Contrary to the headline of this CP article, (It’s all over but the voting…), campaign offices across the country will be beehives of activity today as various parties attempt to ensure that their identified voters get to the polls.

Get Out The Vote is the most important campaign strategy because those pre-election surveys are just snapshots of voter intention at the time. The real challenge is to transform the theoretical into the tangible.

What can you do? Your local campaign office will be more than happy to accept your help on the phones, as a scrutineer or driver, or any number of other important functions.

But above all please vote and do all you can to make sure your friends, family and neighbours do the same.

I’m trying to keep this post as non-partisan as possible but readers are welcome to comment. I would only ask that you follow Election Canada’s muddy, archaic rules (that Parliament needs to revisit ASAP!)

Comments moderation may be enabled this evening until all polls are closed out west.  (Steve Janke will be doing that as well.)

Please vote and let your voice be heard! I cannot think of any previous election where so much was at stake.

Thank you.

*   *   *   *


Sort of Political gives us a reality check with the real world news of Bin Laden’s death. Being a competent Prime Minister means being able to respond quickly to international events in a serious and appropriate manner. No doubt Stephen Harper has had to act with two different hats during the election and his role as PM was muted in terms of publicity during the campaign due to related rules. The other party leaders only had to concentrate on the election.

Will you be voting for a PM or a drinking buddy?  If you choose the latter, you’d better also be prepared to pick up the tab.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s full statement on the death of Osama Bin Laden can be found at the Vancouver Sun.

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229 Responses to GOTV Day

  1. Liz J says:

    Today we have an example of a capable, competent Prime Minister in his statement on Bin Laden’s demise. It should serve as a stark reminder of how important it is that we have a strong military to do our part to make the world a safer place and be a player along with our allies.


  2. Alberta Girl says:

    Joanne – I hope you don’t mind but I tweeted your very thoughtprovoking comment

    Will you voting for a PM or a drinking buddy?


  3. Joanne says:

    AG – Thanks but not my original idea. 😉


  4. Joanne says:

    Liz J – Yes we have been in an election bubble for quite a while now. We need to be reminded that whoever forms government will have to deal with all the challenges outside of our country too.


  5. maz2 says:

    Hunting now for statement from Taliban Jack LaytoNDP.

    All there is so far is MSM reporting on Taliban LaytoNDP’s scandal.

    O’s Harvard buddy, Liberal Count Ignatieff, seems to be MIA.

    Will report back ASAP.


  6. jon says:

    “Today we have an example of a capable, competent Prime Minister in his statement on Bin Laden’s demise”

    Finally it’s over. A guy who is so despised is no more; a guy who, while obsessed with America and all the goings on there, hated Canada we should never forget (he mentioned us a few times in his thoughts don’t forget); a guy who’s long campaign of terrorizing us, one that had scared the bejeebers out of us, is now over; a guy who won’t be around anymore to torment us all…. anyway, I can go on and on about Iggy.

    How about that Bin Laden story?


  7. tori says:

    love that rhetorical question!

    Go Blue! Go Harper!


  8. Liz J says:

    Speaking of picking up the tab, we seem to be picking up a big tab for Jack and Olivia according to their expense accounts. For a couple who preach austerity they sure don’t apply it to themselves.

    Joanne, “Will you be voting for a PM or a drinking buddy? If you choose the latter, you should also be prepared to pick up the tab.” Very profound statement, and one that should be spread around.

    The result of this election reaches far beyond beer and bawdy houses. Those who think it’s safe to vote for NDP haven’t a clue what they’re voting for. We don’t know what Jack’s platform looks like but we know their ideology and it will sink this country in short order.


    • Joanne says:

      “Will you be voting for a PM or a drinking buddy? If you choose the latter, you should also be prepared to pick up the tab.

      Thanks Liz. As I mentioned to Alberta Girl, I really can’t take credit for that one. BTW I also change the wording around a bit after publishing this post. Maybe I should have left it alone? 😉

      My husband also picked up a typo which I since corrected. I had to get this done before g/son arrives for the day. He is at the busy stage and has to be watched every second.


  9. Jen says:

    Rememberr Libby Davies who despises ISRAEL and whose supporters are the HAMAS that are supporters of BIN LADIN must be sobbing now.


  10. jon says:

    OT from the election talk, but why couldn’t we see bin Laden’s body for verification? We saw the bodies of Saddam’s sons Uday and Qusai after they had been shot up in a fire fight. Showing bin Laden would’ve caused consternation and an eventual backlash among the radicals and that’s why his body is not shown? Hmmm, interesting parallels with the Danish cartoons if you ask me.


  11. Bec says:

    Last night had a very good reason to stay up, despite a full steam ahead, Monday. What a historical moment for the US and freedom loving countries. It was extremely moving to see the Americans gather together outside the gates of the White House in jubilation. They have suffered AS VICTIMS from the acts of this despicable man and deserve their moment of relief.

    We are in very good hands with the man steering the ship and we need to honor him with a much deserved mandate. GOTV!

    PS Sun TV was exceptional covering the breaking news last evening. David Akin was informative as was his sidekick. (forgot his name) Kudos Sun TV!


  12. frmgrl says:

    PS Sun TV was exceptional covering the breaking news last evening. David Akin was informative as was his sidekick. (forgot his name) Kudos Sun TV!

    Yes they did a very good job last night! Today is a very important day we have to GOTV. That is very crucial.
    BTW. Today is also tax day. Make sure you get your returns in the mail, electronically or however.


  13. frmgrl says:

    Did you check out Angry’s post on polls and how to make sense of them? Very informative.


  14. Richco says:

    Check out Janke’s guide for blackouts today Joanne.


  15. Fay says:

    Sun TV did a great job of covering the breaking news. David Akin even translating when Stephen Harper began speech in french.
    I see CBC has a statement up from their buddy Jack after Stephen Harper’s praising of canadian military.


  16. Liz J says:

    Joanne, a cute little g/son will be a nice stress relieving diversion on a very stressful day!

    A couple of my nearest and dearest live in Bennett’s St Pauls riding, they are a young professional couple and are working/volunteering with our candidate Maureen Harquail throughout this campaign. They volunteered for Peter Kent when he ran in that riding. They feel there’s been a change, people have warmed up to Stephen Harper. Yesterday they were flooded with people volunteering. Perhaps Bennett will get at least a little shakeup this time around.

    It’s heartening and promising to have younger people working for the party , giving freely of their spare time and taking time off work today to get the job done.


  17. Richco says:

    Joanne – there was a link at Janke’s site re: blackout but it’s not there now.


  18. Bec says:

    Liz J said:
    “It’s heartening and promising to have younger people working for the party , giving freely of their spare time and taking time off work today to get the job done.”

    Our campaign office was full of young University students too. They want a future that they are in charge of, not a handout govt. They GET IT and the work ethic is the Conservative way!


  19. billg says:

    One item, which is lost on many bloggers and commentors. Voters are smart. Respect the outcome regardless. If its a minority the kids will have to figure out a way to play with each other because thats what the voters wanted. If the Libs and the NDP want to defeat the govt in a month, well, voters knew that when they voted so it is the will of the people. If its a Conservative majority then voters wanted stability. Regardless, its insulting and arrogant to question voters in a demeaning manner just because they had the nerve to think differently then you. For the golf fans out there I’ll leave you with the immortal words of Ben Crenshaw….” I got a good feeling about tonight”…..


    • Joanne says:

      Regardless, its insulting and arrogant to question voters in a demeaning manner just because they had the nerve to think differently then you.

      I agree with you Billg. And I am really tired of the arrogance of some extreme partisans that assume you are stupid and barely evolved if you vote Conservative.


  20. Liz J says:

    Think the world isn’t watching us today? Check out Google’s logo for today.


  21. Richco says:

    notice that in that Google logo salute to Canada’s election that the blue “g” in Google is 3/4s of the way into that voting booth – nudging the green “l” out of the way.

    A subliminal Harper majority perhaps?

    If you get a chance take a look at which has changed since yesterday and dramatically so – to the benefit of more closer than expected ridings for the CPC.

    I’ve got a gut feeling about things today, and it’s not the usual sick feeling of impending doom. It’s a feeling of everything falling into place in a big way.


  22. Calgary Junkie says:

    Joanne, I will be at the Harper rally tonight at the Telus Convention Centre. I’ll try to post a report on the highlights–who was there from the Party and the media, which results got the biggest applause, stuff like that.


    • Joanne says:

      Joanne, I will be at the Harper rally tonight at the Telus Convention Centre

      CJ ar 9:21 am – Just catching up here after a great day with my grandson. Looking forward to hearing all about it tonight!!


  23. Ontario Girl says:

    CBC actually showed part of PM Harpers speech and called him Prime Minister(gasp) Harper. This morning Talaban Jack put out a statement. Who does he think he is? Prime Minister? BOY…this has sure gone to massage Jacks head.What a showman twerp. Hope he gets crushed tonight and that happy face disappears. I actually hope any other party beats him in seats…The peacock needs to be reduced back to his previous status….snake in the bed.
    All ready to cast my ballot for the best PM ….PM Harper. Can’t wait for the media slimes pale pasty faces tonight sobbing in their tissues.


  24. Richco says:

    Oily Jack! Very good editorial from yesterday’s Calgary Herald.


  25. Richco says:

    Jack Layton’s the last guy who should be issuing a statement on Bin Laden’s killing.

    He’s been the head cheerleader against us being there and even supporting our troops there and their involvement in Afghanistan.


  26. Liz J says:

    Perhaps Bin Laden’s demise will open a few minds when they cast their votes. They might realize giving NDP anything close to power would never keep us safe. They don’t even believe in a strong military for this country. It’s all tea and sympathy for dealing with terrorists.


  27. Richco says:

    Layton faux support of our mission in Afghanistan

    from the G&M – January 4th 2011 “The NDP Leader is redoubling efforts to seize the mantle of standard-bearer for Canadians who are frustrated over the Afghan mission, pledging to campaign in an election for all troops to come home, and arguing that the entire NATO military effort is destabilizing the country, not securing it.”

    from the NP – January 18, 2011 “More disturbing is that Mr. Layton is actually proposing a return to precisely the policy certain UN aid agencies (WHO, UNFAO, UN Drug Eradication Program) adopted while the Taliban was running the show prior to September 11, 2001 – a policy that is almost universally regarded as a key reason (if not the key reason) why the Taliban regime persisted for so long. This was a policy of aid “neutrality” gone bonkers.”

    TorStar – Jan. 14h 2011 “The NDP leader said he intends to make Canada’s Afghan mission an election issue and is urging Canadians to speak out in opposition.”

    There’s lots more. So that statement he gave the media today – more Layton hypocrisy.


  28. Ontario Girl says:

    CPAC call in show on now with Peter Van Dusen and a panel of 3 parties. Guess they want to get all the last minute uninformed callers on slagging the PM Harper.

    1-877-296-2722 give them a call and support the Prime Minister


  29. Ontario Girl says:

    There’s lots more. So that statement he gave the media today – more Layton hypocrisy.

    Everything out of the guys yap, yap is hypocrisy and lies. All I see when I look at the cheater is that shack he calls a “community clinic” and the issue of the tissue. I hope he goes down tonight along with the media. We need 4 years of a Harper govt to move ahead and an end to this gong show of the coalition, special interest groups interferring with this election from the US…vote Mobs with no idea of who they are voting for through the earings in their noses to that Liberal Rick Mersier and his rants. On and on. Harper Majority or bust.


  30. Clown Party says:

    Remember: There is a TORY in “vicTORY”

    Now go out and vote, if you already haven’t.


  31. Dirt says:

    I just had the long form census delivered to my door, if Harper wins I’ll fill it out and if the NDP form a coalition I’ll burn it in the oven. Good luck Mr. Harper.


  32. Bubba Brown says:

    Good morning my Blue Friends; Much to ponder from the last few days.
    April 30th 20011 Osama Bin Laden is killed (BIH) by U.S.
    Hosea 8:7
    “they sow the wind, and reap the whirlwind.
    the stalk has no head, and will produce no flour”
    24 Canadians died at the twin towers along with 3000 others that had done nothing but were targeted by evil. RIP.
    The world was and is a very dangerous place.
    Our Brave Troops are making a difference every day, we need a Government that supports them. Vote Conservative.
    Very good question Jo, You are a wise Conservative Woman.
    PM Harper would not make a good drinking buddy.
    Neither would anyone here.
    Not that he, or we don’t enjoy a brewski.
    He, and we, would be watching the game in his rec-room with his family.
    Jack on the other hand would fit right in the “sports bar” the video of him pushing the woman in front of him out of his way is classic, look at me, behavior.
    Shallow, strutty little man with no class whatsoever.
    Every time I see him now I just see “Velvet Touch” of course in dipper-speak it becomes a “Community Massage Center”.
    Shameful by any measure.
    Pretty clear choice to me, the family man who has done a tremendous job or the glad handing “John” you can find on a bar stool in any bar.
    Talks big, is always checking out the action.
    “John” will have a drink with you, when it comes time to pay the tab he will disappear.
    I would not want “John” in my family or leading my Country.


  33. frmgrl says:

    This is going to be one looooong day!


  34. Ontario Girl says:

    The last caller wanted to talk about the Layton lies about some farm and when he said the word Layton and the massage ….CPAC CUT HIM OFF so fast I thought they would break their fingers with the big hang up click. All Media keeping the real story from getting out there. BUT you can phone and smear Harper at ease. This guy was from TORONTO and seemed to have info on Porno Jack-o. Darn…I wanted to hear what he had to say about Jack from Toronto.
    Amazing when you think back to the last election when the NDP dug up the Tom Lewisky tape and showed that story at nausea right to the end. I am PRAYING for a Harper Majority tonight like never before. Quebec , biting the hand that feeds them….Alberta for voting for slime ball Layton. CPAC still campaigning down to the dying last moment….smearing the PM….sickening pigs.


  35. Liz J says:

    I too am seething in anger at CPAC. Their brazen shilling is a disgrace to the democratic process on this election day. Not surprised though.

    Lets hope, and pray, tonight we will be chanting “revenge is sweet” and the media are rendered powerless.


  36. Ontario Girl says:

    No wonder the NDP wanted to LOWER the voting age down to 16…..Carolynn Bennet, Paul Dewer and John Baird are on CPAC now. The NDP are sure cocky today. Dewer looks like a Liberal…drowning out Baird whenever he speaks . Will be glad when tonight gets here so I don’t have to listen to this crap anymore, hopefully.


  37. wilson says:

    The media Harper-hating drove ‘progressives’ to the Orange team, as Canadians found Iffy as their last choice, not last hope.
    But doubt that the media will ever acknowledge their part in the LPC crash.


  38. frmgrl says:

    My fear is too many uninformed voters out there.


    • Joanne says:

      My fear is too many uninformed voters out there.

      That’s what the progressives say about us! 😉

      My grandson wants to say something: gggggggggg


  39. wilson says:

    Canadians hope Dippers will fix what is ‘broken’ in Parliament.
    Imo, the NDP will be a huge disappointment as Off Opp, and will do same thing as Iffy Libs did, try to find that faux scandal to beat PMSH with.
    Not to mention all their new kooks being impossible for Jack to corral, if they bother to show up.


  40. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: frmgrl
    My fear is too many uninformed voters out there.

    And they are all voting NDP…God help us all and hope the brains outnumber the brainless who vote and do not know the consequences of their actions.


  41. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Joanne
    My grandson wants to say something: gggggggggg

    He is saying…..ggggggggget lost Layton and gggggggo Harper.


  42. Mary T says:

    In case no one has mentioned this, the PM will be on the Dave R show at around 10.50 this morning.


  43. Lorraine says:

    Loved getting my Voice Bot phone call from Stephen Harper last night then another this morning from Conservative HQ for GOTV.The guy told me that it has not been widely known but the Liberals and NDP were very effective in getting out their vote in the Advance Polls-that was 2 million votes across the country.
    So GOTV everyone-do whatever you can but don’t drag uninformed easily manipulated people to the polls-if they only read the headlines they are misinformed.

    If they only watch CBC, CTV. CPAC or read most TO based newspapers they are misinformed.
    If they only know party propaganda they are misinformed.

    There is too much at stake in our country to let anti everything, anti establishment, peacenik utopianist socialists hijack our economic and social stability.


  44. Liz J says:

    What kind of journalists hosting call-in shows will allow their guests to tell lies without calling them out? Well, that’s easy, journalists sharing the same agenda. The NDP and Liberals let the lies or half truths flow with impunity while accusing PM Harper of lying which is the biggest lie of all.

    God give us strength to get through this crazy day.


  45. Peterb says:

    Time zone
    Polls open and close in local time
    Newfoundland Time
    8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
    Atlantic Time
    8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
    Eastern Time
    9:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
    Central Time*
    8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
    Mountain Time*
    7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
    Pacific Time
    7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


  46. Mary T says:

    I have faith that a lot of those ndp youth voters do not know the name of their candidate and when they see that Jack Layton is not on the ballot will either spoil their ballot or vote for the first name on the ballot.
    Wonder if those phantom bloc candidates running as ndp will know today they have to vote.
    No coalition is liberals are number 3, and don’t expect the Bloc to support the ndp on anything.
    PMSH will govern for another 4 yrs, majority or minority.


  47. Ontario Girl says:

    Liberal Mark Sutcliff and guests John Ibbison, Susan Riley and Bob Plumandoe….2 hour call in Harper smearing show on CPAC……Ibbison just said That the NDP could win more seats then the conservatives……here we gooooooooo.

    1-877-296-2722………They are praising the NDP already. PUKE to the media.


  48. Mary T says:

    Election prediction has libs at 63 seats and ndp at 65. conservatives at 146.
    Would any libs cross the floor to be part of the govt rather than the terd Chretain’s term for Reform) party.
    With most of those ndp seats in Quebec, added to the Bloc, Quebecers will expect a lot, and will be disappointed.
    Decisions to be made by those ndp candidates in Quebec, do I finish college or go to Ottawa. Then the question will be, what do you mean I have to show up.
    Might be the end of the ndp when those MPs show up and all Canadians see who they elected.
    They will all be under a microscope, aka Layton and his massage.
    I know I would never shake his hand if given the chance.


  49. Ontario Girl says:

    WOW….Susan Reiley is sure getting her” mean, nasty, dark, Harper” attacks across. Call the show everyone and tell the SOB’s offfffffffff Why can they be allowed to get away with this????



  50. maz2 says:

    I-Me I-Iggy-Me I-Me-I-I ….


    “I met Canadians who want to change the country and change it for the better. I’ll never forget it, and I’m very hopeful of the result tonight. I think Canadians want to vote for change, and I hope they will vote for us,” Ignatieff said.”

    “This election doesn’t belong to the politicians, it doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to the people of Canada, and I hope everybody will vote today and, of course, I want everybody to vote Liberal.”

    “Michael Ignatieff says the experience of this campaign has been uplifting for him.”


  51. Fay says:

    The last time I called i got very angry at Susan Reiley and Gardener. I am sure they would block my call.
    I don’t know how you can watch their partison rants any longer. Mark Sutcliffe is definitely anti Harper. You are better stuff than me Ontario Girl.


  52. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Fay
    The last time I called i got very angry at Susan Reiley and Gardener. I am sure they would block my call.
    I don’t know how you can watch their partison rants any longer. Mark Sutcliffe is definitely anti Harper. You are better stuff than me Ontario Girl.

    I remember your call…lol….you were good. You have to say you are an NDP supporter now to get them to take your call….then give it to her with both barrels . All I get is a busy signal. Reiley is really a Liberal but now she is praising massage jack-o because she knows he is part of the coalition. The woman who called was GREAT…..These shows could change some undicided last minute voters watching this. My god the HATE on this show for PM Harper is TERRIBLE and they don’t cut the callers smearing Harper off.

    1-877-296-2722…………… everyone and set them straight.Keep trying.


    • Joanne says:

      I caught a bit of CPAC and I thought that call from the guy whose daughter was molested was heart-breaking. He said the perpetrator was only in prison for a few months. He called out Susan Riley on her Liberal bias too.


  53. Fay says:

    Ontario Girl @ 12:33
    The real change is the G+M’s hard turn to the left. I believe Jon Ibbitson has driven this. He was in the US when the media manipulated Obama into office. It is obvious that the National Press Gallery are working together to push Jack Layton into office. They are trying to copy the USA media example and Jon Ibbitson was moved here for that purpose. I wonder how many are getting bonus’s from George Soros?
    The G+M endorses Stephen Harper and then Jon Ibbitson goes on CPAC and bashes him continually.


  54. Ontario Girl says:

    He called out Susan Riley on her Liberal bias too.

    I was in the shower and missed the call….what did he say? Glad someone called out that Reiley.

    Layton on …he brought his grandaughter when he voted..He is copying PM Harper and Laureen and kissing Olivia at every chance. Guess he wants people to think he is a good husband and not a cheater..he just said he is going to work out in the gym to the reporters. Funny he is talking to reporters today . Guess he thinks everyone has voted already in case they asked him about the whorehouse. Wonder where he will go after? Velvet fingers? Ignatieff voted ALONE because his wife can’t vote. PM Harper comes on LATER they said. Can’t believe how the media love the NDP now…amazing.


  55. Liz J says:

    The working people who pay the taxes and retired people who do also will be hit hard by a Layton led government. Riding bikes isn’t an option for most and gas will rise with their proposed carbon tax that’s not even being talked about.
    Income splitting will be gone, Liberals and NDP are against it.
    Some people need to give their heads a run into a brick wall to see sense.


  56. SomeGuyinOttawa says:

    O/T: Sun News already beating the competition!

    h/t to OttRob at SDA


  57. Liz J says:

    It is important that the populace hear about Layton’s dalliance in a whorehouse. I don’t care when it was, the man is running to lead the country, in his wildest dreams, we need to emphasize his character. People make mistakes but this one is hard to believe since he lived in the area and had to know the difference in a legitimate massage clinic and a bawdy house.
    We don’t want a PM of Canada getting publicity around the world over this sort of behaviour.

    Maybe we don’t want to discuss it now but we know the media would be discussing it if it if it were our leader or even a bit player in the Blue team. We recall how they went after Mr Carson and tried to drag our PM into the story.


    • Joanne says:

      Susan Riley pretty well fingered the Tories in the Layton massage-gate. Surprising that she would take that chance on an Election Day.


  58. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Joanne
    Susan Riley pretty well fingered the Tories in the Layton massage-gate. Surprising that she would take that chance on an Election Day.

    I heard her. She said it” looked like the Conservative war room fingers all over this. “Guess she didn’t hear about the Liberal who approched the guy at the National Post two years ago and Andrew Coyne.Amazing how all the calls from Alberta are Harper haters…another Harper Hater to end the calls….he used to be a Conservative but going to vote for the NDP now. BS. Susan Reiley said she hopes after tonights vote we are out of the cesspool we are in now. She’s the cesspool i want to be rid of after PM Harper gets his majority tonight. My dentist is voting Conservative and so is my Doctor and my neighbors. Off to vote now.


    • Joanne says:

      I heard her. She said it” looked like the Conservative war room fingers all over this. “Guess she didn’t hear about the Liberal who approched the guy at the National Post two years ago and Andrew Coyne

      Ah so you heard it too Ontario Girl! Disgusting. Yes Susan Riley is certainly part of the cesspoll.


  59. Ruth says:

    People shouldn’t even care who brought out the massage-gate story. No one made Jack go there, so he only has himself to blame for the incident. No matter what mistakes one makes in life, we can’t blame someone else for them if they come back to haunt us. Sorry Jack…you did it all alone and everyone needs to know about it too.


  60. Ontario Girl says:

    One last point….Susan Reiley is looking for an NDP senate seat because she thinks her Libs are tanking. When PM Harper wins tonight they will blame it on Vote Splitting.

    Now CPAC has some guy talking about ABC and anti conservatism and how Harper will be shut out again tonight in NFLD.
    I need airrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  61. Fay says:

    I agree Ontario girl. Susan Reilly and her friends in the National press Gallery have lowered the bar to the cess pool.


  62. Liz J says:

    The press gallery are playing their political hands on election day, that’s as low as they can go. They’re like scared rabbits fighting for their lives, maybe in some cases their livelihood.

    Let’s hope their “fears” come to fruition, no group of people deserve it more. We’ve never seen the likes of this media pile-on of any government, much of it unsubstantiated lies. This PM has been a stellar manager, he doesn’t deserve this disrespect, it’s dirty pool, the only game they know.


  63. Bec says:

    PMSH will be on with Adler @ 3:30 Eastern….

    Hey Calgary Junkie @9:21am….. see you there…..among the thousands….


    • Joanne says:

      Hey Calgary Junkie @9:21am….. see you there…..among the thousands

      Bec – That’s great! Looking forward to your report.


  64. ed says:

    Talk about disgusting radio — Michael Harris and his guest Don Newman, etc. on CFRA radio this afternoon. The whole two hours of deceit. You have to listen to all of it to pick out the lies, the misinformation, the important facts they leave out, and the extremely blatant anti-Harper BS they spew. These guys are poor excuses for journalists. Among other things, Harris plays up the PCs and identifies the Conservatives as the Reform party. There’s much more of this disgust on his program.
    There are many obvious misrepresentations on this two hour show. Boy, I’d love to run into some of these so-called journalists and really give it to them as to what a “real” journalist is.

    You can hear it here:

    “Ilona Dougherty, Executive Director of Apathy is Boring, whether bigger youth vote will materialize? / Dan Leger, director of news content with The Chronicle Herald the Chronicle Herald on his election column / Lorne Bozinoff, PhD, President of Forum Research on their latest / Don Newman, Chair of Canada 2020 and Senior Strategic Advisor at Bluesky Strategy, and he writes a column for ipolitics, the leading on-line political news– an exciting night to come.”

    [audio src="" /]


  65. Ruth says:

    Did anyone else hear Adler when they were discussing the NDP gaining in Toronto. They said the people there didn’t care about massages as there were massage parlours on every corner. They see Jack out to every parade that is going on and in the pubs. He is just their guy in Toronto. That is why Toronto is so different that the rest of Ontario IMO.


  66. ed says:

    jon says: May 2, 2011 at 7:27 am.

    jon, that’s a really good one!! LOL


  67. Centrist says:

    “Talaban Jack” (it’s taliban with an i, by the way) “massage Jack” Really? Does this help?

    You might win more people to your views if you could avoid name-calling and nastiness. Though it may feel good at the time, it’s unbecoming and doesn’t make anyone who might be on the fence want to join you. You know the old saying about honey attracting more flies than vinegar…

    I have the same feeling about the left and what they say, as well, by the way. I sincerely wish people could have a civilized discussion about politics without sinking to this level.

    God bless and may as many people as possible today exercise their right to do what many in this world are not able to do…vote.


  68. Liz J says:

    Thanks ed, but I’ve got no intention of listening to Michael Harris slagging PM Harper and his Conservative government.
    Has he discussed anything about John/Jack Layton’s visit to the after hours massage “clinic”. We know he’d take at least a few shows to discuss it if it were Stephen Harper or any of his MP’s.


  69. ed says:

    Our Conservative votes are in. Very quiet at the poll station around 11:30 am. Met one guy who’s undecided. Spent 15 minutes explaining Conservative view and correcting a number of misinformed comments he made. At least, he was interested and engaged. He was going for a walk, will ponder the conversation, and then vote. Hopefully, one more Conservative. Many voted at the advanced polls, wonder how many will vote today. Conservative candidate will call if he needs extra help.


    • Joanne says:

      Met one guy who’s undecided. Spent 15 minutes explaining Conservative view and correcting a number of misinformed comments he made. At least, he was interested and engaged. He was going for a walk, will ponder the conversation, and then vote.

      Good for you Ed!!


  70. Peterb says:

    This site discusses close races in Ontario for what it’s worth.


  71. Mary T says:

    OT, but a friend just went to scrutineer and was refused as she was wearing a blue sweatshirt. Anyone else have a problem with the clothes they are wearing or the color.
    Why wasn’t this mentioned when she went to a training session.


    • Joanne says:

      OT, but a friend just went to scrutineer and was refused as she was wearing a blue sweatshirt. Anyone else have a problem with the clothes they are wearing or the color.

      Mary t – I never heard of that before.


  72. Bec says:

    Mary T said:
    “OT, but a friend just went to scrutineer and was refused as she was wearing a blue sweatshirt. ”

    WE were warned of that but also told that it’s up to the DRO. It is supposed to be anything that identifies you as in logos on clothing or buttons, not color but we were told it could happen.

    Sorry to hear about that it probably spooked her!


  73. ed says:

    Liz J says: May 2, 2011 at 3:31 pm:

    “Has he discussed anything about John/Jack Layton’s visit to the after hours massage “clinic”.”

    Liz J, you hit the nail on the head there! He vaguely mentioned it in passing, like in one sentence. He’ll talk about everything but that. Drives me nuts, too, but I want to know their latest tactics. Thankfully, Rob Snow is on now. I’d like to see a tag-team event down the road whereby Snow and Lowell Green take on Sutcliffe and Harris. And they give it to them real good, no softballs but rather high, inside fastballs. Baseball, terminology. LOL


  74. Mary T says:

    Bec, she went home and will change shirts. She had on a jacket she could have zipped up but wasn’t given the chance. If you know that our DRO is a new one and very ndp.
    Also discovered why my neighbor has no signs up, he is a poll clerk.


  75. Ontario Girl says:

    Mary…same thing happened here….the guy couldn’t wear a red jacket???


  76. jad says:

    A friend just went to scrutineer and was refused as she was wearing a blue sweatshirt.

    Wore blue jeans, blue sox, blue sweater to my scrutineer job and no problem. However there was a problem with the authorization forms. All the parties seemed to show up with just one, and EC wanted three different ones. I just went to the offic and picked them up, so no problem there, but yet again EC changing the rules at the last minute.

    Here in Esquimault-Juan de Fuca (Keith Martin) the local CPC office seems pretty confident and are telling me that they have never seen so many people coming in off the street asking to help. Cetrtainly lots of volunteers – scrutineers for every poll, all day long in 4 hour shifts, drivers, telephone people, more than ever before. And the pundits are calling this “too close to call”. There seems to be a disconnect here.


  77. soundofmusak says:

    For those of you without Sun News Network: Good News!!/caryn_lieberman/status/65154561609973760

    Nothing there at the moment, but perhaps by 5pm? Hope so.

    Watch this space.</a.


  78. maz2 says:

    Walk on the sunny side,

    Always on the sunny side,

    Walk on the sunny side with Mr. Blue.

    “It’s a great day, it’s a great democracy, and the sky is blue,” he said before leaving the school grounds.”


    “Harper mobbed by giddy school kids after voting”

    “CALGARY – Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was mobbed by children here Monday after he and his wife Laureen cast their ballots at a local Catholic school polling station.

    Harper, accompanied by his family, arrived at St. Augustine Catholic School at noon.

    After the Harpers – who were joined in the polling station by a limited number of camera crews – voted, a cheer erupted from the school playground.

    Harper had gone out into the yard to pay the children a visit. A cheerful Harper posed for photos, shook hands and chatted with a mob of about 100 children.

    According to party officials, the visit was unscripted.

    This was Harper’s first visit to his riding in Calgary-Southwest this campaign.

    Afterwards, Harper told reporters he felt “really good.”

    “It’s a great day, it’s a great democracy, and the sky is blue,” he said before leaving the school grounds.”


    • Joanne says:

      “It’s a great day, it’s a great democracy, and the sky is blue,” he said before leaving the school grounds.”

      What a terrific story Maz2! PM Harper has seemed very upbeat the last few days.


  79. Mary T says:

    Story at NNW re false stories from EC telling people they have to go to a different place to vote due to expected large turnout. People go there, no poll, and the comments are full of nasty comments blaming the conservatives. Sounds more like that Soros group and Acorn.
    How do they get Elections Canada to show up on their phone display. People that fall for that will fall for anything. Strange, liberals are offering rides to those that have gone to the wrong place. How would they know to go there to pick up voters.
    I have to wonder if all those new ndpers from Quebec will be investigated like new reform MPs were. Nay, never happen.


  80. Mary T says:

    Should be false phone calls.


  81. soundofmusak says:


    Okay folks, LIVE STREAMING on is up and running!


  82. wilson says:

    Peterb says:
    May 2, 2011 at 11:57 am
    Time zone
    Polls open and close in local time
    Newfoundland Time
    8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.


  83. soundofmusak says:


    Scroll up, Peterb posted open and closing times.

    Newfoundland closes at 8:30 local time. CLICK


  84. Liz J says:

    Seems Craggie Oliver thinks there’s a chance Jack can form a Minority government with the help of the Liberals.


  85. soundofmusak says:

    NFLD polls close 1900 EST, yes.


    • Joanne says:

      NFLD polls close 1900 EST, yes.

      Thanks! So I don’t see a problem with leaving comments open until then. Right?


  86. Barbara says:


    It’s not working for me. It starts to play some promo stuff and then says video unavailable. 😦


  87. soundofmusak says:

    IANAL but that would be my guess.

    What’s your plan, Jo? You going completely dark or will you open an ‘open thread’ for moderation?


  88. soundofmusak says:


    Weird, works here, no lag, no problem. Keep trying. Maybe clear your browser’s cache and restart. Use a different browser, even. Not sure how to help. :-/


  89. soundofmusak says:

    …and, of course, polls close at 2200 EST in BC (1900 PST) at which point, I would expect you could reopen for comments.


  90. Barbara says:

    Thanks soundofmusak! I will keep trying. Glad to hear it’s working for you because it gives me hope that eventually I will be able to see Sun News!


  91. Mary T says:

    I don’t think the PM will be shut out again in NFLD, rather NFLD will again be shut out of the govt. Nothing like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
    The govt gave money to Quebec, but are ignored, they agreed to loan money for some hydro project, again ignored.
    This time, if we just get a minority, don’t try to buy votes in those provinces. No more blackmail, and quit opening all your speeches in French.


  92. Ontario Girl says:

    Voted for PM Harper…checked the numbers on the ballot box and there were two and they were the same…not like in Guelph. Very quiet at my poll….they said most people voted in the advance polls. I voted then told them I voted for the current Prime Minister……lol Think the guy wasn’t a conservative…he was friendly before I told him who I voted for. I like to rub it in. Asked a bunch of people today if they voted…they all did but no one will say for who. Talked someone into voting conservative…told him how important it was. Hope he follows through. Went to the bank with my button on…asked the teller if she voted…she did but wouldn’t say for who. Stopped at the local campaign office and they said its looking very good for the Conservative candidate because of the long gun registry.Had a tiff with a guy at the coffee shop…he talked about Bev Oda and Carson and contempt…I set him straight then told him he watches too much CBC.
    CPAC makes me sick….their show is full of NDP voters now….what a smear campaign against the conservatives……where is elections Canada? This is campaigning on election day……………..wish I lived in Calgary to go to the victory ralley.


  93. soundofmusak says:


    Are you out of the country, per chance? Thought maybe a geographical content filter, in that case, might cause you problems.

    Good luck!


  94. wilson says:

    The fate of our country will be decided before we, in Western Canada,
    count our first vote,
    and we can’t even watch it happen….!

    Nope, the national newscasters come on and say:
    for those of you in Western Canada just joining us, the CBC news desk has declared …..


  95. Ontario Girl says:

    Nope, the national newscasters come on and say:
    for those of you in Western Canada just joining us, the CBC news desk has declared …..

    They said this time it won’t be the case and it will go down to the last vote.


  96. soundofmusak says:


    When you put it that way, that’s gotta hurt. :-/ Argument for simultaneous poll closures, IMO, for the psychological benefit alone (plus solves twitter issue as a bonus).

    I lived in SK for a number of years and saw only one elxn in that time. CST, though. CBC must have declared sometime after I tuned in. That hour makes a difference.

    It’s a dumb system.


  97. soundofmusak says:

    @Ontario Girl

    Got a cite for that? Don’t know how I missed it.


  98. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: soundofmusak
    @Ontario Girl

    Got a cite for that? Don’t know how I missed it.

    For what??


  99. wilson says:

    thanks for recognising ”that’s gotta hurt”.
    This time, it is the worst ever.

    Now we got Charles Adler on Sun NN, running down PMSH and the campaign.
    Where was HE and the rest of the media scrutinizing the socialists?????????


  100. bluetech says:

    Mary T
    Scrutineers have no authority. In fact we sign an affadavit that we promise not to interfere.
    Was that a DRO?
    Our CPC commitee told us no CPC articles or pins, but where blue if we want.


  101. Alberta Girl says:

    “Now we got Charles Adler on Sun NN, running down PMSH and the campaign.
    Where was HE and the rest of the media scrutinizing the socialists?????????”

    It is my opinion that the ONLY view most of us have had of the Harper campaign is through the veil of the Ottawa media – so for these “broadcasters” to say that he didn’t talk about the good things, he ran a bad campaign, he was boring – they need to think about where they are getting their information from!!!!!!!!!!


  102. Sandy says:

    My understanding is that the rules have changed this time around and in a way that is far fairer in that no one will be able to report results until everyone can hear the results.

    The polls close at nearly the same time across the country:

    8:30pm (Nfld GT) (which would be 5:30pm PT)
    8:30pm (AT)
    9:30pm (ET) (which would be 6:30pm PT)
    8:30pm (CT) (which would be 6:30pm PT)
    7:30pm (Sask Standard Time) (which would be 6:30pm PT)
    7:30pm (MT) (which would be 6:30pm PT)
    7:00 (PC)

    However, as near as I can figure it, all time zones have to wait until polls close in BC — which is an hour an half for NFLD and 30 minutes for the rest of us — e.g., Ontarians at 10pm ET.

    So, it would seem to me that 10pm Ontario time is when Joanne can stop moderation.

    Clear as mud!


    • Joanne says:

      Sounds good Sandy!

      I think most people here would honour the Elections Canada rules in any case.


  103. wilson says:

    Akin just said Iffy has a 50/50 chance of keeping his seat.


  104. wilson says:

    Ontario Girl
    ”They said this time it won’t be the case and it will go down to the last vote.”

    Yah, they said that last election too. Trying to create drama.
    Nah, with all of their polling, predictions/predictabilities and and m.o.e.’s,
    the decision will be made by the time our first vote is counted because 2/3rds of the votes are in and counted.


  105. Sandy says:

    Can’t be Wilson as Ontario’s polls only close a half hour before BC. Not enough time to do all the counting for every Ontario riding. There used to be one to two hours between time zones. Plus, it used to be that the networks could announce results as soon as the polls closed in a time zone. Now they are not allowed to. This is the first election with these new rules.

    That was my point.

    But, I guess we will see. Just trying to help clarify things by making them muddier. LOL


  106. maz2 says:

    Say scandal, Jack.

    Scandal Jack.

    Taliban Jack LaytoNDP’s naked scandal makes history.


    “Jack Layton says he is ready to make history tonight
    680 News – Shauna Hunt – ‎58 minutes ago‎
    TORONTO, Ont. – NDP Leader Jack Layton arrived at the Cecil Street polling station, smiling and pushing his baby granddaughter Beatrice in a stroller.

    Layton found in Toronto bawdy house: Former cop Toronto Sun”


  107. Tripper523 says:

    Good job, ed, with the one-on-one Conservative witness. It all makes a difference! I have run into a few brick walls lately, usually with co-workers. It seems like the ‘ignorant vote’ is quite predominant, that sentiment which seems to be born out of the LSM’s disdain (and even hatred) for PM Harper. He’s the best thing we’ve ever had, and it seems like there are so many enemies encamped against him. We never had such opposition for old Twisty Face, and I don’t understand how people can relish the dastardly ahead of the divine. Well, a sign-of-the-times we just have to endure, and hopefully ALL have a great and satisfying sleep tonight after the results are in. Talk about timing though… bin Laden out to sea and Count Ignitionoff ready to be. We need Taliban Jack to find a job more to his stature, perhaps the Banker guy in the Monopoly game…..What’s next… Maybe the real Elvis shows up?? Just askin’…


  108. wilson says:

    ”This is the first election with these new rules. ”
    thanks Sandy, perhaps I can quit whining!


  109. Michael Harkov says:

    Well, that is it, BT is blacked out. 🙂


  110. paulsstuff says:

    Pretty much had enough of this I’d rather have a beer with Jack Layton crap from the media. Someone should tell them a lot of people turn into a!@#holes when they drink.


  111. Bec says:

    Can I at least ask if you guys down East have a news blackout?


  112. Joanne says:

    Jdot – Heh. I can’t really allow that comment but it is highly interesting. I would suggest that readers try various Eastern columnists on Twitter.


  113. JDot says:

    No doubt Joanne, was not sure howe far I could go..


    • Joanne says:

      lol! I’m actually heading out soon and will have to let comments accumulate here til I get back. Meanwhile keep an eye on produce futures out east.


  114. Shane in the 'wack says:

    I don’t know how much longer I can take this. We are right across the street from a polling station, has been very busy since I got home @ 4:30.
    9 cruelinto go….sorry 8…It’s almost like new years.


  115. Bruce says:

    Etobicoke – Lakeshore

    Party Candidate Votes Vote Share (%) Status
    40/279 polls Updated: May. 2, 2011 10:25 PM EDT
    CON Bernard Trottier 2,411

    LIB Michael Ignatieff 2,113

    NDP Michael Erickson 1,276

    GRN Dave Corail 231

    ML Janice Murray 19

    Say goodbye Iggy, do you hear that sound?

    That’s the same bus that you helped to throw the hapless Dion under.

    And now it’s coming for you.


  116. Sammy says:



  117. Ruth says:

    we did it….congrats everyone!!


  118. goodie says:

    MAJORITY!!!!! Thank you God!!!!!


    • Joanne says:

      Woo-hoo!!! Majority! I was out at our local candidate’s office for a celebration. This is all too surreal!!!


  119. jon says:

    What I find so interesting is that none of those ND’s and Libs who voted against the long-gun registry were defeated, as far as I’m aware. And yet CP still gets a majority. Amazing! BTW, where’s Frank Graves, who consistently had the CP in the low 30% area throughout the election, and projected them getting 131 seats the last I checked. One of the best moments of the night, Terry M “interviewing” (harassing) Guy Giourno trying to get him to prematurely predict a majority when the CP was at about 141. Terry said, “are you scared?” Giourno replied, “not at all”. Terry says, “Well, you should be, B.C. will be reporting soon.” Where’s Terry now? lol


  120. Michael Harkov says:

    Right now, Dion tonight will sleep the sleep of angels. 😀


  121. jon says:

    I love what David Atkin said a few minutes ago…. “Ralph Goodale is the only red dot on the map from Toronto to Vancouver. lol


  122. JDot says:

    How sweat it is. CPC MAJORITY..

    Dion Laughing his a$$ off right now..


  123. JDot says:

    er’ How sweet it is. I am in such a great mood…


  124. JDot says:

    Also what is awesome about this win. Seeing Frankie Graves polling exposed..


  125. Alberta Girl says:

    What the hell is Iggy going on about planting trees…OMG!!!~

    Our house is one happy household tonight!!


  126. Fay says:

    Go Canada Go! We have a great future with Stephen Harper as Prime Minister.


  127. Michael Harkov says:

    Ignatieff won’t stp down in his speech. At least Paul Martin could read the writing on the wall.


  128. JDot says:

    Can you believe BLY? We won a f-n MAJORITY… YAAAAAA


  129. Michael Harkov says:

    OMG Lloyd Robertson saying that Ignatieff did a good job campaigning. Duhhhh, obviously not Lloyd, if the suffered the biggest defeat in it’s history.


  130. jon says:

    When can those of us in Ontario expect to hear from Lib finance minister Duncan, who openly and proudly endorsed Iggy and the Libs the day the CP was defeated in parliament? CP penetrates fortress Toronto. Not good for the McGuinty Libs. Ford win, Harper majority…. 2 down, 1 to go.


  131. Alberta Girl says:

    Mark Holland loses!!! Yes!


  132. Michael Harkov says:




  133. JDot says:

    AG says..

    “Mark Holland loses!!! Yes!”

    I will co-sign that. YAAAAAA


  134. JDot says:

    Damn, Bob Fife look like he was going to cry talking about Iggy.


  135. tori says:



    I turned 41 today, on the 41st federal election. all i wanted was a cpc majority, and we got it!!!

    not sleeping tonight! 🙂


  136. Fay says:

    Happy Birthday Tori! It is the best birthday party present ever.


  137. jon says:

    Gary Lunn is losing to Lizzy May. Considering that one so many ocassions, the whiny, petulant May (who actually reminds me of Olive from the British comedy series On The Buses) said on many occasions that Harper governs as if he has a majority. How ironic and how sweet it is that she will be in the house facing an actual Harper majority.


  138. Michael Harkov says:

    Okay, who is held in contempt now Liberals, eh? 😀


  139. CanadianKimchi says:

    Congratulations PM Stephen Harper!!!!!

    Hear that? That’s Jane Taber, Craig Oliver, Terry Milewski et. al all crying, now that their dreams of senate seats are dead. Awesome Harper majority should be a huge smackdown of the MSM, polling firms and especially that Mildewski. He should be first on the pink slip list from the CBC.

    Michael Ignotelected has been thumped out of his riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore, if you could even call it that since he didn’t even live there. Mark Holland’s been shown the door! I’m elated in hearing that, as well as Duceppe being dropped out of his riding. The BQ are done, so if anything the NDP has done a big favour in neutering this provincial party.

    Mark Holland is gone. Duceppe is gone. I guess Anita Neville’s been defeated among a lot of others. What about Fry and a lot of other nasty Liberals we wanted out?

    The only sad thing is that Elizabeth May might be in the HOC, which I’m not really looking forward to hearing on QP podcasts.

    Oh, and again……Congratulations PM Stephen Harper!!!!! I think the over/under on Ignotelected’s return to Harvard is about a month.


  140. cantuc says:

    Congratulations to all of you .


  141. The_Iceman says:

    I’m pissed off that the Blogging Tory site is switched off right now. Taylor turned it off during the blackout and went to a f**king party. I’d like to share this on the BT site.

    The Liberal Party is collapsing and our mother ship is shut down. I’m upset.


  142. Michael Harkov says:

    I echo that Cantuc!


  143. JDot says:

    The_Iceman says:
    May 2, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    Ya, WTF, is up with BT’s shutting down for the night?


  144. Mary T says:

    Lizzie May, if she wins will finally have to shut up. Think back to how often Deb Grey asked a question, or Helena (gone). She will have input,and if her dream was to cross the floor and sit with the libs, her dreams are turning to nightmares.
    We said we would give the PM a majority for his birthday and we did.
    Holland, Neville, Dryden all gone.
    What a sad looking At Issue group.
    May just declared elected. Is she in for a surprise, plus a guaranteed income for 4 yrs.
    Bet there are more than a few former mps who wish they had not voted contempt of parliament, and for the budget.


  145. jon says:

    Geurgis not only loses but she comes in third, to the NDP candidate, in a conservative riding. Just one question… does she have the rest of the week off, or will her duties as a full-time CBC pundit begin tomorrow?


  146. jon says:

    *finishing behind the NDP candidate


  147. fh says:

    CONGRATULATIONS everyone we worked hard for the best Prime Minister and the great Conservative team
    Congratulations to the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
    and Congratulations to the wonderful team that has been elected to work hard for ALL Canadians
    Bev Oda YES


  148. maz2 says:

    PM Harper has surged! Conservatives have surged!

    Blue has taken back the word: surge.

    The left has been hoist with its own petard.

    PM Harper has returned the Dominion of Canada to its blue roots.

    God Bless PM Harper.

    God Bless Canada.

    …- …- …-

    “Voters embraced a new era in Canadian politics Monday as Stephen Harper’s Conservatives surged to a majority government and the New Democratic Party seized the Official Opposition.”

    “A new political era begins as Tories win majority, NDP seizes opposition”


  149. Fay says:

    I might even buy Iggy’s next book! Hooray Ujal Donsangh lost!


  150. jon says:

    Any guesses on what tomorrow’s Toronto Star headline will be? 60 Percent of Canadians Reject Harper” is one possibility.


  151. Fay says:

    Good one Jon!!!@12:11am


  152. CanadianKimchi says:

    What a great parting gift to all those arrogant and rude Liberals and Pat Martin: Bev Oda retains her seat. Smiles all around.

    I still want Holland and Jennings to face Parliamentary justice for their theft of Conservative documents 5 years ago, in front of a Conservative dominated committee. We’ll see how well they can take it after dishing their bs for so long.

    Has the PM done his victory speech yet? I’ve only seen Ignatieff’s eulogy, and Lizzy May’s so far.


  153. JDot says:

    Martha Hall Finley defeated..


  154. Ontario Girl says:

    Thank you Canadians….thank you TORONTO. Massage Jack moves from subsidized housing into Stornaway.

    Carolynn Bennett won……..Bev Oda not NOT but YES!!!!!! Canadians hold the coalition in Contempt.

    4 years with PM Harper….no more waffer-gates. Thank you media. lololol


  155. jon says:

    While Holland lost, it is bitter sweet. Since the CP will finish with a “surplus” of about 10 seats or so, and nobody could’ve predicted that, perhaps we could’ve afforded to lose one and have Holland actually in the house to see what kind of bite the Lib pitbull now has. At least Goodale has retained his seat. We will all need a good laugh. BTW, anyone have any idea when Harper might be speaking? It’s getting pretty late here in Ont.


  156. Fay says:

    Yes , Thankyou Ontario!!!! Thankyou blue buds!
    Go Canada Go Stephen Harper!


  157. Ontario Girl says:

    PM Harper will speak when Talaban Jack shuts his yap. He is giving all his socialist demands he wants Harper to agree with….he wants to meet in the next few days…..what an a$$$$$


  158. JDot says:

    Crazy, Toronto, Toronto pushed us over the top. Ford Nation came through. McGuinty should be a little worried tonight..


  159. JDot says:

    Has anyone told Jack he came in second?


  160. Hans Rupprecht says:

    Well so far it appears I called it right!!!


    CONgratulations to ALL!!!


    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

    May 1, 2011 at 12:06 pm
    John 20:27 Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side; do not be faithless, but believing.”
    What’s with all the doubting Thomas’s…?
    My considered opinion is that, within the confines of the voting booth, the vote will break ‘right’ out of the tailspin.
    You may have to pull hard on the yoke, but my ‘guesstimate’ is for 166 seats for a Conservative majority.
    Now get out there and help your candidate, the ‘air war’ is over the ‘ground war’ has begun.
    Congratulations to all on a battle hard won…
    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    Frankenstein Battalion
    2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
    Knecht Rupprecht Division
    Hans Corps
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”


  161. JDot says:

    Someone start running the Oscar music for Jack. Good lord..


  162. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: JDot
    Has anyone told Jack he came in second?

    Hell….we will have to listen to that in the HOC…not sure who’s worse…him or Iggy. Can’t wait to see his shadow cabinet.


  163. maz2 says:

    Best headline seen.


    “Conservatives romp to crushing Canadian election win”

    “Canada’s ruling Conservatives won a crushing victory in Monday’s federal election, as the left wing vote split between two parties and the separatist Bloc Quebecois faded to almost nothing.

    Still provisional results showed the Conservatives had 167 seats in Parliament, well above the 155 they needed to transform their minority government into a majority. They won 40 percent of the vote, more than most pollsters had expected.

    “The results are as they should be,” Conservative supporter Fred Biddle said at Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s raucous victory party in Calgary. “It looks like we are back to a two party system in Canada: Conservatives and all the rest.”

    The Conservatives, describing themselves as the guardians of a surprisingly resilient Canadian economy, had stressed throughout the election campaign that they needed a majority to keep the economy strong.

    The Canadian dollar firmed as the results emerged, and analysts expected the stock market to follow it up on Tuesday.

    “(A Conservative majority) is likely to be seen as a positive in the world’s financial markets for the Canadian dollar,” said Jack Spitz, Managing Director of foreign exchange at National Bank Financial.”


  164. wilson says:

    Harper majority WITHOUT Quebec

    Thankyou Ontario Conservatives….. this history making victory is absolutely YOURS!!!


  165. Alberta Girl says:

    Good Lord, I thought that speech was never going to end. Does anyone else think that Jack has prepared only one speech???


  166. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: JDot
    Someone start running the Oscar music for Jack. Good lord..

    LOLOLOL….the CBC panel said someone should tell jack he has no power….he actually has LESS power now…lolol


  167. JDot says:

    wilson says..

    “Harper majority WITHOUT Quebec”

    It’s a beautiful thing..


  168. JDot says:

    Bob Fife is awful.


  169. jon says:

    Ironic that while the NDP have made major gains they actually have less power now than they did when they were the 4th place party. And tonight’s result really bodes well for the long term interests of the Conservatives. That’s because the NDP is not an alternative to the gov’t, this result tonight for them is a blip. It will be amateur hour with so much inexperience and youth in the benches. Every last NDP from the last parliament represented the party on shows like PP and P&P… can anyone think of one that didn’t? You know that the female NDP-elect from Quebec — the one who was in Vegas — will be instructed (as Dion was by the Libs) not to make appearances, not to represent the party on any show, in any interviews. I mean, can you imagine this young woman making such an appearances? Anyway, the Libs will be the official opposition in the next election, which means another CP majority I bet.


  170. JDot says:

    David Aiken giving Jenni Byrne props. Nice..


  171. Ontario Girl says:

    Here comes the pasty faced CBC trying to find fault now with the Conservative win….MAJORITY. Fife brought up Malik that supported the conservative in Vancouve….booo hoooo…she WON idiot. Sour grapes. Owliver can kiss his senate seat goodbye. No more I Ruby


  172. CanadianKimchi says:

    Evan Solomon now talking up the vote-splitting that allowed several CPC candidates to win. I guess it’s only good if a split helps your Liberal buddies, right? Get him off the tv screen.


  173. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Alberta Girl
    Good Lord, I thought that speech was never going to end. Does anyone else think that Jack has prepared only one speech???

    LOLOL…I think it was his Prime Minister speech. Can you picture Iggy moving out and Jack and Olivia moving into Storaway??YUK


  174. fh says:

    I will pray for Harold Albrecht’s wife
    we forget how involved the spouses are and how hard they work God bless everyone for their hard work


  175. Sammy says:

    Asshole Lloyd robertson:Somebody said on twitter,nobody seems to like this guy..but they continue to vote for him” What a complete idiot! Fife chimes in that only reason PMSH got maj.was because of ndp.


  176. goodie says:

    Does this mean the msm lost the election ?


  177. jon says:

    Shame on those who re-elected those who broke their word on the gun registry. They’ve sent an awful message as it relates to accountability. They’ve told their MP that it’s okay to break your word, it’s okay to lie and I will still re-elect you. It’s like the woman who keeps taking back her abusive boyfriend. What is with these people?

    More of the same from these types of voter in the next election, I bet. In fact, what will be truly bizarre is that the Lib and NDP incumbents who broke their promise to their constituents on the gun registry and got re-elected anyway will be re-elected in 2015 too, defeating Conservative candidates running against them who represent a party that actually fulfilled the promise broken by the people they keep re-electing.


  178. jon says:

    Evan Solomon now talking up the vote-splitting that allowed several CPC candidates to win. I guess it’s only good if a split helps your Liberal buddies, right? Get him off the tv screen.

    He also made several references to the CP as “over performing”, seemingly shocked that they were actually on their way to a majority. I knew his job and those of his coolegues at the CBC was to feed BS to Canadians, but I didn’t know they actually ate it themselves.

    Note to Evan: Harper didn’t over perform, you underestimated him.


  179. Fay says:

    Craig Oliver needs to retire! He does not even sound coherent tonight. Get rid of him CTV.


  180. Ontario Girl says:

    Mansbridge said Harper looks happy…its the first time since the campaign(The old meany)Mansbridge won’t give it up .
    Owliver said the west wants in…the landscape in Canada has changed forever…no more Quebec and Ontario The west is in now and have all the power. What will Harper do now with all that power… god, Owliver…give it UP. Coyne says Layton is the Prime Minister in waiting………..whaaaaaaaaa.
    The media can now go to h-ll. Wonder how Susan Reiley is tonight? Revenge is so sweet.


  181. dolly says:

    What a wonderful night. I thank God who smiled on us and gave us this majority government. We will finally have peace in the land for at least four years.

    Congratulations to our Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all those who were elected and re-elected this evening. Thankyou to all who worked, donated their time and money for this worthy cause. And, thankyou to Jo-Anne who allowed us to vent and share our fears with each other. It worked out better than any of us could have imagined.


  182. Martin says:

    A lomg night to be sure. My impression is that CTV/CBC waited for about 10 minutes or so to declare the obvious Conservative Majority. We were watching the count creep up past 157-58 . but still CTV was listening to B, Mulroney?
    The mosty Po faced commentators ever finally concede Stephen Harper has won……but; he faces’……….problems.

    I remember well when Chretien approached the 155 mark , sirens, gladhandling, etc, but not tonight. Reallly the end of TV/Media telling Canadians how to vote I think.


  183. CanadianKimchi says:

    This Conservative majority must be a giant kick to the ‘nads for the MSM. Would I love to be a fly on the wall looking at all those despondent faces at CTV, CPAC, Toronto Red/Orange Star, CBC and EKOS. It looks good on them.

    Who’s everybody’s pick to be Speaker of the House? I like Baird or Chong.


  184. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: dolly
    What a wonderful night. I thank God who smiled on us and gave us this majority government. We will finally have peace in the land for at least four years.

    Congratulations to our Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all those who were elected and re-elected this evening. Thankyou to all who worked, donated their time and money for this worthy cause. And, thankyou to Jo-Anne who allowed us to vent and share our fears with each other. It worked out better than any of us could have imagined.

    I agree. PM Harper said this afternoon that the sky was BLUE…..he’s a smart man.Life is good….now.


  185. Ontario Girl says:

    Who’s everybody’s pick to be Speaker of the House? I like Baird or Chong.

    Chong is too quiet…Baird is usefull on the floor when Harper is absent….I like Moore


  186. Martin says:

    Terry Milewski please call CBC election desk.

    Could you give your impressions why the Canadian populace so acted against their best interests? In the face of a superb campaign by an acclaimed intellectual, how exactly did Canadians reject the message totally? What does that say about them?


  187. Bubba Brown says:

    What a night folks! Just got in from the Dr James Lunney Campaign office celebration! I manned the BBQ and turned out Bubba-Burgers and Brats all night! A long day but Oh what a feeling! came home and watched PM Harpers Speech, put tears in our eyes, along with Loreen,.
    We have made hisTory tonight folks, savor the moment, been a long time coming.
    We have endured a lot of slagging, contempt, we are Canadians, we suck it up and kick ass! God Bless Us Every One.
    We loved how PM Harper reached out to his opponents, was gracious, magnanimous in vicTory.
    The next 5 years will be exciting.


  188. Shane in the 'wack says:

    And the madness continues, Tizzy Lizzy and now Hedy Fry re-elected. Had to run out to grab a couple of groceries, was looking for some news coverage and ended up on CBC Radio 1. Never again! They were talking about Lizzy’s election as a silver lining for the electorate and she was the this great hope…..uh-huh. I should expect nothing less.
    I hope the MP’s go back to work before June. I would like to see several bills that:
    -remove the voter subsidy
    -privatize both CBC and Canada Post
    -give AG powers to audit the 9 or so foundation the in power Liberals setup that have been shielded
    -crime bills that died previous passed.
    There is a lot of work to be done and would be very diappointed if they are not back till the fall.


  189. stephen p says:

    First – congratulations to PMSH on an historical victory – well deserved – and a great speech by our PM who for the first time in his political life could express himself freely without fear of being hacked to death by the MSM. It will be a great few years ahead as he and his team go about leading Canada to new heights.
    And then we have the NDP. They increased their seat count by 67 over disolution. 58 new seats in Quebec and 9, I SAY NINE, in the ROC. Jack will sit in Stornoway but Quebec has the majority vote in caucus led by the ever volatile Mulcair. This is truly Quebec at its best (or worse) – they have traded the separatist party and taken over the socialist party. The NDP caucus will implode within 12 months and you heard it here first.
    For the hapless Ignatieff, maybe he should have taken advice from Stephane (Dion) who, afterall, keeps winning every leadership and constituency race he has ever entered!


  190. Martin says:

    Right Elizabeth May. Just about the time when a majority was about to happen, CTV cut to Ellie May lumbering up to a microphone. Of all players, this obscure politician has to be treated as if she was relevant. Maybe in a coalition scenario, but that is so yesterday. Your days dominating a microphone have passed.


  191. ed says:

    Victory!! 🙂


  192. wilson says:

    Welcome to the Tory family Labrador!!
    (Lab. has been Liberal since 1948 ..?)

    Seems the only ones who listen to CPAC are from Newfoundland and Quebec !!

    Goodbye Mark Holland,
    Hello Minister Alexander!


  193. Joe says:

    First of all I would like to congratulate the best PM in living memory Steven Harper on his historic win. It has been a long hard climb and as a westerner I finally feel a part of Canada.

    I believe the Liberals got what they deserved. I couldn’t vote for a party that treated its faithful the way the Liberal Party treated Liberals. The temerity of parachuting in a foreigner not only into a riding but then propose he become PM without ever having a leadership vote. What ever you may say of Ignatieff MP or PM should not be one of them.

    As for the NDP I think they have bitten off a lot more than they can chew. I doubt that the strain of the National Socialist tendencies of the Quebec wing will fit in well with the Fabian socialists of the traditional NDP. Like that other famous socialist coalition of Papa Joe and Adolf I expect hostilities to break out soon.


  194. wilson says:

    Polls had CPC at 34-37%……. WRONG big time.


  195. Mary T says:

    Yesterday the news was full of facts like, Adolph, Saddam and OBL all were killed on May 1st.
    Anyone remember the day iggy was named leader of the liberal party, May 2nd, 2009.
    When did he get defeated May 2nd, 2011,
    Is Dion or his wife laughing today, you betcha.


  196. Ardvark says:

    Take a bow everyone at BLY. You deserve it!


  197. Bec says:

    OMG, what a ride! WE are just back from the greatest night ever. I can’t possibly recap it all now other than to say HEEEEEEHAAAAW!

    Listening to 4 lllllllooooooonnnnnnngggggggg speeches was pathetic and then the media droning on about their pain was terrible!

    The PM was amazing and everyone is exhausted…..but yes, they are indeed back to work tomorrow, just like they said and so are we!

    Thank you Joanne for doing this for us. How we needed each other and it was the best team going!


  198. wilson says:

    a couple of thoughts:
    I think the folks at 308.c0m should find a new hobby,
    perhaps Frank Graves has a few ideas on that.

    CBC should do a little house cleaning, starting with Mildew.

    Craig Oliver predicted an NDP minority,
    Quebecers did too.

    Sun NN is going to be # 1

    The Auditor General will be doing a performance audit on Elections Canada in the very near future.

    Canadians have finally had their say about Adscam and the Coalition of Losers,
    now we look ahead.


  199. Steph says:

    Wow! My dream outcome has become reality! What a great time for Canada!


  200. wilson says:

    speaking of Mildew, saw this pic on sda


  201. Liz J says:

    Mildew was defeated last night.


  202. maz2 says:

    “ed says:
    May 3, 2011 at 2:43 am

    Victory!! :-)”

    Victory = …-

    …- = Victory



  203. maz2 says:

    Of the Blue Surge.

    MSM reads SDA and Blue Like You. MSM copies its copy from the Blue blogs.

    MSM has lost the election.

    MSM is dead and buried.


    “Orange tide tempers blue surge”



  204. wilson says:

    We picked up Labrador AND the Yukon (easily kept Nunavut)


  205. wilson says:

    Western Canada – Liberals : 4/92 (ha, CPC won more seats in Quebec)
    2 BC
    1 Sask
    0 Ab
    1 Man
    and Libs lost Yukon to CPC


  206. Tripper523 says:

    This morning, a prayer of thanksgiving. CONGRATULATIONS to PM Stephen Harper!!! The best and most important Prime Minister in Canada’s history. To see The Bloc decimated is the next best thing, along with the ‘dismembering’ of so many of the Liebral stalwarts. Mr. Ignitionoff faced his own extinction with distinction last night, and finally related on a personal level after it was over. He had the key, but didn’t know which way to turn it; hence never got off the ground. Side-Show Jack is ecstatic, but I’m just so relieved the Majority is now in place (my forecast had been a precautionary low) to keep him at-bay. Stornoway is a posh refuge for the cane-swinger. (Congrats also to Not-So-Thin Lizzie, and her odds-defying debut into the HOC. Her lunatic smile is a great addition to diversity.) WAY TO GO everyone, and savour the BLUE JOY and the CBC and G&M sour grapes which is ours to behold!!


  207. Alberta Girl says:

    I laughed out loud last night when Jack Layton started talking about his new caucus who were full of parliamentary experience!!

    Does anyone doubt what our media would have been saying if Conservatives had elected these vacationing placeholders….yet Nothing from our media.

    I get a huge kick out of the MSM talking about how the vote splitting helped the Tories win a majority….um, what about the Strategic voting on the left that kept them to 167 seats. Funny that it is OK when the left employs these tactics or (as was back in Chretien’s majority days – win because of vote splitting).

    I really feel like this is the election that the MSM realized that they don’t hold the power anymore…I intend to keep on challenging them as I doubt that their negativity will stop.

    Congratulations to all Conservatives – and a special thanks to those who worked so hard helping candidates in this election – sometimes I feel isolated in that regard out here in Blue Alberta.

    And an extra special thanks to all the Blogging Tories for their hard work and dedication in creating a forum where Conservative minded Canadians can speak their minds. Not to mention breaking many of the stories that the MSM didn’t want Canadians to know about.

    I do not think our job is done…hopefully now – with 4 years of peace, the truth can come out about the “hidden agenda” of the left.


  208. Ontario Girl says:

    Ignatieff on CBc….he will step down as leader of the Liberal party, and in doing so trashes PM Harper(Contempt, and all the same talking points…attack ads)….classless.Goodbye Iggy.


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