. Fay says:

    We live in a wonderful country. We had a huge big spring blizzard in Manitoba last Saturday. Today the sun is shining and has melted the snow off the crocus blooms in my yard.The blossoms are open to the warm sun and look beautiful. Spring is here in Manitoba.
    I think Canada has a great future ahead with a Conservative Majority Government.
    God Bless Canada


  81. Liz J says:

    We have to give thanks to the NDP for the short term anyway. They took out Holland’s file stealing pal the insufferable Marlene Jennings.

    Space guy Marc Garneau can go back to space matters and stop worrying about us acquiring the F35s for our military.

    As for Helena Geurgis, if she had any class she’d get over herself and forget about writing her story which will be to slag the PM, half the battle of losing in politics is to get over it and graciously move on without blaming the world.


  82. ed says:

    Bubba Brown says: May 3, 2011 at 2:12 am:

    “What a night folks! Just got in from the Dr James Lunney Campaign office celebration! I manned the BBQ and turned out Bubba-Burgers and Brats all night!”

    Hell, Bubba, I’m coming out west for a couple of those Bubba-Burgers. LOL It’s going to take a few days for that Conservative majority to really sink in — after such a long, suffering battle.


  83. Richco says:

    Watched Jack Layton’s press conference. He dodged the tough questions and is still on his campaign message tract – he is WAY out of his league when compared to Harper….WAY OUT!

    Noticed that Layton feels some urgency to get busy and get working. Wonder how Harper’s going to play that? I mean he(Harper) could delay the next session for a while and like he did with Ignatieff let Layton twist in the wind and his glory for a while.

    On the other hand if Harper called government back soon it would catch the NDP pretty much unprepared. They have lots to set-up that’s going to take a while.


  84. Martin says:

    Last night CBC Ottawa broadcast all the Maritime results just after 9 EDT, when the polls were still open for another half hour. I clearly saw all the results, then the screen went dead. It was like the local Maritime show got broadcast in Ont. This clearly is illegal, wonder what EC thinks. Anybody know the story on this?


  85. james says:

    Sure bittersweet for me. My guy lost last night to the dippers by only 400 votes. Really solid candidate too and my first time volunteering. Glad we won the war but sad we lost this battle. Hopefully he runs again but can’t blame him if he gives up since it’s his third time.


  86. dolly says:

    Get ready – McGuinty is next!


  87. Peterb says:

    MONTREAL – If the whole political thing hadn’t worked out, NDP candidate Pierre-Luc Dusseault was destined for a summer job at a golf course.

    Dusseault can forget the links.

    That’s because the 19-year-old is headed to Ottawa after becoming Canada’s youngest-ever MP with his victory in the Quebec riding of Sherbrooke on Monday night.

    Dusseault, who turns 20 at the end of the month, has just finished his first year at the Universite de Sherbrooke in politics.

    He tells The Canadian Press he hopes to make an impact in the Commons and represent young people everywhere.

    Dusseault voted for the first time on Monday — admittedly for himself.


  88. Liz J says:

    I imagine McGuinty may be getting very nervous about being Forded in October. Tronna isn’t safe for Liberals anymore.

    Bennett got a good ride from Conservative Maureen Harquail in St Paul’s riding.

    Wonder how many of the Liberals will hang in until the next election sitting back in the bleachers?


  89. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Liz J
    Bennett got a good ride from Conservative Maureen Harquail in St Paul’s riding.

    Guess the last election she got in from the gas line cuts and this year from the tire slashing..put her in just enough sympathy to get her above her Conservative appoinent. Funny how that works.


  90. Hans Rupprecht says:

    Kudos to Joanne for providing a place to rant, rave, vent, coach, advise and encourage.

    I will give Sandy her due she called 165-170 for the Conservative Majority April 26th.

    I called a Conservative MAJORITY of 166 May 1st.

    CON-gratulations, to all on the battles hard won.

    Very blue skies ALL OVER the Fraser Valley this morning.

    Well let me restate that, very BLUE skies ALL ACROSS CANADA!!

    Terrific job done by countless volunteers, CANADA HAS SPOKEN!!


    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”


    • Joanne says:

      Hans R – Yes this is a great day for Canada. We are truly blessed.

      And I believe the level of bickering will decrease significantly now.


  91. ed says:

    My hope (May 1, 2011 at 11:24 pm) came true. Parliament Hill, July 1st, here we come. PM Harper greeting Will & Kate. A great way to celebrate a Conservative majority government. Probably a record crowd to do it justice. A BLY celebration on the Hill?? Just imagine, Bubba Brown setting up the BBQ and serving Bubba-Burgers. LOL It would certainly be interesting.


  92. bluetech says:

    Thanks Joanne and BT’s for all the great work.
    Just wondering…does this put you out of a job now?

    I went to Jay Aspin’s party where he was finally declared winner over Anthony Rota after a long, tight race!!
    But…by only 14 votes!!
    Recount pending.

    I was moved by Laureen Harpers tears last night. What a sweet couple. God bless the Harper family,
    And God Bless Canada!


    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Joanne and BT’s for all the great work.
      Just wondering…does this put you out of a job now?

      Bluetech – Ha-ha! I may take a short break soon, but don’t forget we have another election coming up in Ontario in the fall! And we have another terrific candidate in this riding. I plan to volunteer for his campaign too.

      Please keep us posted about that race between Rota and Aspin. I heard about that one too and am hoping that the recount favours Jay.


  93. bluetech says:

    ed…Great idea!!
    Joanne…let’s try that!


  94. ed says:

    Quebec Is The Big Loser – Canada Wins BIG
    Tuesday, May 03, 2011
    By: Howard Galganov


    “In effect, English Canada sent an enormous message to the government that they want to move to the RIGHT, while Separatist and socialist Quebec still wants to live on the planet of Something-For-Nothing.”

    “And that gives Stephen Harper FOUR years to remake Canada BACK to the way Canada used to be, without having to wonder or worry about what Quebec wants, which is always more than the rest of Canada gets.”

    “When the Pundits crow about Quebec throwing out a Separatist Party for a Federalist Party (the NDP), they are clueless.

    The NDP won the election in Quebec because they promised Quebecers Separation WITHIN Canada.

    That all FEDERAL employees in Quebec MUST be able to work in French ONLY.

    That Quebec must continue to receive federal largess regardless of how they implement it.

    That the NDP would change Canada’s foreign policy, turning Canada’s back on the USA, while supporting the likes of Hezbollah, Hamas and the Moslem Brotherhood AGAINST Israel.

    The NDP also promised the equivalent of CAP AND TRADE and a chicken in every pot.”

    Full editorial here:


  95. fh says:

    bit of a downer for all my conservative friends minor compared to our excitement over a strong majority conservative GOVERNMENT
    we are still ndp
    sigh we worked very hard every day but we will win next time
    NOT saying who do not want to give ndp the satisfaction
    just adjusting to the wonderful result across Canada for the best Prime Minister Stephen Harper I am so happy for our Conservative Majority win
    pledge to work even harder when next election rolls around in four years
    wonderful feeling to have a majority conservative Government
    cannot stop thinking about our success you are the best Blog Joanne
    give your grandson a big hug and kiss from me
    God answers prayers did you notice that PM Harper thanked everyone for their prayers and hard work
    God Bless Prime Minister Harper and God Bless Canada


    • Joanne says:

      Thanks Fh. Yes this certainly was an answer to prayer and I have a feeling that a lot of them were being said for Prime Minister Harper. I feel so relieved today.

      Sorry you’re still NDP there but your effort no doubt helped the Tories pick up more votes. We have four years to plan the next battle.

      give your grandson a big hug and kiss from me

      No problem! He is part of why I’m doing this. Funny that Jack Layton said the same thing about his granddaughter. I guess we all have our own idea of what would be best for this country but as long as we are sincere and pray for guidance, then I think we can’t go too far wrong.


  96. paulsstuff says:

    I heard a rumor Layton is going to try and get Question Period moved up a few hours.

    Apparently he’s worried about the current time slot interfering with nap time for some of the new NDP MP’s.


  97. jon says:

    A day after the election, the sour grapes of the MSM still remains. Global National’s news reader leads off the newscast a few minutes ago with, “A minority of voters gave Harper a majority of seats…” First it was “will of parliament”, saying in the last session that he didn’t have a majority of seats and shouldn’t govern as if he does, now it’s, he doesn’t have the moral authority to govern because 60% Canadians don’t want him leading Canada. PMSH is gonna have lots of fun this time dealing with the MSM, able to be more pointed in his reponses to them, perhaps incoprating a zinger or two.


  98. Sammy says:

    Jeffery Simpson on PP,just gave us an interesting fact:PMSH is the FIRST majority leader to NOT come from Quebec since Dief…and that he could rule for 8-10 more years! Music to my ears on this glorious day..keeps getting better.Joel-Denis thinks PMSH could very well join the list of GREAT PM’s..well Joel,we already think he’s pretty great.
    And Bec..must have been some party in Calgary last nite..the daughter-in-law had to go to hosp..waiting patiently on new baby news.


  99. jon says:

    Martin says @ 2:23 pm says, Last night CBC Ottawa broadcast all the Maritime results just after 9 EDT, when the polls were still open for another half hour. I clearly saw all the results, then the screen went dead. It was like the local Maritime show got broadcast in Ont. This clearly is illegal, wonder what EC thinks. Anybody know the story on this?

    PMSH will be dealing with the CBC, I bet, including them in spending cuts that will be made across the board. But instead of acting on that immediately, I think he should wait for the CBC to lose their appeal of the court’s decision that forced them to open their books to Canadians. A lot of people have forgotten about that issue. The sh*t’s gonna hit the fan when we get to see exactly how the CBC has been flushing taxpayers’ dollars down the toilet (or the “CBC Money Drain” that reads in the intro to Byline with Lilley…. love that!) and it will give PMSH all the ammunition to finally reign in the CBC — not only on a funding basis but in a regulatory way, forcing them to have their books audited and to have annual reports submitted to parliament. Plenty of P&P shows to follow, with Evan and friends claiming PMSH is picking on the CBC knowing of course that now, with a majority, he finally has his boot planted firmly on their throats.


  100. Eric says:

    As usual, the losers are peddling the meme that “60% of voters are opposed to a Conservative government” and that 40% of the popular vote is not a mandate. This was especially rich coming from Bob Rae last night, being interviewed on CTV by Sandy Rinaldo. Rae had no qualms about forming an NDP majority government in Ontario in 1990 with – wait for it – 37.6 % of the popular vote. What a hypocrite.

    Sorry folks – our system doesn’t work that way. You can’t celebrate Liberal victories with less than 50% support and call them triumphs of democracy and then turn around and try to de-legitimize a Conservative victory under exactly the same circumstances.

    BTW – the last government elected in Canada with more than 50%? None other than Brian Mulroney in 1984 with 50.03%


    • Joanne says:

      Any more Sour-Grapers thinking of posting comments to this blog should check out Eric’s excellent comment at 6:01 pm:

      As usual, the losers are peddling the meme that “60% of voters are opposed to a Conservative government” and that 40% of the popular vote is not a mandate. This was especially rich coming from Bob Rae last night, being interviewed on CTV by Sandy Rinaldo. Rae had no qualms about forming an NDP majority government in Ontario in 1990 with – wait for it – 37.6 % of the popular vote. What a hypocrite.

      Sorry folks – our system doesn’t work that way. You can’t celebrate Liberal victories with less than 50% support and call them triumphs of democracy and then turn around and try to de-legitimize a Conservative victory under exactly the same circumstances…


  101. Mary T says:

    Just watched a subdued Don Martin’s show. Yikes, does lizzie may have big hopes of changing the tone of parliament, stopping heckling, getting the govt to give more importance to the environment. She says give her six weeks. Someone should tell her she can only ask a question if one of the official parties gives up their time to her.
    There will be 4 independents, the bloc and her, without party status, funding, etc.
    Jeff Simpson says this is the first time in 50 years that there has been a majority govt without a francophone PM. He says he thinks PMSH is in for at least 8 and possibly 10 yrs.
    Oh, and lizzie will be in the next debate. She mentioned that the PM did not get the majority of votes.
    Neither did she, neither the liberals, or the ndp.
    Since we went digital we don’t get Evan’s show anymore.


  102. Fay says:

    Evan Solomon panel looking like they are at a funeral. Even Tom Flanagan looking sad???
    I would normally be watching SunTV but someone at Bell must be a big Liberal and shut them down in a fit!


  103. paulsstuff says:

    Mulroney also had some nice comments about PM Harper and Preston Manning last night.


  104. Mary T says:

    May was also asked about losing the 2.00 vote subsidy and she went into a rant re going back to union, business, and other unlimited donations. Where does she get her idea.
    I think she will be defeated next election, as she will get nothing done.
    Did the liberal that got caught re a booze bill etc get re-elected.


  105. jon says:

    From the link to the NP, “Prof. Jansen pointed out that Mr. Chretien never led a minority government — a political scenario that tends to be more partisan and, of course, more tenuous and fragile.”

    Actaully, he did lead a minority govt, disguised as a majority. That occurred between 1997 and 2000. While the Libs did have 155 seats (151 needed for a majority back then), Adscam money helped finance their re-elction bid. Is it fair to say that some of that money helped them win at least 5 seats from Quebec in the 97 election? I think so. So what we actually had was a phoney (I would say illegal) majority govt running the country during those 3 years. Without the kickbacks to the Libs election war chest, who knows, they may have come back with a seat count somewhere in the 140s…. I wish the media would probe that issue a little more.


    • Joanne says:

      I still haven’t had time to catch up with all the comments here but does anyone know if there is a link to PM Harper’s speech today? Thanks.


  106. Dirt says:

    Anyone been over to the CBC comment’s section? How they doen over there?


  107. Michael Harkov says:

    LMAO Heh, Frank Graves’ and EKOS were off by five-and-a-half percent. They were not even close –

    When we adjust this based on an index that predicts those most likely to vote we arrive at 34.0 points for the Conservatives, 31.6 for the NDP, 20.8 for the Liberals, 6.4 for the Bloc, and 5.9 for the Green Party.

    As shocking as those numbers would have seemed just a few weeks ago, they are now more or less stable and undoubtedly accurate.

    Oh, undoubtedly, LOL. It is shocking that our tax dollars goes to the CBC to commision the jokes that EKOS And Mr. Cuture War are. So much for the reliability of Frank Graves and EKOS, LMAO.

    And here is something else he said after the election. It is really quite shocking –

    “We were almost spot on about the popular vote, but where we really screwed up was with the Tory majority. We need to go back and do some work to find out what went wrong, but nobody has the resources to do this. This is done on a shoestring budget, and while we do our best to try and understand our failures it requires analysis and time and nobody is really interested in that.”

    Nobody is really interested in that. So absolutely NO accountability for our tax dollars to support this incompetent pollster and his f****d up conclusions, then. Nobody cares about that. What a f*****g hack.


  108. jon says:

    Finally, the first pics of Layton meeting with 2 of those new, young, inexperienced female Quebec MP’s elected that everyone has so many questions about.


  109. Peterb says:

    Pearson the Liberal will have to foot his own liquor bill – he lost.


  110. Sammy says:

    AND THE BEAUTY OF THE PAST FEW DAYS CONTINUES! JUST GOT WORD I HAVE A BRAND-SPANKIN’ NEW GRANDAUGHTER.Born in Calgary,a few short hrs after the big ‘party!’ Ahhh,life is truly wonderful today.


  111. Sammy says:

    Dear,dear Jo,I am just feeling so overwhelmed emotionally just waiting for the crash and burn.Will be heading West in few days,but the new Daddy has emailed me pics,and my heart is just bursting. I never thot I would be having any Grandbabies from this son..and it was a huge surprise to all the family.So..she is especially ‘special’


    • Joanne says:

      I never thot I would be having any Grandbabies from this son..and it was a huge surprise to all the family.So..she is especially ‘special’

      And this little baby girl has been born at a particularly auspicious moment in time.


  112. Norm says:

    What else to say?

    A great for Canadians!
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Mark Holland, Ujjal Dosanjh, Marlene Jennings among others.


  113. Mary T says:

    Congratulations Sammy, my first g/baby has given me 2 great gr/babies. Times sure flies.


  114. paulsstuff says:

    Great news Sammy. All the best.


  115. jon says:

    Norm, Mark Holland’s defeat must have been especially satisfying for PMSH and the CP. It couldn’t have happened to a bigger jerk. I would’ve traded 3 tory seats last night to have seen him defeated. And the media LOVED Holland, let’s not forget, often times grinning when in conversation with Lib-friendly reporters, knowing that all they had to do was feed him the question and he would give them a great line that they’d use later to attack the CP on some issue.

    Levant on Caldwell’s show now, teeing off on the CBC and Terry M….called Terry M a “poker, a jabber” an advocate and not a reporter, and called him part of the “Media Party”. lol

    WOW! I love how hard Sun News goes after the CBC. No sacred cows is right!


    • Joanne says:

      Anyone watching Lang & O’leary tonight? Kevin is very happy and so is John Manley. Kevin made the point that the NDP actually has less influence than it had before.


  116. Alberta Girl says:

    WOW..a majority AND a new Blue Baby!! How much better can life get…congrats Sammy..enjoy the cuddles when you get there.


    • Joanne says:

      WOW..a majority AND a new Blue Baby!!

      Well hopefully that new baby is very pink in terms of health. But yeah! Grab those cuddles and the Gramma time whenever you can. They grow up so fast.


  117. Tripper523 says:

    Exulting in the after-glow of PM Stephen Harper’s well-deserved Majority win, I can’t seem to escape the image of the new Honourable(?) Leader of the Opposition, gliding over his properties on the Monopoly board, sporting his top and tails, and twirling that cane while passing GO to collect another yet $200. Among the achievements of last night’s historic win, has got to be the relief that Mister LayItOn can’t wrest power yet, though he is undeniably zealous to do so, provided health and strength or further divine intervention doesn’t impede him. The prospect of the Stooge Coalition was too much to bear, so we can all give a collective sigh of thanksgiving and be proud of our country and all the righteous workers for pulling this off!!


  118. fh says:

    great news Sammy enjoy that new grand daughter
    very very special
    CONGRATULATIONS to the whole family specially the new Mom and Dad


  119. Fay says:

    Wonderful news Sammy! I am so happy for you and your family. Have a safe trip out to visit your new grand daughter.


  120. bluetech says:

    Wonderful news Sammy! Congrats!
    Joanne…how about organising a Blue Like You Party in July in Ottawa?


    • Joanne says:

      Joanne…how about organising a Blue Like You Party in July in Ottawa?

      Well I’ll pass on that one Bluetech but anyone here can feel free to do so. The only plans I can make right now are how early I’m going to bed to catch up on a lot of missed zzzzzzz’s lately. 😉


  121. Fay says:

    I am thinking we have some family in Ottawa and a BLY party sounds tempting.


  122. Michael Harkov says:

    They still don’t get it, this loss will not humble some of them, they are as arrogant as ever

    You do not owe anything to Canadians Mr. Ignatieff


  123. jon says:

    Tripper523, what would the game of “Monopoly” be if it was created for the first time by Layton? For starters, the name would have to go. Secondly, you can remove all those cards that say that competitors in the game get a tax break. All must go to the state (change the bank to the state, too). Third, more “pay tax” cards in the decks and spaces on the board…. Jack can even modernize the game from the original by adding a carbon tax space. Baltic and Mediterranean Aves. on every street and around every corner. Nationalized railroads. Let’s see… what else? Maybe add a few “Get out of the media’s jail after you’ve been in a whorehouse” cards…. those would be special cards, in Jack’s personal pile only. The money used? Well, that wouldn’t change. Our currency would end up just as worthless as it eventually.


  124. frmgrl says:

    Sammy,I’m so happy for you! Those precious little ones are truly a gift from God.


  125. wilson says:

    davidakin David Akin
    Comparing majorities: 2000 Chretien #LPC 40.85% & 172 seats & 5.25 million votes | 2011 Harper : #CPC 39.6 & 167 & 5.83 million


  126. Alberta Girl says:

    WOW..Dan Donovan is skewering Bob Rae on Adler’s show!! Skewering him!!!! LOL


  127. frmgrl says:

    WOW..Dan Donovan is skewering Bob Rae on Adler’s show!! Skewering him!!!!

    I saw that! Looks like there is about to be an all out war in the Liberal family.


  128. Lorraine says:

    In case you don’t get Sun TV YET in your area:
    We’re still streaming live online for those who can’t watch on TV


  129. jad says:

    Check out the videos at They have lots, including all the pressers.


  130. Bec says:

    Hi Grandma Sammy! Congratulations to you and your family on your new precious miracle! During the blissful miracle of a safe vibrant country? Wow, that is a true blessing. She is a STAR!

    Let me know while you are here if there is anything that I can do for you…ANYTHING! hugs


  131. Sammy says:

    Bless all your hearts for the kind wishes! And THAT is one of the reasons I love to come here..we ARE a family,and there were so many times thru this whole election process I was feeling so disheartened,and knew I could come here for a pick-me-up. This has had so much meaning to can’t even begin to know.The people I work with are all Unionista/Dipper types,and I have been to hell and back with the negative comments re PMSH..I have fought a pretty tough fact-based fight with them,and today the snide remarks were especially brutal.I have worked healthcare for over 30 yrs,I suffered thru cutbacks under a NDP’t the point I almost lost my Mom due to lack of care,had hrs cut,staff cuts to dangerous levels,etc.So,I have NO tolerance for that Dipper crap.
    Bec,my are a GEM! I am going to be making travel plans this wk..want to let Mom and Dad settle in with babe,then go out there.Maybe Jo can work with us so we can share info? BTW,she was born at Foothills.


  132. Alberta Girl says:

    Elizabeth May just said the Tories really didn’t win a majority – she called it a false majority. I am getting so sick of the left and their spin to diminish the majority.


  133. jon says:

    AG, saw that part too, saying that he was somehow illegitimate… I think she might have even said that he “only” got 39%. the Greens got 3.9% I believe, so I guess she’s saying she’s 10 times less legitimate.

    Lilley just laid waste to the CBC in his opening “Byline” segment, saying Harper should privatize the CBC, or at least cut its funding. He said we can survive without the CBC, then he added facetiously, “Imagine, going to by groceries from a supermarket that isn’t state own, or buying clothes from a store not run by the gov’t….. oh, wait a second,” he added, “We already do that!”

    Lilley is the best on-air personality on SNN, I believe. This guy is great. Soft spoken tone but forceful and direct, clear and to the point. He seems a natural in the position yet he’s knew to hosting a show. I can’t believe no sought out this guy to have his own show….. his opinions obviously have something to do with that.


  134. Mary T says:

    Re Terry M being sued, great news,.
    Sammy, just got my census delivered, to be completed May 10, so if you are visiting the new baby then, that is where you will be counted. There are 2 forms, one in English and one in French. Lady said to throw out the yellow copy. I think I might send the French on back saying, sorry don’t read French and I wont get it translated so will not fill either out as I can’t prove you are asking the same questions. However, she said we could mail it back, census workers will not collect them and go thru them, aka last time.
    We have the short form, but there are questions I will answer, none of your damn business.


  135. Mary T says:

    Listening to comments re iggy resigning, and one person said, he shouldn’t have run off like that, just proves he was just visiting. Ouch.


  136. ed says:

    The margin of victory for at least 21 of those NDP seats in QC seem awfully large. A number of them won by 10,000 to 25,00 votes. Maybe it’s ok but it just seems weird??


  137. Bec says:

    Alberta Girl said:
    “Elizabeth May just said the Tories really didn’t win a majority – she called it a false majority.”

    So is this Lizzie’s idea of non partisan bickering?

    I think that she is thinking something along the lines of vote splitting but she should look at her own #’s if that’s her position.

    These people are just so obvious with their double standard snarkiness.


  138. jon says:

    Mary T, I don’t like to kick a guy when he’s down but reporters allowed him to get away with a response that could’ve and should’ve been challenged. He blamed the ad blitz against him for his downfall, saying the CP managed to smear him him, something from which he says he was unable to recover. Where were these reporters to remind him what he said in May 2009, when he thundered into the Commons’ foyer fresh from being coronated leader and told the press that while the CP was successful in framing his predecessor, Dion, he wouldn’t allow the same to happen to him. Funny how they’ll find video from their archives if they see a way to contradict PMSH on a position, but not so Iggy.


  139. Mary T says:

    Jon, if those truth ads did Iggy in, what excuse does he have for all the other liberal MPs that got defeated. Could it possibly be that he allowed Pablo to stay as a critic after his DUI charge, but went after Helena big time. Could the actions of his MPs in flinging false accusations against our side. Or the way they attacked Bev Oda. Loved the comment from some lady when asked what she thought of iggy resigning, well guess it just proves he was just visiting. A lot of the old liberals went down yesterday, they should have known they should have resigned to make room for new blood. Now it might be too late. Jack will have his hands full trying to keep 57 unknown ndpers from Quebec in line, bet they will embarrass him big time.
    Wait till all those students get a look at their paycheque and the deductions. Nice to know they will finally be paying for those that think everything is free.


  140. X says:

    Only 61% percent of eligible voters came out to the polls. 39.6 % of them voted Blue. 60.4% of people that voted yesterday did not vote for Blue. I see the current voting system as being a bit flawed as the party with majority is not supported by over 60 % of voters.


    • Joanne says:

      Another sour-graper at 10:35 pm.

      But that is the existing Parliamentary system my friend; just as much as coalitions are. Work on changing it if you don’t like it.

      (Ironically I think it was the thought of that Iggy-Dip Coalition that helped ensure the CPC majority!)


  141. Martin says:

    Mary T

    “Jeff Simpson says this is the first time in 50 years that there has been a majority govt without a francophone PM. He says he thinks PMSH is in for at least 8 and possibly 10 yrs”.

    That only holds if you consider Brian Mulroney to be francophone; I would think that he is not.


  142. Mary T says:

    No he wasn’t but he was from Quebec and maybe that is what he meant.


  143. ed says:

    Did you know that the American born Elizabeth May could sing? Wow, look at this:

    This well known quebecois comedian is a French version of Jim Carrey.


  144. Tripper523 says:

    Thanks jon, for the reality check on what Satan / Layton’s new ‘Monotony’ game would look like. Sure not one I would enjoy in a fantasy world of recreation either. I can see TJ’s Oriental Avenue having the unlucky ‘whorehouse cards’, but I’d hate to see the railroads and the ritzier properties disappearing in the loss of free enterprise. I’d better refrain from letting pristine memories of childhood games become tainted by perverse imagery of this dirty little man. His cane-twirling misadventures would be better framed in a comedic Charlie Chaplin film, and all the better if silent.


  145. Bubba Brown says:

    Well so the carping is starting already. Lizzy May obviously does not understand that a party with less than 12 seats does not get to speak unless someone gives her their time.
    She should just go and learn the ropes, saying the Conservatives have a “false majority” just sounds stupid and uniformed when Green party only got 4% of all votes cast. Lizz beat Gary Lunn by 2145 votes,
    So did she win a false victory, because others won by larger margins?
    This Parliment should be interesting, with all the newbies.
    It will be interesting to see the log jam broken, the sensible Conservative initiaves move forward.
    We elected a Majority, crushed the Liberals, with their help.
    The Quebecers?
    Well IMO it must have been “scary” to wake up the morning after election in bed with Jack and his rookie crew.
    Ed if you make it all the way out to the left coast, call me.


  146. Martin says:

    Mart T

    Yes I’m sure Sipson did mean that. He could have easily said that, but like so much else he reports, what he actually said in untrue.


  147. wilson says:

    Lizzy May won with only 46% of the vote,
    so that means she has a false majority too.

    And how much of the Green Party’s national finances were spent in her riding?

    The GPC vote count dropped almost in half because Lizzy seldom left her riding,
    and perhaps neither did a lot of the party finances.


  148. wilson says:

    Also heard one of the pundits ? say that PMSH is the first PM ever to get a majority with less than 20 seats in Quebec.

    Also, no Conservative PM has ever been re-elected after an economic meltdown,
    a couple of Lib PMs have, but never a Cons PM until now.


  149. ed says:

    Here comes Mulcair:

    Publié le 03 mai 2011 à 16h12 | Mis à jour à 17h24

    “Mulcair promet de «livrer la marchandise.” (Mulcair promises to deliver the merchandise.)


    “en proposant des mesures concrètes pour respecter la reconnaissance du Québec en tant que nation.” He intends to propose concrete measures to respect the recognition of Quebec as a nation.

    “M. Mulcair a notamment promis de revenir à la charge concernant l’usage du français dans les entreprises sous la juridiction du code fédéral du travail, comme les banques et les aéroports.” He promises to bring up the usage of French in enterprises under Federal jurisdiction like the banks and airports.

    “faisant du bilinguisme un critère obligatoire pour la nomination des juges de la Cour suprême serait ressuscité lors de la prochaine session parlementaire.” — making bilingualism obligatory for Superior Court judge nominations will be reintroduced in the next parlimentary session.

    This is from Montreal’s La Presse newspaper. So right off the bat, language and power takes precedent, not health care or the economy. Guess who’s taking charge, not Layton. Mulcair is someone to watch very carefully. Canada better not go back to appeasement and attempting to buy Quebec’s support for political gain. It’s a loser’s game. Tough love is the only way. Canada better stand up for Canada. Mulcair will stand up for Quebec’s interests just like Duceppe did, no difference.


  150. fh says:

    Video of Prime Minister Harper acceptance speech
    just pure CLASS Prime Minister we are so thrilled to support you



  151. Mary T says:

    When will the ndp realize they are to OLO, not the government. They can present all the bills they want, but they have to get passed in the HofC, then passed in the Senate.
    There are five senators that retire by Dec 2011, and 15 additional retirements before Oct 2014. Most of them are liberals. Some are conservatives, but most liberals. Wonder if the ndp will vote for term limits.
    First job of the new govt, elect a speaker. I don’t want Baird, I look forward to him answering Layton’s questions with something like, let me massage that question, or other remarks. Poor Liz, hasn’t got a clue she will get nothing done except sit there and be the last person to vote on any bill, motion etc.
    There will be a lot of disappointed voters when they realize they voted for change and will get none.
    I think the media had convinced a lot of voters that PMSH was headed for another minority govt and the coalition would take over.


  152. Bruce says:

    This ios what I posted on April 26th, 2011;

    The end is near for the once “natural ruling party”.

    Post election we’ll see Bob Rae merge the further left of the Liberals with Layton’s NDP.

    Some centrist Liberals will seek to join the Conservatives.

    The rest will heavily self medicate and stare out of the window mumbling something that only they can hear.

    The Bloc and the Greens will disappear with the repeal of Chretien’s $1.95 per vote subsidy.

    A Conservative majority will go unchallenged for a very long time.

    Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee.


  153. Mary T says:

    Does anyone remember the date iggy was coronated leader, May 2, 2009. What day did he get defeated, May 2, 2011.
    Bob Rae should give up any idea of being leader. How old will he be when the next election comes around. His time is past. Who is in there mid 40s that would be able to lead the next election in 2014.


  154. Bruce says:

    No MP pension for Iggy either Mary T, he needed to last as an MP until January next year.


    I don’t think there will be a Liberal Party by the time the next election happens.


  155. DWT says:

    This is the opinion piece that the Vancouver (BC) Province actually published today. I wish I subscribed to the paper so I would have the satisfaction of calling to cancel it 🙂 Proof that when the left loses, they sure are nasty – worse, they get a soapbox like a large newspaper to vent their bile.
    I am disgusted to be a new Canadian. Although I felt considerable satisfaction when I cast my ballot Monday for the first time ever in a Canadian election, all pleasure at participating in my country’s electoral process vanished in the face of the Tory majority.

    I wish I could believe that vast numbers of Canadians support Prime Minister Stephen Harper because they’re stupid.

    I wish I could persuade myself that almost half of voters are so fantastically dim that they believed the contempt-of-Parliament finding against Harper’s government was political maneuvering instead of an attempt to impose accountability on an evasive authoritarian regime.

    I would feel so much better if I could think that legions of Canadian morons believe shutting down Parliament for political purposes is OK because they don’t understand what “proroguing” means but anything starting with “pro” must be good.

    I want so badly to comfort myself with the thought that Canadians aren’t outraged by the Harper government’s unprecedented secrecy and muzzling of public servants because they’re too dull-witted to understand that government transparency is crucial to democracy.

    I wish I could believe the Canadian populace is so rife with idiots that Harper’s proclamation that the Government of Canada is now the Stephen Harper Government was seen as creative branding rather than a minority party asserting absolute control over the nation.

    Read more:


  156. Mary T says:

    Just saw another interview with lizzie. Guess she has read some rules as she says she will be asking for a larger budget and more time in QP. She feels she should be treated different than an independent as she is the only female leader of a party in the HofC.
    Bet she doesn’t get any special treatment.


  157. Mary T says:

    I just realized, where has Pat Martin been since the election, has he been on any tv or talk shows. With all those new young women that the ndp has elected, will he treat them with respect or like he treated Bev Oda.


  158. Liz J says:

    Lizzy May will be a hard case to deal with, they may need to write new rules or make exceptions to the rules. She’s the leader of a Party but in the HOC she’s a party of one, no other member of the Green party has been elected, therefore she doesn’t have party status in that place.


  159. Liz J says:

    Any ideas on who will run for Speaker?


  160. jon says:

    Sun News is showing more photos this morning of those NDP kids that were elected. How many of them are there anyway? It’s certainly going to look strange to have Layton, a core of older experienced MPs we’re more familiar with around him, filled out by a bunch of kids in the background. It’s going to look like Layton is a teacher, Martin and Davies etc. are school staff and they’re leading students on a field trip.

    And what will QP be like? Can we expect one to stand up to read her question from a paper she’s holding in one hand, while twirling the ends of her hair with a finger on the other and chewing gum: “Yeah, like, Mr. Speaker, like, what’s up with the PM on the environment anyway, I mean, like, what’s up with that anyway?”

    The NDP is not a government in waiting and Canadians are going to be horrified at exactly what they’ve elected to be the official opposition. Expect the Libs to be returned as the Official Opposition after the next election…. I have no doubt in that.


  161. Clown Party says:

    Off Topic (but Caanada Wins):
    Though this would interest your readers, I guess Gayle is whimpering for the next few years because of the Con’s “vicTORY.” I guess Gayle has nothing to defend or even being involved in rebuilding the LIEberal party [who, personally, I think they should give the leadership back to DeYawn.] I thought you would want the quote incase Gayle comes back early – this way we can call her a promise breaker, lol.

    Peace and quiet for a few years … yet, now we have Elizabeth May to take her place.

    Gayle said…
    Just want to say thanks for the blogging and the venue. I told myself before the votes were counted that I would take a break from my political obsession if the CPC won a majority.
    So if you are around in 4 years I will “see” you again. ‘Til then – take care.
    12:49 AM, May 03, 2011


    Liz J says: [ May 4, 2011 at 7:10 am] Any ideas on who will run for Speaker?

    I don’t know, yet he/she should have a backbone to stop Elizabeth May from her screeming and cut down the heckeling that goes on during QP …. sometimes one cannothear the answer.


    • Joanne says:

      Clown Party – Another majority victory! – Gayle leaves the blogosphere for four year.


  162. Liz J says:

    Only losers could come up with slagging our democratic system. The party that wins the most seats wins as a single entity. The others run as single entities with single platforms. The only way their rationale can be even considered is if they run as a coalition on a single platform.

    It’s so densely stupid it’s not worth talking about unless they continue to rag on and we have to spell it out in larger print and louder voices.


    • Joanne says:

      It’s so densely stupid it’s not worth talking about unless they continue to rag on and we have to spell it out in larger print and louder voices

      I opt for the former. But that was just a tiny example of some of the comments I’ve been getting and immediately trashing. Most were vicious and rude.


  163. jon says:

    Nobody gets 50% + 1 in our system. But I’m sure if Harper had reached that mark then the new refrain would be that while he did get a majority of the ballots cast there is no way of knowing whether he would’ve gotten a majority of those from the 39% of eligible voters who did not cast a ballot.


  164. Liz J says:

    Maybe Ignatieff will, in hindsight, realize as a neophyte in politics, his acceptance of an offer of a fast track to power he was setting himself up for failure given the state of the LPC after Chretien and Martin were done with it. Dion was the first sacrificial lamb. Ignatieff went from saviour, their great hope, to inadvertently being their second sacrificial lamb and he took the party along with him.


  165. Liz J says:

    May Gayle return in four years and be as ineffective as ever.


  166. jon says:

    Speaking of Martin and Cretin, I hope this is the last time we hear the consensus media refer to the pair as being the “big guns”.


  167. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    Just received my daily Madely newsletter and yes…Brian Lilley is at his regular weekly seat at 08:10 am eastern.


  168. maz2 says:

    Lorne Gunter describes socialism with these words: “cake-andeat-it-too-platform”.

    “The NDP promised to cater to Quebecers desire for autonomy without the loss of subsidies from the rest of the country that would follow separation. The NDP captured Quebec because of a cake-andeat-it-too platform -all the benefits of separation, without the costs.”

    Bloc=NDP=Bloc=NDP …

    Same old=same old=same old …

    Same old socialism: socialism is the religion of the stomach*.

    This is the real story of the election:

    >>> “The real surge was Harper’s”.

    How did he do that? It’s because PM Harper is a political genius.


    *The religion of the stomach: socialism.


  169. Liz J says:

    Jon, Martin and Chretien being considered by the Liberals and their media as the “Big Guns” is funny when in reality turned their guns on their own party with their decades old feud.

    Maybe now, after this humiliation at the polls, they’ll get down to the business of rebuilding. If they want some advice they won’t find it within whats left of their own party.

    Jack Layton and his students and old nasties like Pat Martin may be a flash in the pan. Quebec may lose interest when they find out he has no real power to deliver what he promised.


  170. Liz J says:

    Yeah, Eric’s comment @ 6:01 pm is exactly right and the media will never correct the losers when they spout off so it’s up to us to spell it out every damned chance we get. In order for their reasoning to be credible they’d have to run as a coalition with one platform.


  171. Bec says:

    My guess for the Speaker is someone that’s been around for along time (knows their stuff) and a Woman.

    My dream personsonality would be Candice Hoepner but I suspect it could be someone like Diane Ablonzy.


  172. Bec says:

    There goes Michael Ignatieff again, blaming the truth ads for his defeat. It’s still all about him but why is no one asking Michael,
    “Michael, how do you explain the defeat of the other Liberals, then”?


  173. Liz J says:

    Bec, Diane would be a great choice IMO. I think she’s also deserving of the post as well. The more I think about it the more I’m inclined to think she’d be the best choice.


  174. Liz J says:

    The Conservatives defined Ignatieff out of the gate with the truth, nothing more, and truth couldn’t be denied.


  175. Alberta Girl says:

    Here is a very interesting article pointing out where the conservatives won compared to where the NDP won – basically economically stable areas went conservative, less so went NDP? Hmmmmmm

    Sorry if someone has posted it, it is difficult looking back through ALL the comments to see.


  176. Liz J says:

    Great video over at SDA of Ezra on the “media party”, it’s spot on.


  177. Liz J says:

    Wonder how long it’s going to take Quebec voters to realize the meaning of being orange crushed?

    Was their plan to elect a party that could assume power as part of a coalition ?

    They’ve traded in their blackmail party for a federalist party with no power as official opposition due to a majority government. The country has gained by getting rid of Separatists sitting in our HOC, it will be fun to see how this all unfolds in the next four years.


    • Joanne says:

      Wonder how long it’s going to take Quebec voters to realize the meaning of being orange crushed

      On the other hand maybe the NDP can organize provincially and be an alternative to the PQ and the Charest Liberals.


  178. MadMacs of Bytown says:

    “ed says:
    May 3, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Did you know that the American born Elizabeth May could sing?”

    Ed, ce n’est pas le droll-la.


  179. Fay says:

    Alberta girl @ 8:54
    How do you explain NewFoundland’s voting in all NDP and Liberal? Newfoundland appears to still be voting like a have not province.
    Bravo to Labrador and looking forward to learning more about their conservative candidate.


  180. Jen says:

    How many of those recruited young university students with no knowledge of any kind to the world which awaits in parliament to do the people’s work. Some of them were acting as poster boy/girl for Layton that’s all. Do some of these university students realize that they will be under a microscope at the things they do. No more brawling, drinking, or wild life- or else they are plastered across the newspapers.
    Very tough questions will be asked because I want to know exactly what they are there for since I am paying their salaries.
    I wonder if some of them have any knowledge that their boss Layton, refuse to vote for the BUDGET which had stuff for university students. I guess not.


  181. Alberta Girl says:

    Well Fay…i don’t know much about NFLD economy, but I would say while the gov’t has become economically sound, they still haven’t opened up for business thereby keeping their citizens dependant on the Gov – ergo – they love NDP because they “stick up for the little guy”.

    Can someone more in the know correct me if I am wrong?


  182. Bec says:

    NFLD shocked me too, guys. My answer would be that they didn’t understand what the platforms were offering, nor researched it.

    The promise of health care, child care would have resonated in many of those riding. Despite their new found wealth, NFLD is a province that has had a ‘King’ for many years and his words last election still resonates.
    Had he come out with an endorsement, NFLD would have followed.

    We must remember that Jack was in Eastern Canada a fair amount and Michael, never left there. That mattered.


  183. Mary T says:

    97% did not vote for lizzie.
    Must visit site-sassy wire-has a great photo of one of jack’s newest gals, and her story. Seems she is a lousy cook, but that t-shirt says it all-I still hate Bush.
    Quebec, sorry but you will get nothing new and might lose some stuff-equalization agreements are coming up, with a majority conservative govt in charge. (and lots ofAB, members)


  184. fh says:

    Politics is never clear
    the long gun registry is a conundrum
    Why did Canadians who want the long gun registry gone re-elect MP’s who voted to retain the long gun registry?
    perhaps we need to delay this for the next election in four years and just let it operate as it was mandated Police can start confiscating the long guns that Canadians have unlawfully refused to register
    I wonder if this might NOT be one way to make sure we know what Canadians who did NOT vote Conservative want
    sarc off


  185. Bubba Brown says:

    Good mornin’ folks, take a bow Joanne, a bouquet of virtual flowers for all your hard work.
    As to the rest, well done, took all the stuff from our “vicTORY campaign headquarters” donated the furniture back to the SOS from whence it came, everything else to storage.
    We will be ready for next time. Bigger, Better, Canadians will see the benefit of a majority Conservative Government.
    Perhaps 4 or 5 years down the road we will tip the 50 or 60% mark.
    Funny how our 166 seats aren’t enough for a “real majority” but Ellies one “big” seat should get “special” treatment”? Shut up with the Green Gimme, gimmie already.
    Our little green grasshopper has much to learn.
    Gayle is taking a holiday Hmmm going where? Harvard? Provenance?
    Quebec will find that nothing rhymes with “Orange”
    Funny how Quebec went from one fringe party to another, but hey Jack has the “Moon and Stars” in his back pocket. I hope he has lights on his bike.
    Now the representation by population redistribution which was delayed because Gilles Ducette got all squawkey.
    That has to happen, it is overdue, particularly in the West.
    We have been underrepresented for a while, by the numbers. Unacceptable.
    Quebec not only woke up with jack’s mustache tickilin’ it ear, but with the “sudden knowledge” that a majority can be had without Quebec.
    Nefoundland is still not ready to shake off the red tent, they will.IMO
    We are no overnight success story, the coalition coup attempt galvanized our support like nothing else could have.
    Nothing like a good smack to focus your energy, we can as PM Harper has said “take a punch”
    We must continue to build, to move forward, welcome new members into our support groups.
    Just like a house, the foundation is everything, from there we go up solid and stronger.
    This is just as Mr Churchill said after the great Allied Victory at El Alamain;
    “Not the end, nor the beginning of the end, but, end of the beginning”
    The best is yet to come in a strong successful United Canada, God Bless Her.


    • Joanne says:

      Good mornin’ folks, take a bow Joanne, a bouquet of virtual flowers for all your hard work.

      Well we should all take that bow together Bubba! (But thanks for the bouquet. Heh.)


  186. Bubba Brown says:

    I could have added this is not our victory, it is Canada’s.


  187. fh says:

    Get rid of Long GUN Registry
    prove to all Canadians that you can trust Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative team to keep their promise
    You cannot trust your re-elected MP’s who voted to keep the Long GUN registry after telling you they would vote to get rid of long gun registry. What else did they promise you? This time hold them accountable.


  188. ed says:

    X says: May 3, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    “Only 61% percent of eligible voters came out to the polls. 39.6 % of them voted Blue. 60.4% of people that voted yesterday did not vote for Blue. I see the current voting system as being a bit flawed as the party with majority is not supported by over 60 % of voters.”

    Sorry, guys, but I have to retaliate against X. Actually, his comment deserves a big X scratched right across his post. The only thing that’s flawed is his logic which conveniently destroys his commentary. Of course, it could simply be intellectual dishonesty with the implied thought that most people are too stupid to realize it. Well, Canadians answered that thought at the polls rather easily -didn’t they. 🙂

    That 60.4% of people that voted against the Conservatives represented several parties (Bloc, NDP, Liberals, Green, etc.), not one party. The left’s sick concept of democracy must be challenged right from the get go as Liz J has stated. Also, those that did not vote were more rather than less satisfied with the present government – although that’s irrelevant.

    The worst part is that many politicians and media have used, and continue to use, this flawed logic or, more likely, intellectual dishonesty.


  189. ed says:

    Bubba, in the past, we’ve made it as far west as Golden, BC. Didn’t have enough time to go further. After traveling from Newfoundland to BC on numerous vacations by car (camping), we’d come back home in awe of Canada. There are so many outstanding sites throughout this land, it simply boggles the mind!! And, yeah, I want one of those Bubba-Burgers!! LOL BC is on our list and so is the Yukon, and Alaska, and …. Actually, have a relative running a hotel up in the Yukon. He told me “if you get drunk in my hotel, I’ll put you up free for the night.” Now, that I like. LOL


  190. Mary T says:

    If one does not get out to vote, it means they are happy with the status quo, so those 40% that didn’t vote, like and support PMSH, add that to the 39.% that did vote for him and that means over 70% support PMSH.
    97% did not vote for lizzie. 70% did not vote for the NDP.
    The 40% that did not vote, do not want the ndp, green, bloc, or liberals.
    We can twist figures also.


  191. Mary T says:

    Ed, have you been to Writing on Stone Provincial park in AB, if you haven’t you should if you like camping.


  192. ed says:

    Joanne says: May 4, 2011 at 8:06 am.

    Joanne, psychology has taught me an awful lot. We’re taught to show gratitude but the value of “praise” should not be underestimated. It’s amazing the effect on people when you give them praise that is well deserved. Positive reinforcement. I’m sorry I didn’t learn that much earlier in my life. It’s so easy to be critical. It really makes a difference in a person’s life, especially if they’re down and out. It’s the little things, too. I’ve always gone out and helped the garbage collectors when I’ve put out a lot of stuff. And, you know, these guys really appreciate it, that you acknowledge the tough , dirty job they do. And it makes you feel good as well.

    So, I’m happy you appreciate the praise. You’re one “special” Canadian!! And, no, I’m not brown-nosing –I hate that with a passion. LOL


    • Joanne says:

      So, I’m happy you appreciate the praise. You’re one “special” Canadian!!

      Ah, thanks Ed. That’s very kind.


  193. ed says:

    Mary T says: May 4, 2011 at 12:14 pm:

    ” have you been to Writing on Stone Provincial park in AB, if you haven’t you should if you like camping.”

    Mary T, we haven’t been there. Where in Alberta?? We’ve been to Jasper, Banff, Claresholm area, Olds, Waterton Lakes, Drumheller, so many places all over Alberta. And those amazing Rockies, wow!! I even stayed at SAIT. LOL


  194. Bubba Brown says:

    ed @ 11:37 “X” marks the spot. Fun with numbers.
    So only 61% of eligible voters made it to the polls.
    I’m guessing here, at any given time when I ran a crew 10% were on holiday, or sick.
    Some folks won’t vote for various reasons, religious affiliation whatever.
    Some are so turned off by the sight of the dis-loyal opposition acting like a bunch of howler monkeys on crack in the HOC, endless faux scandals, they won’t vote.
    I am sure the reasons are as varied as the “non-voters” themselves.
    However in fairness the last election showed a lot of Liberals sat on their hands, and in this election also. Take a bow Iffy! Thank you!
    My point here is and pay attention Lizzy, Bob and Jack of the 61% who did show up
    39.6 % DID VOTE CONSERVATIVE!!!!!!!!
    Now read this very slowly,….if you don’t show up you are a “NOT” as in “non voter” you do not count, cannot be counted only quantified, as in 39% of eligible voters are secretly, Jedi Knights and go to Saturn after work to practice with their “light sabres”.
    So get out your calculator and tell me we have a “False Majority” when well over HALF the ACTUAL VOTES CAST WERE FOR THE CONSERVATIVES.
    If you don’t show up for whatever reason you DON”T COUNT!
    Unless in the parallel universe of Elizabeth May where the sky is Green she wants to accept 96% of Canadians would not vote for her or her party.
    Or 2.4% of the 61% actually voted green. Or a little more than 1% of the 100% voted Green, not looking good Ellie, better start being relevant by actually doing something.
    Other than pointing at our “Majority elected” PM and hissing “eeeevvvviiiilllll” ain’t workin’ Ellie.
    Accept the results, go to work, stop with the disingenuous garbage and earn what you think is your share of the 61% that shows up to participate, or keep acting out like a goofy kid still living in Mom’s basement and get 1% of the votes next time, your choice.


  195. Mary T says:

    WOS is near the US border, and is famous for the Indian writings on the rocks.
    They have recently opened a tourist site with displays etc. You should check it out on google. Rumor has it that this is where the Indians retreated to or started from, after they did their thing to Custer.


  196. ed says:

    DWT says: May 4, 2011 at 1:02 am.

    Yeah, DWT, pretty sick those comments. Poor losers, they should look in the mirror. For years the opposition referred to the “Harper government” this, the “Harper government” that, etc.. They are the ones that put out the label, “Harper” government. And now they criticize the term “Harper government.” And they call us morons. LOL BTW, it’s the Conservative government you lefty twits.


  197. Bruce says:

    Seriously Jon, IMHO I think the Lieberal Party is finished, in it’s final death throws, never to see the light of day again.

    Rae Daze, aided and abetted by the likes of Justin Turdeau will merge the further left of the Liberals with the NDP.


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