An appeal to Blue Liberals – Save Our Country!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is asking fiscally-conservative Liberals to consider voting against the NDP nightmare that awaits us if another minority Parliament is elected on May 2 – Harper pleads with Liberal supporters to vote Tory to stop NDP:

“I think it is disastrous. I’m not kidding. I think the NDP economic platform would be an utter disaster for the country,” he said, referring to the $69 billion in new spending proposed over four years, including a $20 billion carbon tax.

“I don’t think an NDP-led minority coalition would last very long but I think it would do enormous damage every single day it’s in office.”

We desperately need Canadians like John Manley to do all they can to avert an economic crisis that is already showing some worrying signs.

As a side benefit the Liberal Party of Canada would get some time to reflect and rebuild – which would surely be a gift as opposed to continually being on high election-alert.

*   *   *   *


NDP’s cynical vows – Financial Post:

…and we’ve only touched on four of the 205 first steps, the NDP promises to work with the provinces to eventually double -double! -Canada and Quebec Pension Plan benefits. If “eventually” is 75 years from now, fine, but for the immediate future the humongous policy problem we face is that the Baby Boom retirement bulge threatens to strangle our pension system even at constant benefit rates.

A cynical, extravagant and irresponsible promise to flat-out double benefits is the very best evidence the NDP assumed it would never get close to power. It’s also the best argument why voters should render that assumption operative.

Harper: Choose PM, not a drinking buddy – Bryn Weese

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259 Responses to An appeal to Blue Liberals – Save Our Country!

  1. Alberta Girl says:

    The media have elevated Jack Layton to rock star status…I hope there is a strong silent majority on all sides who are seeing this for what it is and vote accordingly.


  2. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Final Report.

    It’s always about Me-I-Myself.

    Thus we leave Liberal Count Ignatieff to meander aimlessly in the fog of his Dismal End.

    Count’s epitaph: “Just Visiting”.


    “He emphasized that he’s an optimistic guy – “Do I look like a person who is down?” he asked, referring to himself as a “happy warrior.””


  3. maz2 says:

    Taliban Jack LaytoNDP is here: The Naked Truth Will Out Layton.

    The question for Layton: Why were you naked, Jack?

    “Leaders dig in for final push”

    “OPP to probe leak of massage parlour document”

    “With just 48 hours left before Canadians head to the polls, the leaders of the three main parties dug in their heels for the final weekend push of the federal election campaign.

    NDP leader Jack Layton continued Saturday to dismiss a report about him by a Toronto newspaper about a visit he made to a massage business 15 years ago as the Ontario Provincial Police opened an investigation into whether evidence was leaked about the incident.

    The NDP leader told reporters after a campaign event in Burnaby that there was “no wrongdoing” and that one night in 1996, he simply went for a massage at a “community clinic” in his neighbourhood around 9 p.m., following a workout. Layton was a Toronto city councillor at the time.

    “The police advised that it wasn’t the greatest place to be and I left and I never went back,” he said Saturday.

    He and wife Olivia Chow have called the Toronto Sun’s report a “smear” job days before an election. Layton suggested the report was “the kind of politics Canadians don’t appreciate.”

    He did not rule out legal action but noted he’ll “deal with all that after the election.”

    Toronto Police requested the OPP investigation because the Sun said its story was based on a police officer’s notes about the incident with Layton. The officer, now reportedly retired, has not been named.”


  4. Maggie says:

    Joanne – have you seen ANY newspaper endorse the Liberals? Most seem to be endorsing the Conservatives except for the Tor/Star which endorsed NDP!


  5. Liz J says:

    Joanne, I’d like to be a fly on Manley’s shoulder as he marks his ballot.


  6. Michael Harkov says:

    Mr. Ignatieff said that he has had a “wonderful campaign”. He noted his rallies have been packed and “everywhere I go people are coming out, pushing their children forward to let me give them a kiss.”

    Oh Good Lord………….


  7. Ruth says:

    we have rock stars too…..we just need Ben and Rachel out front when the vote mobs are out protesting in London. They need to show that some young people can be Conservative. Ben was carrying bags for the reporters this morning.


  8. jon says:

    “We desperately need Canadians like John Manley to do all they can to avert an economic crisis that is already showing some worrying signs. As a side benefit the Liberal Party of Canada would get some time to reflect and rebuild – which would surely be a gift as opposed to continually being on high election-alert.”

    Canadians who didn’t vote Conservative won’t be able to complain when there’s aother election a year from now or sooner. Worse it would be Ontario that, once again, deprives the CP of it’s majority and a province that knows there’s a provincial election this fall too. Possibly 3 elections in the span of a year. For people in a province who complain a lot about having to go to the polls so often, they sure have a funny way of showing it.

    BTW, what is the timeline to when Iggy has to move his stuff out of Stornaway? While much of the stuff inside will remain, there’s still stuff to move. And will the media be there to cover the humility moment for the Lib leader, even though he won’t be there to physically remove his belongings.


  9. Bec says:

    “Mr. Ignatieff said that he has had a “wonderful campaign”. He noted his rallies have been packed and “everywhere I go people are coming out, pushing their children forward to let me give them a kiss.””

    Me,me,me,me,me,me,……..from MI, MI,MI,MI,MI,MI…..


  10. jon says:



  11. Liz J says:

    Have to say we often go after the young voters for not making smart political choices but there are more than a few folks with a lot of mileage on them still stuck back in Mulroney’s era which is far removed from to-day’s Conservative reality, equating the Harper Conservatives to the Mulroney era is simply a case of blocked off mentality.


  12. LorneR says:

    PM Jack Layton? Fear not:

    The power hungry Liberal Party is not stupid. If the NDP become the official opposition the Liberals will NEVER defeat a Harper minority and install Layton as PM. That would put the final nail in the coffin of the “natural governing party”.

    The Liberals will only defeat a Harper minority government to cause another election. To do that they will first have to reorganize, get a new leader, pay off their debts and refill their war chest with cash. Oh, and wait for voters to realize what a doofus Layton really is. All that will take at least 2 years I should think.

    In the meantime Harper will be able to rule pretty much as he has for the last 5 years.


  13. jon says:

    Liz J, I remember a story from the last election where Toronto Liberal MP Jim Karigiannis actually sent pamphlets around his riding that read STOP THE HARPER-MULRONEY TEAM, perhaps to capitalize locally in his riding on the inquiry probing the former PM’s dealings with Schreiber being a news story around that time. More than tarnishing Harper in any way though, what it really does is show the contempt Liberals have for their constituents, that they take them for idiots and shows Jim himself as being in a perpetual state of nostalgia, pining for the good old days when the Libs ruled the roost. Probably easy to understand why Jim views his constituents seeing as how Toronto keeps electing Liberals just like him over and over again.


  14. Mary T says:

    Think of the carbon Layton will save by moving into Stornaway, Dion put in a gym so he wont have to leave home for a work out, and use that as an excuse to visit a massage parlour.
    Two years of all those quebec bloc mps pretending to be ndp will make Quebec the laughing stock of Canada. That is, if they take their seats.
    We need a law that deducts a days pay for every day missing unless it is proven you are on official business. Junkets paid for by special interest groups would not count as official business. Think Paul Martin, think Iggy.
    I wish Manley would come out and make a plea to save our country and vote conservative in non winnable ridings.


  15. Mary T says:

    Election prediction has given Cannon’s seat to the communist candidate. He is running as ndp this time but has run as a communist.
    Look for a lot of media to lose a lot of advertising and readers and subscribers when their subscriptions run out.
    I can’t believe there are so many uninformed voters in Canada. Watching those vote mobs really scares me, these are university students that will be in charge in a few years, and that is a very scary thought.


  16. Richco says:

    re: London Vote Mob – Yesterday(Saturday) Rick Mercer hosted a “mob” in London. Media reports exaggerated the numbers in attendance. We drove past a small assembly of kids – 50-60 max. in a central London park and noticed that most looked to be high-school aged kids. The university kids I was with said that most of the university and college kids had left for home last week so it’s not likely that they would have been there in the numbers the media had reported (hundreds).

    Harper’s back in London early this afternoon with a rally at the London airport.

    It’s all looking great for Harper and for Canada!


  17. Tripper523 says:

    I’m glad Mulroney isn’t “assisting” in PM Harper’s campaign like ol’ Twisty Face is with Ignitionoff’s. To even hint at a Fathead – Harper alliance is the dirtiest of political insinuations, and is unjustly comparing one era with another. Our current Leadership is the BEST we’ve had in many decades, and to attempt to associate it with the arrogant brand of the past is simply criminal. I sincerely hope enough common-sense people come out tomorrow to secure the MAJORITY. The benefits for everyone are intuitively obvious, and our future would be brighter in every way imaginable, including (and most importantly) economically.


  18. Ruth says:

    I agree Mary T, the vote mobs scare me too. I think there should be a rule that no uninformed voter can vote. Not sure how that could be enforced, but it is amazing that so many people have no idea about any of the parties or candidates. They don’t care.


  19. Mary T says:

    How many students planning to vote ndp know the name of the person they will vote for. Could be a problem in Que, with all potential ndp voters. Party affiliation is not on the ballot.


  20. Richco says:

    Re: students & voting – don’t forget that most students are saturated and primed with what they know about the election through their “liberal” and in some cases “very liberal” school curriculum. Schools for the most part are hotbeds of one side of the countries political mozaic, one would expect that to change at some point with more Conservative leaders at the federal and provincial level. Mike Harris tried like heck in Ontario years ago, but too easily overturned by the McGuinty Liberals.

    For what it’s worth it’s not going to effect the outcome of this election to any great shakes IMO.


  21. Liz J says:

    Can anyone sneaking a peak at this site who is voting NDP even imagine the dire mess we’ll be in when Jack does what the NDP believe in, killing our armed forces and bringing all comers to our shores in as immigrants? What will we have left of the Canada of Sir John A and Laurier?


  22. Bec says:

    “Party affiliation is not on the ballot.”

    Yes they are Mary T and also posted on the wall of the polling booth. I was so surprised with it.


  23. frmgrl says:

    From Kinny’s Comment
    Apparently he was at the PEI rally this morning and had this to say.
    The Prime Minister’s remarks were pretty much the same as the other rallies that I’ve seen, except he looked more confident. I was surprised by the level of energy he displayed considering the difference in time zones and the hour. Judging by the reaction from the crowd, it appears that Wayne Easter is going to have an extremely tough fight if he has any hope of retaining his seat in Malpeque.


  24. Fay says:

    Just watched a great interview on SUN TV between Stephen Harper and Krista Erickson. Heres hoping for a majority Conservative government.
    OT I hope Sammy wasn’t driving to Calgary yesterday because we had a spring blizzard in Manitoba. Not going to be easy for seniors to vote in Manitoba.


  25. wilson says:

    The coalition of losers has shuffled the deck chairs.
    If ever blue Libs had a reason to leave, it is now.

    What lies ahead for Liberals is playing junior partner to a socialist party with 1/2 + of their seats from Bloc separatist voters.


  26. Sammy says:

    O/T,but some really sad news out of CFB Shilo today.Two soldiers were killed in rollover just east of Brandon due to storm conditions. Sympathies sent to all our folks in uniform today.


    • Joanne says:

      Two soldiers were killed in rollover just east of Brandon due to storm conditions

      Oh boy that is so sad.


  27. paulsstuff says:

    My final seat prediction. I still think Conservative percentage reported in polls is 2%-3% below where we actually are at. PM in Ajax Friday was also looking very confident and full of energy.

    Conservative-159 seats
    Bloc-18 seats


  28. jad says:

    On the subject of polling blackouts from the last thread, as far as I recall last time, Nanos released his last official poll the day before the election, but if you were on his mailing list, he sent an email update on election morning. This email showed the final day CPC uptick.

    If you go to his site and scroll down to “Polling results” at the bottom LHS you can still sign up. I guess it gets around the rules as it’s regarded as a private email and not a published result. But I would think discussing any such email on a public blog such as this one would be problematic.


  29. Soccermom says:

    I really admire our PM, who faces crap from the MSM every single day, nasty unhinged protesters every single day, and yet he keeps on smiling and pumping up the crowds….man oh man I would have chucked it a long time ago, who needs that kind of abuse…..I guess he is made of much much sterner stuff than I am and very clearly does it because he loves Canada and her people…..his energy is amazing. Throughout blogs and facebook I have come across the nastiest vile people you could ever imagine, who absolutely hate him and hate anyone who thinks like him….He has more faith in the goodness of the Canadian people than I have, that’s for sure. I’ve been blown away by the evil that permeates the progressive factions. Evil is the only way I can describe it….


  30. maz2 says:

    Liberal John Manley?

    Manley is an Ad$Cam Liberal of the party of Liberal Ad$Cam Chretien/MartinJr, et al.

    Manley is a tax-spend Liberal waiting for the exit of Count Ignatieff; then, Manley will reach for the brass ring.

    Manley sits under the Big Red Tent with Taliban Jack LaytoNDP.

    Manley is one of the hatchets who buried his political career and the Liberal Party in PET Cemetery.

    >>> “Manley supported Dalton McGuinty’s successful bid to lead the Ontario Liberal Party in 1996.”

    >>> “In May 2002 he added Minister of Finance to his responsibilities, thus making him, undisputedly, the most powerful member of the cabinet. His 2003 federal budget, laid out billions of dollars in new spending, primarily in health-care, child-care, and for first nations. It also introduced new accountability features, to help limit federal waste.”


  31. Dirt says:

    A group of university students showed up at the local Tim Hortons to protest and tell people to strategic vote for Layton I swear to god it almost got violent and this was in Brison’s riding-I think it was his. Then I saw a truck on the highway with an elephant and a sign for the Conservative Canadate stating this is the white elephant the NDP aren’t campaigning about the Gun Registry and their policy reversal. There are alot of working class people freaking out that the NDP might be the next government, the Media is playing a dangerous game with our economy and I hope we punish them after the election.


  32. Rob C says:

    If Prime Minister Harper does not get a majority who could blame him for completely leaving politics. He has been busting his ass to put some common sense into this country’s government. At every step he has been dumped on by special interest groups, foreign activists (Avvas Soros) and the lefty MSM. At some point even a good man like Stephen Harper has to say “To hell with you people I tried” and take his pension and go to the private sector. End of rant


  33. Martin says:

    This morning headline at NP:
    “Harper won’t say if he’d accept a GG-approved coalition government”

    Another example of creative headline writing from NP. I saw Milewski screeching his question yesterday. The only valid answer is the one given by PM Harper. To speculate about results would only produce multi stories “Tories in doubt” This essentially is what happened to Iggy with P. Mansbridge.

    In the event of a decision by the GG, Harper would have no option. Why is the media pushing this insinuation that he would defy the GG? There are quite a few parts to play out before we would reach such a scenario. I see this as a non-story, and am disappointed in the NP for running it, not for the first time.


  34. maz2 says:

    Left-liberalism/socialism: the haters.

    Here is the mask ripped off the left. Their vile hatred spews out.

    Da proof here:

    “Fabrice Rivault, a volunteer handling media requests for Outremont Liberal candidate Martin Cauchon, received a copy of the letter from a member of the Greek community and immediately sent an email back to the woman dubbing the Congress’s board of directors “fascists.”

    “Why not send these fascists back to Greece? They will find plenty of people of ‘Greek origin’ for whom they can vote!” Rivault wrote in the email, obtained by The Gazette early Saturday. “There is no place for racists from the extreme right in Canada … they are not welcome in our country.”

    Rivault has since apologized for his remarks, saying they were made in the heat of the moment after a long day on the campaign trail. Georgakakos refused to offer any comment on the email.

    “I don’t want to go to that low level,” he said. “It seems like this person is not psychologically balanced.”

    “Hellenic association tells Greeks to spurn Liberal candidate

    Upset over appointment of non-Greek standard-bearer”


  35. L says:

    Soccermom, I agree with you and what Dirt says is interesting, Actually, extorting union fees should be challenged.


  36. Peterb says:

    Velvet Touch – A Community Clinic – Who Knew???

    Olivia Chow was quick to release a written statement, that husband Jack Layton indeed did attend a “registered massage clinic” and she was well aware of it and he “needed a massage” late in the evening.
    Jack Layton, later at a rally in Burnaby, was quick to point out and clarify Olivia’s comment, that in fact it was a “community clinic” (Velvet Touch) where he obtained his services. In trying to protect his political career, and in tune with the NDP philosophy, he felt it very important to stress it was a “community clinic” not to be confused with a private clinic. It was essential in the middle of this election, to inform Canadians, in order to solicit their support, he wouldn’t be caught dead at a private clinic, where illegal, underage, Asian sex workers, would be employed by rip off artists, in the Canadian health care field – it would have to be a community clinic he patronizes – there should be no confusion. A good leader leads by example.
    I wonder if Canadians becoming more aware of the fine details of the NDP health care platform and of Layton’s expansion of health care services to include these “community clinics”, help explain the surge in support for the NDP in this current election. Does anybody in the main street media have a better explanation for the NDP surge and why are they reluctant to discuss this NDP expansion of Canada’s health services?
    Why and how could the Toronto city police confuse a community clinic with a bawdy house?


  37. Hans Rupprecht says:

    John 20:27 Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side; do not be faithless, but believing.”

    What’s with all the doubting Thomas’s…?

    My considered opinion is that, within the confines of the voting booth, the vote will break ‘right’ out of the tailspin.

    You may have to pull hard on the yoke, but my ‘guesstimate’ is for 166 seats for a Conservative majority.

    Now get out there and help your candidate, the ‘air war’ is over the ‘ground war’ has begun.

    Congratulations to all on a battle hard won…


    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    Frankenstein Battalion
    2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
    Knecht Rupprecht Division
    Hans Corps
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”


  38. Jan Webb says:

    It is speculated that the NDP hired an American firm “Blue..(sorry don’t know the actual name) for BIG bucks to promote them. This is apparently the same group who marketed and strategized Obama’s campaign. Trying to get another “greenhorn” in office. How’d that work out for ya, U.S.A.? Let’s hope we don’t end up in the same boat!


    • Joanne says:

      So Nanos says the Massage story helped Jack’s leadership numbers go up! I think it’s really important that we find out who exactly it was that leaked the story.


  39. Ontario Girl says:

    CPAC call in talley
    Liberal supporters……….5
    Conservative……………..1 ( cut off at the end of the show…last call)He just got his income taxes back and he gets a REFUND so he will vote CONSERVATIVE.


    • Joanne says:

      Oh good stuff there Richco! Thanks. I’m probably not going to have the time to update mine so that’s great.


  40. James says:

    Jack’s campaign has been exactly like Obama’s and ours has been like McCain right down to the “friends….” etc. When this is over if it’s another minority they need to start working on the next campaign strategy right away and it needs to be way different.


  41. wilson says:

    -Craig Oliver just predicted an NDP minority,
    in 2008 he predicted a Liberal minority.

    I see Lorne Gunter is blaming the CPC campaign for letting a majority slip away.
    No where can I find a Gunter article predicting the Orange surge when for the first 3 weeks CPC was consistantly polling at 39%.
    So perhaps all of these armchair know-it -all’s could hold their fire.


  42. Richco says:

    re: Nano’s comments – I don’t believe him simply because in Ontario and for the GTA in particular the story served to refresh the memories of the past that may have been long forgotten once and ignored by the media presently – except for Sun that is.

    I’m thinking that Nanos is seriously speculating on that one comment.


  43. tori says:

    if it does bump layton, it will be because of the sanitized reporting by all other media outlets with the exception of the Sun


    • Joanne says:

      if it does bump layton, it will be because of the sanitized reporting by all other media outlets with the exception of the Sun

      Something still doesn’t add up about the Massage story. The NDP was already for it with a lawyer and a prepared statement from Olivia. I suspect Sun TV was played a sucker here.


  44. Mary T says:

    I thought candidates were supposed to live in their riding, so with jack and olivia in separate ridings, are they separated, perhaps over that massage thingy. If some can say that the PM is separated why not Jack and Olivia, and it appears she has a good reason to leave. Could that be why they both claim living expenses, cause they don’t live together. There are probably thousands in Toronto that know the whole story re their activities on council, and probably have more evidence of his unfaithfulness.
    Look how the media went after Vic Toews, but Trudeau and Layton get a pass.
    The only good thing with jack as OLO would be that there is no way the liberals would form a coalition with them now, unless they really are planning to merge parties.
    Major storm in Sask, will that affect the turnout tomorrow.
    If Coyne thinks it was beneath contempt to run the layton story, why was it not beneath contempt to run the Vic Toews story. Must also be beneath contempt to run the fact Pat Martin got divorced. Wonder why.


  45. maz2 says:

    More Liberal John Manley.

    >>> “Manley supported Dalton McGuinty’s successful bid to lead the Ontario Liberal Party in 1996.”

    Manley’s McGuinty & Liberal McGuinty’s

    Hydro One Ripoff.

    “Wind turbines unpopular thanks to environmentalists”

    “by Richard Wakefield”

    “Environmentalists expect much from wind energy but don’t like to see the countryside dotted with turbines, writes Trouw.

    Some twenty years ago the first wind turbines started to appear on Dutch farmland. Every new wind turbine was a novelty and duly reported by the local newspaper. The farmers, innovative and often slightly eccentric, had had to fight long and hard to get a license from councils who had to appease a population doubtful of the usefulness of these gigantic structures. But they could always count on the support of the local and provincial environmental organisations who loved the idea of sustainable energy and who thought the Netherlands would in time become a major producer. And if people didn’t like the look of the turbines – what true environmental activist cared about that?


    Now, twenty years on, the rift between country dwellers and environmental activists is not as broad as it once was. The reason is that the environmental movement has changed its mind about what are called ‘solitary turbines’. Environmental activists now call the nineties ‘the pioneering phase’ in which every new turbine was greeted with enthusiasm. But they are also saying that this enthusiasm lead to a terrible mushrooming of turbines.

    The turbine enthusiasts of yore are horrified at Flevoland where turbines sprouted arbitrarily in the landscape. The turbines have become much bigger, environmentalists concede. They have become more understanding of protests against the visual pollution of the landscape, especially if it is allowed to go on without any cohesive environmental planning.


    The criticism of citizens and environmental organisations on single wind turbines and small wind farms are making life easier for the provincial authorities who are now banning land based turbines. The province of Noord Holland for example has made it part of the negotiations for a new provincial government that not a single new turbine can be built on land. All new turbines will have to go off shore. Friesland, which used to be at the forefront of turbine building is now relegating them to the edges of the province and may possibly ban them altogether, depending on the funds available to compensate the farmers who are willing to pull them down.

    Are the locals happy? Yes, they are. Are the environmentalists happy? Not really.”


  46. wilson says:

    I am sick of Nanos using a 1% blip in a poll with a 3% margin of error, making a story out of nothing.

    The regional breakdowns from a 1/2 dozen polsters are all over the map, and the margin of error is 5-10%.
    Every polster has the CPC on top in Ontario, with a spread of from 4- 14% in front of EITHER Libs or NDP.

    PMSHs has had many interviews this weekend,
    he looks very relaxed, with a consistant strong message.


  47. maz2 says:


    Taliban Jack LaytoNDP’s Taliban Mohammedans: suicide murderers, child murderers.

    Beyond naked, eh, Jack.


    “BBC | Afghanistan: Suicide bomber ‘aged 12′ kills four”

    “A suicide bomber said to be aged 12 has killed four people in east Afghanistan, one of several attacks a day after the Taliban announced a spring offensive.”


  48. Joe says:

    The problem I see in this campaign has been the lack of focus on core values. On what basis will each party act if handed the reins of power. I found this on facebook and think it appropriate to this train of thought.

    So the election is tomorrow and we have a choice. Should we vote for a party whose vision is based on 19th century class warfare (NDP) ? Or the party whose vision is borrowed from the 19th century class warfare with the 1960’s solution to everything, more government (Liberal). Or shall we vote for the party whose ideas go back to the enlightenment Equallity and Freedom (Conservative).


  49. Mary T says:

    Is layton’s favorite band Barenaked Ladies. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


  50. Ontario Girl says:

    CBC just reported that Jack Layton won’t be taking any questions today from reporters……and neither will PM Harper.

    Why is CPAC showing Olivia Chow for two days non stop over and over in her riding slamming PM Harper? Is there no other riding to show? Like maybe somewhere in ALBERTA. I signed up to get the Nanos poll result for tomorrow too.


  51. Liz J says:

    I am somewhat skeptical of Nanos and his rolling polls. I don’t trust anyone who polls for CTV or CBC in the first place.

    I like Gerry Nicholl’s prediction, thanks Richco.


  52. Alberta Girl says:

    the thing I don’t understand about polls is that there cannot be that many people that change their minds back and forth to reflect the changes. It doesn’t make sense.

    Oh well – it is going to be what it is going to be – nothing can be done to change it now – it isn’t like our media are going to wake up and change how they have reported things.

    I find it interesting that almost every newspaper has supported a Harper majority – yet columnists who write for those papers are visceral in their hatred.

    This is the wackiest election I have EVER been involved in.


  53. Sammy says:

    PMSH will be doing interview on Roy Green today. The bit PMSH did with Craig Oliver was another attempt at a hit on him..but failed miserably,hence Cranky Craig predicting an ndp minority.Blah,I can’t tolerate much more msm b.s.


  54. Richco says:

    wilson re: Nanos poll – Just saw him talking about it on CTV and he did say that the bump for Layton “may” have been a result of the Massage issue. He wasn’t conclusive and I’m pretty sure no one can be right now.

    How close was Nanos over the last two elections based on his last poll of the campaign?
    I wonder?


  55. Richco says:

    paulstuff the prediction link you posted – that 25 “too close to call” is key for sure! Essentially this election has been fought for those 25 seats when you think about it.


  56. Martin says:

    CTV news clip showed the leaders today, made huge fuss over Harper not taking any questions, then showed Layton, with no mention whatever of his parallel behaviour.


  57. Mary T says:

    Notice on that link they just have 8 seats for ndp in Quebec.
    How many people are tired of pollsters calling and lie to them. I did.
    Next up, the census where I will answer Albertan on nationality. If Quebecers can be Quebecers or Canadian why can’t the rest of us use our Province.
    Ethnic origin will be Canadian, sure glad the jail thing is passed so I wont be threatened this time.


  58. wilson says:

    Curious how some in media say this was a referendum on Harper. Both Jacko and Iffy ran ‘get rid of Harper’ campaigns, almost in unison.

    BUT… CPC and PMSHs numbers remained stable, bouncing around in the m.o.e, from start to finish… and Duceppe and Iffy are facing losing a major chunk of their seats, not PMSH.

    The shocking possibility of “PM Layton” will get more red voters to turn BLUE than “Liberal led coalition” would have.


  59. [Phoney/fake] Martin says:

    As a “blue liberal”, Jack gets my vote. Stephen Harper has caused such damage to our democracy, he does not deserve to lead this fine country. Sorry, time to mix things up a little in our fair land.


    • Joanne says:

      “Blue Liberal” eh Martin?

      I note you have already posted here as ‘Jeff’ and ‘David’ of Toronto. I don’t like readers using alter-egos.

      Henceforth you are BANNED.


  60. Ontario Girl says:

    CTV gave a Nanos poll and said he has his latest poll coming out later today.

    Then they did a big clip stating PM Harper won’t be taking any questions from the media. Then they show Ignatieff using that to say to media..”I am here, question me…bla bla bla……then CTV shows Jack Layton and its all about his campaign and just praise and NOT one mention that he ALSO won’t be taking any questions today.

    CBC on saying Layton could have an historic upset. He’s their new STAR. I am sick of the media bias.


  61. Wildrose says:

    Joanne, re the NDP having a lawyer etc., ready for the Sun story: it is my understanding that Sun contacted the NDP for comments before letting the story out. Believe I read this somewhere in the blizzard of info over at SDA. This would explain the fact that the NDP was prepared to do damage control.


  62. wilson says:

    anyone voting for Jack Layton’s $70 billion increased spending on social programs, at the expense of taxing Canadians, is not a Blue Liberal.
    You described a Harper-hater,
    where reason and love for our country take a back seat to hate.

    Take note from Liblogger Big City Lib:

    ‘..But (Ig) putting the party (and therefore the nation) at risk to take down a government that was entirely incapable of passing any deleterious legislation–which is what Michael Ignatieff did in allowing this election to go forward…’


  63. Richco says:

    found this in one of our region’s newspapers after hearing an ad for this event on a local radio station this morning. We wondered how kids learn to become “liberals” – this is how – unfettered access to their schools as guest speakers.

    What’s even more interesting is that Justin just have more time on his hands in the near future if is correct because he’s fighting for his riding at the moment – but not with Jack – with Gilles. In Papineau according to the Libs are at 35.2 with the Bloc at 31.5


  64. Richco says:

    P.S. – what is really annoying about schools getting Justin to come speak to the kids is that he charges a nice hefty fee for appearing. So is that where our provincial education dollars are going? The Ont. PCs might do well to check out how the province spends its money on this kind of stuff.

    Trudeau spoke in Stratford a while back too – at an event organized and paid for by “parents” through the money the province gives parents for their school councils. Maybe that was part of the agreement between the McGuinty Liberals and school boards – a bit of double-dipping on the part of the Liberals between their federal and provincial parties I’d say.


  65. Ontario Girl says:

    On the subject of Layton and Harper not taking questions today….Harper is travelling from PEI…to Ontario….to British Columbia. ……then to Calgary….there is no time for Mildewski BS today.
    As for Layton not taking questions….he has a LOT TO HIDE. Big difference. PM Harper has NOTHING TO HIDE. Too bad our useless media didn’t bring that little point up.


  66. soundofmusak says:

    @Joanne re: Layton/Chow prepared statement:

    They were notified in advance.!/davidakin/status/64489779340910592

    Obviously, SUNNN has lawyered this to death before publication.


  67. Ontario Girl says:

    Harper on CPAC in LONDON ONTARIO…..huge crowd


  68. Sammy says:

    Latest Compas poll has CONS MAJORITY!


  69. Richco says:

    Hi sure as hell think that grass root Liberals will have something to say about THIS!!!
    They seriously can’t be that stupid as to keep Iggy on


  70. Ontario Girl says:

    Protestor yelling and booed out by crowd


  71. Martin says:

    Please make clear that Martin at 1:55 is not the “Martin” of 1:59. I don’t know how this happened, but I (Martin) have been consistent fot several weeks, with my viewpoint. Anyone can check that out, see 3, 4 posts today.


    • Joanne says:

      Martin at 2:31 pm – Yes readers please take note that there is a fake Martin running about. I have taken steps to keep fake Martin far away from here.

      Sorry for the mixup Real Martin. Perhaps you could add some identifying label to your name. But don’t worry because I know which one’s which.


  72. Richco says:

    the truth about Vote Mobs (as posted at another Tory Blog)
    “Validity of Vote Mobs
    I was chatting with a friend in Sunday school today. She said she was attending a concert for Far East Movement at York University when apparently members of the student union entered the room and ‘demanded’ as she described it for all those in attendance to hold ‘I will vote’ signs and to shout those same words, because a camera was present and they were going to be on television. Otherwise, the concert would be held up until all the kids in attendance did as the union asked.

    Of course, this is just from my friend, and I have no way to ascertain the validity of this incident. However, this does make me think about the validity of these ‘vote mobs’ and whether they truly are ‘spontaneous’ eruptions of youth public discourse.”


  73. Richco says:

    Joanne – re: the fake Martin – remember a few weeks ago WK had identified and posted about a guy using other people’s name on blogs – you might want to check with him – send him an email to get the name of the jerk.


  74. Joanne says:

    Bocanut: Your comment is not relevant and it won’t be approved. I don’t have time for this.


  75. Ontario Girl says:

    Amazing…Kate is on CBC lickity split , saying a protester in London called Harper a LIAR and the RCMP escorted the guy out. She said a behind the scene thing that can make the headline news tonight.
    Then she said Layton had so many supporters they has to close down the street.


  76. Richco says:

    Gunther in his Edmonton Journal piece writes

    “I maintain that outside Quebec (and perhaps B.C.) the NDP’s new-found strength will do them little good. In Ontario, for instance, despite strong NDP growth this week, they remain at 28 per cent in the polls, compared with the Liberals at 29 per cent and the Tories at 36 per cent or 37 per cent, depending on whose polls one looks at.

    But those figures include the 22 ridings of Toronto proper, the central core of Canada’s largest city.

    Take out central Toronto and the Tories creep up to about 42 per cent in the Toronto suburbs and the remainder of the province, while the Liberals fall to about 27 per cent and the NDP 24 per cent.

    Even if the Tories receive only 40 per cent of the votes in most Ontario ridings, so long as the Liberals and New Democrats split the remaining 60 per cent, the Tories will win a majority of Ontario seats.”

    THAT is what the liberal hacks at the MSM and PPG are missing and it’s why Harper can still reach that majority.


  77. Fay says:

    I am predicting the National press Gallery snuck in that protestor. It is obvious they are working together to defeat the Conservatives. Probably pretended his was part of the camera crew for CBC.


    • Joanne says:

      I am predicting the National press Gallery snuck in that protestor.

      It wouldn’t surprise me.


  78. jon says:

    Ontario Girl @ 2:04pm Then they did a big clip stating PM Harper won’t be taking any questions from the media. Then they show Ignatieff using that to say to media..”I am here, question me…bla bla bla……then CTV shows Jack Layton and its all about his campaign and just praise and NOT one mention that he ALSO won’t be taking any questions today.

    Anchor Jackie M of CTV read into the latest poll, knowing more about its contents and methodology than even the form he collected the data. She said the controversy involving whorehouse Jack hasn’t hurt him in anyway, in fact, she says to Madden, it’s helped him. Funny thing, yesterday’s poll had Layton down by 1.5% and she reported it then as a “slight drop” for Layton but did not attribute it in anyway to the massage parlour story.

    I hope Jackie M’s husband is watching her on the news. IF he wants to gets some action on the side, she’s telegraphed to him that it’s no biggie.


  79. jon says:

    *the firm that collected the data. (I really need to learn to use ‘preview’)


  80. JDot says:

    160 – CPC
    70 – LPC.
    62 – NDP.
    15 – BQ.
    1 IND(André Arthur)

    See ya tomorrow..


  81. Richco says:

    don’t know if this was already posted but it’s typical Rex


  82. Martin says:

    Thanks Joanne:
    I’ll leave the name for now. Some of my comments may not be that noteworthy, but there is no question of where my sympathies lie.
    (real) Martin


  83. Ontario Girl says:

    I hope Jackie M’s husband is watching her on the news. IF he wants to gets some action on the side, she’s telegraphed to him that it’s no biggie.

    lolololol…………just don’t get your action in a seedy “CLINIC” unless the media are your friends.


  84. Joanne says:

    PM Harper on Roy Green right now! (AM 770)


  85. JDot says:

    One more prediction..

    If the NDP become the Official Opposition and there is a CPC minority. There will be no coalition.


  86. jon says:

    JDot, agreed. I don’t see how the Libs can prop up an NDP govt for a whole bunch of reasons. For starters, they’d have to accept an NDP finance minister (in 2008, the Libs knew a coalition couldn’t be sold to Canadians with that portfolio in particular being held by a New Democrat). The Libs need to challenge the NDP in the next election…. they wouldn’t be able to differentiate themselves if they supported the NDP. They’ll be preoccupied with a leadership convention, adopting new policies, generally defining themselves and trying to get back where they once were… all would be more difficult if they were propping up the NDP. I suspect as you do that if it’s a CP minority with an NDP official opposition, we’ll get pretty much what we have had for the past 5 years.


  87. JDot says:

    jon, Not only can the LPC not play second fiddle to the NDP. Jack will not pass up the chance of being the first NDP opposition leader.


  88. Martin says:

    This from

    Tory spinners quick to discount Ekos poll showing 3-point lead over NDP. #elxn41
    by CBCTerry via twitter at 5/1/2011 7:44:20 PM12:44 PM

    In case you had some doubts about Milewski’s sentiments. He is talking of a BC poll.
    As I have said before, they no longer bother to hide the bias.


  89. Dave says:

    wilson @ 12:50pm “… PMSHs has had many interviews this weekend,
    he looks very relaxed, with a consistant strong message.

    wonder if the CPC’s own internal polls just might have some to do with that ‘relaxed’ look? 😉 I noticed it too. Can’t wait for tomorrow evening!!


  90. Liz J says:

    Wonder if Mildewski is going to be wearing Depends tomorrow?


  91. Ontario Girl says:

    Speaking of Rex Murphy ….he is on CBC radio right now with his call in show. He has Robin Sears NDP on right now.Its on for 2 hours. RAVING up the NDP.
    I wish there was a media blackout .


  92. wilson says:

    Imo, our chances are better winning a majority against a ‘NDP minority govt’ than a ‘Liberal led coalition’.


  93. Richco says:

    the bottom line for me is that for the most part the ROC has known Layton for years. In Quebec he’s now the new kid on their block – but not in any other province. Just because Quebec thinks Layton’s the second coming (no bawdy pun intended), is simply not manifested except in small pockets of the country.

    Just had a look at 308.c0m and I have to say that since I last looked – a couple of days ago the CPC are in a much better position in BC than they were.


  94. wilson says:

    Ignatieff: My fate is up to the democratic process

    Yah, like Iffy respected the democratic process when the seized the LPC leadership without an election.
    What a fraud.
    Something tells me Andrew Coyne is the only liberal vote Iffy can expect.

    Speaking of which, Macleans endorsed the CPC.
    That almosts makes me angry,
    these media outlets created the Orange monster with their Harper-hater journalists, and NOW they want PMSH to get a majority…. ?


  95. frmgrl says:

    One thing for sure I thing tomorrow is going to be a hectic day. GOTV and then waiting to see what happens. I that is the key tomorrow GOTV.


  96. Ontario Girl says:

    WOW…what a TOTAL HARPER BASHING show Rex Murphy has going on right now on CBC Radio….I could SCREEEEEEEM



  97. Tripper523 says:

    Thanks Ontario Girl. I enjoyed the Harper speech in London and got to hear the disruptive and rude Liebral plant. I can sympathize with our REAL Martin here too, as at one time there was a Tripper imposture who was spreading similar counter-intelligence. It is truly detestable to be misrepresented, and another reason for the necessity of a CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY government, stable, united, strong, and national. Well, the final hours are here, so I must log in with my official forecast>>

    CPC 158 NDP 75 LPC 45 BQ 29 INDEP 1 (André Arthur)

    A demain!!


  98. frmgrl says:

    WOW…what a TOTAL HARPER BASHING show Rex Murphy has going on right now on CBC Radio….I could SCREEEEEEEM

    Why do you subject yourself to that Ontario Girl?


  99. maz2 says:

    Lest We Forget.

    “More than 4,600 courageous service men and women died at sea during the six years of relentless enemy attacks and some of the most severe conditions imaginable.”


    “May 01, 2011”

    “Canada Remembers the Battle of the Atlantic

    The Government of Canada issued the following statement today in recognition of the 68th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic:

    “The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest running battle of the Second World War and is proudly remembered as a Canadian triumph in helping maintain the Allies’ crucial supply routes through the North Atlantic.

    With the outbreak of the Second World War, the Germans quickly asserted their strength on the high seas. German submarines—often called U-boats—and surface raiders tried to block the transportation of vital goods and troops from North America to Britain.

    The turning point in the Battle of the Atlantic came in May 1943, when the Allies combined their enhanced equipment on the seas and in the air with improved training and special intelligence to gain the upper hand. The Government of Canada commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic each May, in recognition of Canada’s significant contribution in turning the tide.

    Canada, through the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), played a key role in clearing the North Atlantic of U-boats while Canada’s Merchant Navy sailed the dangerous waters to supply the Allied war effort.

    The hard-won victory in the Battle of the Atlantic came with a heavy price for Canada. More than 4,600 courageous service men and women died at sea during the six years of relentless enemy attacks and some of the most severe conditions imaginable.

    Today we honour those who served in the Battle of the Atlantic. We remember, with everlasting gratitude, the valiant service and remarkable bravery of those who made the supreme sacrifice—those whose final resting places cannot be marked by graves—and of those who survived.

    Lest we forget.”

    For more information on Canada’s contribution in the Battle of the Atlantic, visit the Veterans Affairs Canada Web site at”


  100. Richco says:

    It’s going to be a long, long, LONG day tomorrow.
    Have you gotten any more clarity on the blogging rules Joanne?
    Where’s everyone here going to tune in for results? Both traditional and new media?
    Any preferences?


  101. jad says:

    Jo, I have just sent you an email regarding scrutineers’ instructions.


  102. Richco says:

    Calgary Grit has a very thorough prediction on the NDP-Bloc races in Quebec

    “NDP-Bloc Races

    In the battle to form the official opposition, this is what it all comes down to. My projection model pegs the NDP’s Quebec seat total at 33 to 58 seats but, as I said yesterday, if you’re an NDP candidate finding yourself in Vegas this weekend, I’d bet on the low end of that. Quite simply, the NDP have few volunteers and a limited ground game outside of the 3-6 ridings they were targeting at the start of the campaign. Yes, many seats will fall because of the orange wave, but with place holder candidates, next to no canvassing, and no GOTV, I expect many of the close races to break against them.

    So let’s look at some of the bellwether ridings. If the NDP can’t win ridings like Saint Lambert, Laval, and Gaspesie, they’re in trouble – they may not even crack 15 or 20 seats in the province.

    Sorting their ridings by probability of victory in my model, the seats to watch (around 30th on the list) are ridings like Longueil, Shefford, Ahuntsic, Saint-Bruno, and Quebec. If seats like those go orange, then Jack is likely on his way to Stornoway.

    Another good indicator of how the night goes will be the early returns from Berthier-Maskinongé, home of the aforementioned Vegas candidate. A recent poll gave her 29% in the riding, placing her just 7 points back of the Bloc incumbent. That’s about 9 points below where I project she should be, but given the media scrutiny, we can consider that the extreme example. So if the NDP come in over 30% there, they could be in for a very good night.”


  103. Ontario Girl says:

    Mr. Jack will listen to Quebecors…Tommy Douglas needs to be thanked….Quebec doesn’t want to be on the side no more. Monday night the rest of the country will be in a shock this caller says…he will get 65 seats. People want change and Prime Minister Jack Layton will do great for Quebec…no more Cons and Libs for Quebec. I am so happy for my boys…
    This above is how Quebec is thinking? I hope the hell Alberta tells them to get lost if they think Jack is so good, let him find a way to fund all his vote buying in Quebec.

    3 Liberal callers….3 NDP callers………and 1 Conservative caller and all I heard was scratching? but not for the other callers.1 cons caller now talking about Bob Raes Govt and they better remember those days….Rex Murphy doesn’t like to hear that…he wants to cut him off….the caller from Quebec was on forever. He actually asked the Cons caller why Harper is so mean and not friendly.


  104. soundofmusak says:

    @Richco 4:44

    Watch this space:

    [link available via SDA – Admin]


  105. Liz J says:

    I get the feeling the NDP “machine” in Quebec is more than a bit rag-tag.


  106. Martin says:

    Any Quebec commentators have an update to the Fri story of PQ supporting the NDP on the ground, and dumping Duceppe. Last night I saw a rally where Pauline Marois pledged support to Duceppe, standing beside her. I understand this may not mean she is sincere, but I am left wondering. Without some ground support, where does the Quebec NDP get the troops? Does the PQ offer strategic voting support?


  107. Fay says:

    I am listening to Rex Muphy and almost everyone is voting NDP and some are switching from Conservative to Liberal???It is like listening to another Canada. CBC campaigning for the NDP.


  108. Ontario Girl says:

    Not a Cons caller…after talking about Bob Rae he said he was going to vote LIBERAL. People in Quebec LOVE JACK and can connect to him. A bunch of callers who say they used to be Conservative but will now vote NDP. I can’t believe how STUPID some people are to vote for commie Porn Layton. They think he is going to come through on all his promises.What a sad sad situation. i still think Harper will win a squeeker majority. People are blaming Harper for the layton massage story and that changed their vote for the NDP. What crap.


  109. tori says:

    Ontario girl – there is no way a conservative would make the jump from CPC to NDP. CPC to LPC, maybe. But there is too much difference between politcal ideology between the CPC-NDP to naturally turn to them.


  110. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: Fay
    I am listening to Rex Muphy and almost everyone is voting NDP and some are switching from Conservative to Liberal???It is like listening to another Canada. CBC campaigning for the NDP.

    I’d like to phone in and say when Alberta tells all you blood sucking socialists to p$$ off who’s going to pay for for all your pie in the sky. Now the caller is talking about Mildewski and the comment about shutting down the CBC from some ralley person and that scares him how Harper shuts down domocracy….I am wondering if these callers are rigged by their leanings for who he talks to. What a Harper bash and an NDP LOVE IN ….usually its a LIBERAL LOVE IN. CBC last minute ditch to brainwash the public…


  111. frmgrl says:

    I can’t believe how fickle Quebecers are. How they can fall for Jack and believe that he’s the answer to all their ills? Boggles the mind.


    • Joanne says:

      I can’t believe how fickle Quebecers are

      Yeah, not all Quebecers though. The ones that comment here are pretty savvy. 😉

      But the word ‘shallow’ does come to mind.


  112. JDot says:

    Just watched the PM Harper Craig Oliver interview. Pretty good interview, enjoyed it.

    For the record i have not watch or really read any political coverage since Thursday night(NFL Draft has had all my attention, pretty big deal this time of year for me and my friends). Just been catching up today.


  113. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: tori
    Ontario girl – there is no way a conservative would make the jump from CPC to NDP. CPC to LPC, maybe. But there is too much difference between politcal ideology between the CPC-NDP to naturally turn to them.

    I would never vote for the NDP or Liberals ever. These people who say they were Conservative are full of it. Once a Conservative always a Conservative….he sure is taking lots of calls from QUEBEC. This guy says they are voting NDP because of a coalition Govt. If they vote NDP Jack can run a coalition Govt. because they trust layton to listen to the block that are there. Now he says he voted Block???????????? Nuts.


  114. frmgrl says:

    Yeah, not all Quebecers though. The ones that comment here are pretty savvy.

    You’re right not those who post at BLY nation.


    • Joanne says:

      If anyone has an ounce of strength left and some time tomorrow please consider volunteering at your local campaign office to help get out the vote – especially if you’re a card-carrying CPC member or previous volunteer which would speed things up in terms of qualifications. Thanks.


  115. frmgrl says:

    If anyone has an ounce of strength left and some time tomorrow please consider volunteering at your local campaign office to help get out the vote

    Exactly, it’s absolutely crucial especially this time around and especially in those tight races. This is not the time to sit back and relax. That can come later.


  116. Ontario Girl says:

    Janice McKinnon from Sask makes such good sense on everything. She wants to know why Laytons policies haven’t been scrutenized…and if anyone looks at his policies they would think twice about supporting him.
    On Ignatieff, she says she doesn’t know what he’s all about.
    Now she says people have to get out tomorrow with lists of voters they know support their candidate and call them and pick them up…drive them to the polls especially if there is bad weather. Make sure the vote gets out there. Ridings can be won with very small numbers. Wow…she was impressive….i wish she was on longer.


  117. Fay says:

    You’re better stuff than me Ontario, I had to turn off Rex Murphy. It is obviously rigged.
    I still find it hard to believe that the Maritimes are voting anti military NDP.
    I wonder where the other half of that coalition tape is from 2008?


  118. frmgrl says:

    Wouldn’t hurt tonite when you go to bed everyone to say a little prayer for tomorrow.


  119. Ontario Girl says:

    This woman says she used to vote NDP and now will vote Liberal….so stupid.Its the same thing..COALITION.

    BUT everyone says PM Harper will just have a minority because he thinks he had a lock and will be fooled. Nobody says he won’t win.
    I think this is just another CBC rigged shows and I still think PM harper will come through. CPAC Sutcliff is having a call in show tomorrow again to brainwash on election day . This is amazing. PM Harper has the best of everything for the economy and no thanks because of punk, earings in their nose kids and the CBC and the media.


  120. Fay says:

    I am volunteering as a scrutineer tomorrow. My son is volunteering in Toronto tomorrow.
    Lets give Canada a Conservative majority . Go Stephen Harper Go!


  121. maz2 says:

    Layton’s policies?

    Here is what the policies of Taliban’s socialism would do to Canada.

    The natural end result of socialism.

    “In announcing his decision on April 2 to Socialist Party leaders, Zapatero said, “We have made mistakes.”


    “Spain’s jobless rate tops 21% as all major sectors lose jobs”

    “Madrid, Spain (CNN) — Spain’s unemployment rate rose nearly a point to 21.29%, with 4.9 million jobless for the first quarter of 2011, the government reported Friday, as the prolonged economic crisis continues to squeeze the nation.

    Some analysts had predicted the number of jobless might surpass 5 million. But while that didn’t happen, the latest statistics were another blow to the economy and to the embattled socialist government.

    The numbers for the fourth quarter of 2010 — 20.33% unemployment and almost 4.7 million jobless — already represented the highest joblessness rate in 13 years.

    The latest numbers, for the first quarter of this year, added more somber news. The number of unemployed increased by 213,000, pushing the overall number to 4.9 million.

    All major sectors — industry, construction, services and agriculture — shed jobs during the quarter. The number of Spanish households in which no adult had a job increased by 58,000, to a new total of 1.38 million, the government said.”


  122. wilson says:

    This is the last article I am going to read, it comes straight out of the CPC campaign via Ivison:

    ”…He took the stage with the bounce of a man who knows he’s going to win, and possibly win big. The feeling in the Tory camp is one of relief that the NDP tide appears to be ebbing, combined with a quiet confidence that vote splits might be enough to give them a majority.

    Polls suggest that the New Democrats peaked late last week and the thinking in the Conservative camp is that both the Liberal and Bloc Québécois vote will firm enough to forestall their nightmare scenario of an NDP government….

    Senior Conservatives suggest Mr. Ignatieff could even lose his Etobicoke Lakeshore seat to them Monday night….”


  123. maz2 says:

    “Sun Media goes ‘deluxe’ for election day coverage”

    “The Sun News Network team is ready and waiting as Canadians cast their ballots on Monday.

    The special election day coverage airs from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., EST, for the pre-game show, hosted by TV personalities Charles Adler, Ezra Levant, Theo Caldwell and Brian Lilley.

    “Obviously, we can’t announce any results until 10 p.m., so this is just the pre-show, but beginning at 8 p.m. will be the main election show,” Sun News spokesman Dennis Matthews said.

    Anchors Krista Erickson and David Akin will take viewers through the ridings results, and a political panel with Conservative Monte Solberg, Liberal Warren Kinsella and NDP Adam Giambrone will shed some insight on the votes, moderated by Newswire host Jacqui Delaney.

    Eric Duhaime will be keeping tabs on the Quebec story of the night. Reporters will be embedded at leaders’ parties and reporting live.”


  124. Ontario Girl says:

    Rex Murphy has been at the CBC too long…he belongs there.
    The media are working too hard here so that tells me they know more then they want to admit. Prime Minister Harper will have a majority…that is my prediction…the Liberals could be second and the NDP is a fantasy in Quebec .Jack Layton sickens me and I don’t care what anyone says I want him to go down, even if it means seats for the block. His answers to the whorehouse massage tells me he is nothing more then a smiling phoney pervert snake and doesn’t deserve anything. How can anyone that votes put that snake ahead of our decent Prime Minister?


  125. ohboy says:

    I’ll give Gabby from QC (I think I got her monicker right) top marks.


  126. maz2 says:

    Count Who? survey asks.


    “Is Ignatieff politically finished after tomorrow’s election?

    You betcha

    No, he’ll stick around

    I don’t care

    Total Votes for this Question: 403”


  127. paulsstuff says:

    Smile everyone. Thanksgiving falls on May 2nd this year:0)


  128. Tripper523 says:

    frmgrl says:
    May 1, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    Wouldn’t hurt tonite when you go to bed everyone to say a little prayer for tomorrow.

    “Faith is the Victory that overcomes the world”. Our enemies are cunning and persistent, plotting against decent representation. A prayer, yes, for tomorrow’s battles, particularly those tight races which could make or break the Majority. “He is bravest he who leads us.” For God and Right, may it be a dawn of a new day of gettin’ ‘er done.


  129. jon says:

    Senior Conservatives suggest Mr. Ignatieff could even lose his Etobicoke Lakeshore seat to them Monday night….

    If it happened, it would be a blessing in disguise for him, the way it was for Ont Lib leader Peterson in the ’90 election, who lost his own seat. Better for the leader to lose his own seat in such a situation rather than keeping it and appearing in the backbenches like Martin was for a time, or like Dion, relegated to the corner of the Commons, off camera and instructed by the Libs not to do any TV appearances on any shows like PP and P&P because you’re an embarrassment to the party.


  130. Sammy says:

    Not sure if prev.posted,but EXCELLENT explanation of the ‘real’ Layton:
    Hmmm,Apps on P&P just now..pretty tame,now that the bloom is off the Lib rose!


    • Joanne says:

      Hmmm,Apps on P&P just now..pretty tame,now that the bloom is off the Lib rose!

      Yes he certainly wasn’t as animated as usual.


  131. Ruth says:

    Thanks Sammy, that article is good. Just put it on my Facebook and emailed it too…have to get it out there to everyone we know.


  132. maz2 says:

    “But he has nothing on at all,” said a little child at last.”

    Thank you to SunTV for their exposure of Taliban Jack LaytoNDP, a wanna-be emperor without any clothes, literally.

    Thank you to an anonymous whistleblower.

    An amazing twist of fate wherein life imitates art.

    >>> Layton repeated these words in LaytonSpeak: “Now I must bear up to the end.”

    Who are the chamberlains?

    “And the chamberlains walked with still greater dignity, as if they carried the train which did not exist.”

    The chamberlains is the leftist MSM.

    “But he has nothing on at all,” said a little child at last. “Good heavens! listen to the voice of an innocent child,” said the father, and one whispered to the other what the child had said. “But he has nothing on at all,” cried at last the whole people. That made a deep impression upon the emperor, for it seemed to him that they were right; but he thought to himself, “Now I must bear up to the end.” And the chamberlains walked with still greater dignity, as if they carried the train which did not exist.”

    “The Emperor’s New Suit
    Hans Christian Andersen
    (1837) ”


    Taliban Jack LaytoNDP exposed: “”Jack Layton was found laying naked”.

    Don’t look, Ethel. Jack has been exposed.

    “Layton found in bawdy house: Ex-cop”

    “Jack Layton was found laying naked on a bed by Toronto Police at a suspected Chinatown bawdy house in 1996, a retired Toronto police officer told the Toronto Sun.”


  133. jon says:

    Ontario Girl @ 4:30pm says “WOW…what a TOTAL HARPER BASHING show Rex Murphy has going on right now on CBC Radio….I could SCREEEEEEEM”

    Just think of the payoff. If it’s a majority, you know PMSH will take care of business as it relates to the CBC. Vuts will come. 10-20%, or $100-200 million annually until the budget is balanced. There’s no way they can find savings without significant layoffs to their news staff. Fun to think about who will stay and who will go. All strategic cuts. The biggest Harper-haters like Mildew will remain, needed to fight the next election. Solomon and Mansbridge safe.

    If it’s not a majority, take solace in the fact that the CBC is no longer able to influence Canadians the way they once were, able to affect public opinion polls with their slants, along with the rest of the MSM. The devastating results for the Libs tomorrow is just as devastating to the CBC….. let none of us forget that they cheerleaded the Libs from the beginning, only shilling for the NDP when they realized it is (was) the only way to stop a Harper majority.

    BTW, you know how bad it is for the Libs. Apps on P&P and he’s actually mellow. No need to have the defibrillator paddles this time.


  134. Alex says:

    No question the riding in which I live will vote Conservative. Ms. Hoeppner is immensely popular. As such, I will be watching interestedly in how the rest of the country shakes down.


  135. Fay says:

    Is anyone else noticing the Conservative strategists are coming across as calm and confident? Just watched Goldie Hyder on Global supper news after the golf.


  136. Jen says:

    Just remember that the USA STEEL WORKERS UNION have made donation to the NDP over the $1000 limit. So you can imagine what will happen next. GREECE-with Rex Murphy at the lead for Layton.
    One thing for sure, the recession and recovery will be PM SH and conservatives legacy.
    Rex Murphy will rejoice his new FRENCH LANGUAGE order by his boss LAYTON.
    The coalition is very much alive.


  137. jon says:

    Hmm. Confused. Turned it to CPAC and it’s a rebroadcast of Goldhawk with Dewer and an NDP advisor selling the NDP platform. CPAC over the past couple of weeks has done Live shows featuring the platforms of each party. That’s fair, but why on the eve of the election are they rebroadcasting the show that sells the NDP platform?


  138. Fay says:

    Just had a lovely taped call from Stephen Harper to vote conservative tomorrow.
    Lets give this all around Canadian a majority government.


  139. Liz J says:

    Tomorrow the world will be watching us. If we elect anything short of a majority Conservative government they’re going to wonder about the mental capacity of the voters in this country. This election will make or break this country.


  140. Alberta Girl says:

    Liz…I just said to my husband that this country is at a crossroads here. We have become sooooo divided and I am not sure how we can ever come back together. I hope a majority government can do it.


  141. frmgrl says:

    Liz J says:
    May 1, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    Liz J right on, I couldn’t have said it any better. The world WILL be watching. Let’s not let them down.


  142. Bec says:

    What a busy day but it’s exhilerating! Everyone is feelin’ the love, no one is hearing the N-O-I-S-E amd it >>>>>> onward and upward, folks!

    Stay positive and PLEASE go and help, drive, feed, anything you can do but if you can’t do youselves a service and turn off the N-O-I-S-E!

    Tomorrow I will be helping bring this best PM in the history of Canada, home! God bless you Prime Minister Stephen Harper and God bless, Canada! Now let’s go, TEAM BLUE!


  143. maz2 says:

    Here* is the wannabe emperor.

    Here is one of the leftistMSM’s chamberlains:

    >>> “Angelo Persichilli Political Columnist”/TORedStar.

    “And the chamberlains walked with still greater dignity, as if they carried the train which did not exist.”

    *The caption for the pic of the socialist wannabe emperor is:

    “NDP Leader Jack Layton has offered Quebecers a federalist lifeboat, says Angelo Persichilli.”

    BTW, Layton is fully dressed, almost. His left hand is …



  144. Dirt says:

    I’m not surprised that Layton is alleged to of been found naked on a bed in a hoe house, however I’m appalled the media is quite content to tell me a female voter it’s a non-issue. Once again liberal dominated media demean my sex to prop up some male pig leftwing politician who’s only having his needs met so what’s the big deal girls you sell it anyway-that’s how liberal media comes off to this female voter. I hope Sun News stays on the story and investigates the issue that an Asian gang were allegedly video taping the customers of said hoe house for possible blackmail purposes.


  145. Garfield says:

    Just received a daemon dialer from PMSH. What a terrific leader and what a terrific MAJORITY PM he will be tomorrow night and for the next four years!


  146. frmgrl says:

    Fay, I’m seeing signs of optimism too.

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed it but when PM Stephen Harper spoke with Roy Green this afternoon you could hear the confidence in his voice.


  147. Mary T says:

    Make a pledge if you voted conservative, I will not watch ctv/cbc/global for election coverage. Will Watch SunTV or the bloggers who will be covering.
    If the ndp is going to make such huge gains, why has 308 and election prediction not showing such numbers.
    Just had a client tell me he will vote for ndp, conservative and liberal, and then claim whoever wins he is covered. Told him I would not count his ballot. lol.
    What I will be watching for tomorrow night is where the x is marked, usually the first name, middle name or bottom name. Doesn’t matter what party they are.


  148. Ontario Girl says:

    The Harper, Mansbridge interview replayed coming up on CBC next


  149. ed says:

    The callers to these call-in shows are organized groups set up to monopolize the phone lines and put out their leftist views. Someone here posted previously that there are socialist networks at work using tactics such as this to control the media message. Using modern electronic technology, their job is made easier.


  150. Alberta Girl says:

    Ed.. that is one of the tactics outlined in the Coalition transcript from 2008. This whole campaign has been played out exactly as Jack was telling them to play out the Coalition attempt. We have been hoodwinked by Smiling Jack!


  151. Bec says:

    Dirt @7:32pm

    The ususal suspects in the media are useless. It’s not that long ago there was an attempt to smear the marriage of the PM and his wife. Throwing out all sorts of clandestine events and it that case, it was beyond sleazy.

    They attack Conservatives because we are conservative. We believe in family, victims of crime, lower taxes, working hard for ourselves, not the govt, independent thinking, love of country and fair play………………….
    To know us is to love us and tomorrow they will! Believe!


  152. Mary T says:

    Message to all the abc voters, the jets will not be purchased before the next election and if layton is running things we know there will be no money for them. So, any money that is planned for said purchase is not available for spending now. And AB will probably be gone by that time, with a few other western provinces. Who will pay your social programs.


  153. jon says:

    Make a pledge if you voted conservative, I will not watch ctv/cbc/global for election coverage. Will Watch SunTV or the bloggers who will be covering.

    Have to respectfully disagree. While I’ll be going back and forth between them all, it’s better to watch the coalition cheerleading networks, especially if it’s a majority. You get to see Roger Smith’s shoulders sink even further to where they’re actually touching his chest, or Craig’s glass eyeball fall onto the desk. How about Tebiddoo, who would have that smirk taken off her place. And Mildew? Well, he’ll be twitchier than usual, having now to put off any big purchases he might have been planning, until it’s cleared his job has been saved.

    Seriously, though, it’s important to watch all the networks so as to compare and contrast, I believe. The 3 coalition networks win if you don’t watch. Ratings and ad dollar loss they will sacrifice if it means those that flag their sh*t aren’t watching, and never expose it and to have those who now have a platform (SNN) with which to attack them.


  154. jon says:

    *Smith’s cheeks sink to where they’re eventually sinking into his chest


  155. Mary T says:

    Bec, re broken marriages, don’t jack and olivia live together, why else are they running in separate ridings, and filing separate expenses for living costs.
    One can spin things both ways.
    Olivia did not look too happy today as they had 24/7 coverage of her on cpac.
    I can’t believe the silence from the feminists groups or status of women re jack and the massage parlour.
    Hope they all lose their funding. Any news on how Bev Oda is doing.


  156. maz2 says:

    Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly.

    The “Parlour”, “The Velvet Touch Massage parlour”, was the spider’s web into which Taliban Jack LaytoNDP fell willingly.

    Let’s flesh this out: “when Jack Layton was found in one of its rooms.”

    >>> Taliban Jack was found naked “in one of its rooms”.


    “Parlour operated for three years after raid”


    The Velvet Touch Massage parlour operated for three years after cops raided the business in 1996, when Jack Layton was found in one of its rooms.

    In fact, the alleged rub and tug at 787 Dundas St. W. opened its doors in 1994 to clients for five years in total before its licence renewal was denied by the city, which should’ve been revoked much sooner, according to Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti.

    “The city will revoke a licence if the courts determine it’s run illegally,” Mammoliti said Sunday. “I have tried for years to convince the city they should, just based on the historical context of the businesses and what happens on those sites, we should be able to (revoke licences), but the city’s officials continue to tell us that they’re not going to until the courts decide they should.”

    Mammoliti is using this incident with Layton, the federal leader of the NDP, to gain leverage in lobbying for change in licensing protocols.”


    “NDP Constitution”

    “The dark and dank places the NDP keep well hidden from Canadians”

    “Without drawing too fine a point on the Velvet Touch, the bawdy house where then Coun. Jack Layton was taken by surprise during a visit from police, Canada’s New Democrat Party (NDP) has been hanging out in dank and dark places.

    The Layton bawdy house incident took place 15 years ago, and Layton, now NDP leader, calls the Toronto Sun dredging back up of the Velvet Touch, a smear.

    But it’s May 2011 and the NDP constitution is the only one not online among the other national mainstream parties running in tomorrow’s election.

    Like the Toronto Sun from whom we now know that Layton told a Toronto police officer investigating local bawdy houses that he was “one and the same” as the “John” on his driver’s license, the oft-maligned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has let Canadians in on the dirty secret of the missing federal NDP constitution.

    “Where in the world is the federal NDP’s constitution? It’s not on the NDP’s website, unlike any of the other national mainstream parties running in this election. Now that the NDP is within shouting distance—maybe—of forming government, a lot of people might want to take a closer look at the party, at its founding goals and principles.” (Leslie McKinnon, CBC News, April 27, 2011).”

    Taliban Jack’s Dark and Dank Place:


  157. SomeGuyinOttawa says:

    I echo all of the positive thoughts and hopes for the Conservatives. I have thoroughly enjoyed BLY’s coverage of this election (thanks Joanne!) and everyone’s contributions/comments (thanks all!).

    Best wishes to all of the Conservative candidates!!!


    • Joanne says:

      I have thoroughly enjoyed BLY’s coverage of this election (thanks Joanne!) and everyone’s contributions/comments (thanks all!).

      Yes, this has certainly been a collaborative effort. Everyone should get some sleep because tomorrow could be a late night.

      I also like Lorraine’s idea to pray for wisdom tomorrow – right across the country.


  158. Ontario Girl says:

    jon….Goldhawk said he was going to look at all 3 parties platforms tonight.


  159. Lorraine says:

    Time to pray, dear Blue friends..praying really hard that Canadians will choose well tomorrow-for a stable future. Uncertainty for our country in a shaky world is scarier than even putting the word “not” in an internal memo to your staff.
    Sleep well everyone.


  160. jon says:

    OG, thanks for that correction. I wasn’t sure exactly what CPAC was doing. Just tuned it in an hour ago and thought, because the original broadcasts for each platform aired for the entire hour (I believe), that it was odd that only the NDP platform was being aired in Goldhawk’s normal 1-hour time slot. 3-hours, back-to-back-to-back. I have no problem with that then…. my apologies to CPAC.


  161. Mary T says:

    Jon, I also would like to watch a few of those anchors crying in their mics, and you will know things are going bad if they do not make a prediction within a half hour of the close of polls.
    Just checked election predictions, and none of the too close to call races are conservative seats. Looks like IRuby is gone, Holland is fighting for his life, Szabo is in a fight, and Helena is gone. Not one green wins anywhere,. Poor lizzie if that is true.
    Has she told anyone how she plans to make parliament work better, she will not be allowed to ask questions every day.
    Now is the time to pick a new Speaker. Better be a conservative this time.
    And the PM better name all the new Senators asap. And with the numbers at EP, they will need the Bloc to form a coalition if we fail to get our majority.


  162. Bec says:

    Lorraine said:
    “Sleep well everyone.”

    Indeed! Just remember which leader won(/will win) their riding with the most votes!

    Jack would have needed a “Coalition” to run his riding last election unlike the Prime Minister of Canada who won a MAJORITY! That’s what leadership looks like!


  163. Mary T says:

    Tomorrow will not have the official results, as I am sure there will be recounts, appeals, and other dirty tricks, but it takes about 2 months before EC make the official results known.
    Can’t wait to examine all the expense sheets of all those phantom ndp candidates in Quebec.
    I imagine we will have all 3 tvs on, and someone in each room yelling switch to this channel. Hope they have EMS staff standing by in those studios.


  164. jon says:

    Said it in a previous thread but it needs to be restated. From the link Maz2 provided”, it’s quite telling that neither CBC, CTV nor Global (as far as I’m aware), never went to the actual location of the brothel to file a report on the story. They knew that if Canadians were shown the location it would’ve hurt Jack’s credibility. The location doesn’t only add context, it’s central to the story. It would be like doing a story on arson where the report doesn’t actually file a report from the scene. They never reported from the location, never read from the officer’s notes in the reports, never reported that he was naked (some did but never asked why), and saturated their reports with defences of Jack, both from his own mouth, statements read from his wife, and the news readers/reporters playing up that it was all a “smear campaign”.


  165. maz2 says:

    MSM/TORedStar is digging into Taliban Jack LaytoNDP’s Dark and Dank Place scandal.

    Words of Jack: “It’s innuendo, smear politics,” he said.”

    Stay tuned for more.


    “Questions emerge over source of Layton leak”

    “Two Canadian journalists say they were also leaked the story of Jack Layton’s massage parlour run-in years ago, raising questions about how the potentially damaging story emerged just days before voters head to the ballot box.

    Sun News Network reported Friday that in 1996, the NDP leader was found by police officers in a downtown Toronto massage parlour that police suspected was operating as a bawdy house. Layton, then a city councillor, was cautioned not to return and released without charge, according to the Sun’s source, an anonymous retired Toronto police officer who allegedly found Layton at the parlour.

    Layton responded to the reports by saying he was there to get a legitimate massage and had no idea the place was considered to be less than reputable. “It’s innuendo, smear politics,” he said.”–questions-emerge-over-source-of-layton-leak


  166. ed says:

    maz2 says: May 1, 2011 at 7:56 pm:

    “Where in the world is the federal NDP’s constitution? It’s not on the NDP’s website, unlike any of the other national mainstream parties running in this election. Now that the NDP is within shouting distance—maybe—of forming government, a lot of people might want to take a closer look at the party, at its founding goals and principles.” (Leslie McKinnon, CBC News, April 27, 2011).”

    Nick, on CFRA this morning, was mentioning this as well. He spent a lot of time but couldn’t find it. All he found was the preamble which he read out. No way to trust the NDP. NDP = the Bloc minus the separation issue well, maybe?? The NDP = a Quebec based value system that will be increasingly foisted upon Canada. It will no longer be a Canadian viewpoint/values for this country on many important issues (many are already evident) but rather a Quebec outlook and direction. Believe it, that’s the goal.


  167. Joe says:

    Jack or should I say John let me give you some advice: Shut up! You are only making yourself seem even more irrelevant with your impossible to believe protestations.


  168. ed says:

    Canadians: when the going gets rough, the tough get going!! Let’s go, Canada!! Stand up for Canada.


  169. Dirt says:

    Bec the Liberal Media is suppose to be the campions of “Human Rights” what about the rights of foreign smuggled illegal sex trade workers being forced into prostitution in massage parlors? Seems to me the Liberal Media let those sex slaves down when the buried the Layton story? Think of the coverage it could of given to those females that are forced into the trade in Canada by Asian gangs? I am sickened by the misogynistic liberal media, they could of broken the story and some aide for those in the sex slave illegal massage industry could of materialized instead they couldn’t be bothered atall. Why does liberal media dislike women so? Second the massage industry is regulated, wanna bet Jack’s massage therapist wasn’t even thou Liberal media had some shill on pretending the alleged prostitute was registered?


  170. maz2 says:

    The post-Liberal Count Ignatieff- mortems are starting to be rolled out by MSM.

    Doesn’t MSM realize PET Cemetery Report is closed?


    “Liberal campaign loses the message”

    “Campaigns matter? Not as much as the months and years leading to vote”


  171. jon says:

    “Two Canadian journalists say they were also leaked the story of Jack Layton’s massage parlour run-in years ago, raising questions about how the potentially damaging story emerged just days before voters head to the ballot box.”

    A popular angle of the media’s reporting to this story was to ask “why is this coming out now?” Funny, I remember the 2004 election and a video of fmr. CA MP Randy White being “released” in the final 2 days of the campaign that was used to damage the CP. But I don’t recall the media questioning why it was released when it did, instead doing the opposite of what they’re doing now, dismissing why it came out when it did saying instead that the contents of the video and the story and questions related to it as being what was ultimately important.. I remember the excitement of the MSM, joyously using the video to help torpedo any chances of Harper defeating Martin…. But that was then, this is now I guess.


  172. Dave says:

    JDot @ 5:20pm
    yes, I saw that interview too … just kept thinking how Wise Owl Oliver is not even in the same league as Mr. Harper. It is quite amazing to watch the unrelenting agenda the CBC and CTV “journalists” wage against PMSH, yet he handles it all with grace, calmness, and integrity. Meanwhile throw one or two hard-balls to MI, and he totally looses his composure. the serpent-tongue and rolling eyes say a lot.

    Jack is the classic ‘snake oil’ salesman, and by the looks of things … if the polls are correct, which is still to be seen … a lot of Canadians are going to wake up on May 3rd and wonder just what the H*LL they just bought! Yikes!


  173. Bec says:

    Dirt @8:31pm said
    “Why does liberal media dislike women so?”

    Because they are hypocrites. They really don’t see what they do. Just take the abhorrent behaviour by Pat Martin during the committee meetings or on CBC with Candice Hoepner…..never in the media or discussed.

    The shocking disrespect to abused and used women, obvious trafficking of women in this story is swept away, poof because they have zero morals and standards when it comes to covering for each other, imo.

    It’s no wonder they are soft on crime after this example.


    • Joanne says:

      I’m still trying to figure out how much freedom of speech we have in Canada tomorrow. I see Stephen Taylor is also wondering via Twitter.


  174. Joe says:

    I’m trying to watch a sports channel now and every few minutes eJackolayton pops up with his little sales pitch. As I watch it I have this weird little commentary running through my head.

    Hi I’m Jack Layton. You know where I stand er lay.
    Together we, my masseuse and I, will get this job (pant pant) finished!
    And I won’t (moan pant pant moan) stop (groan) until I – am – done (grunt moan gasp)!


  175. ed says:

    The south shore of Montreal (just across the bridge from the island of Montreal) is separatist country, has been for many decades (40 plus yrs.). If the city of Longueuil goes NDP, that will be unbelievable. If it happens, the NDP will be looking good. If they get the projected 30 to 50 seats from the Bloc, it would be tantamount to the collapse of the Berlin Wall. They have only one seat, going to those projected numbers is extremely hard to believe. In the end, many voters will probably go back to their base party. – the Bloc. Given the latest about Layton and his massage ?? , hopefully some of those NDP votes will transfer to the Conservatives. I think they will. Also, there’s about 30% or so hard core separatists that would never abandon a separatist party — so much for the poll figures. Of course, this is conjecture but I hope I’m right.


  176. Dave says:

    Bec – right on; and the same applies to the way Bev Oda was treated with incredible disrespect, by that same person. What is with this guy. He needs to go to some program or something to learn respect for women. but not a single peep out of MSM. Nothing … Zilch … Nada … I watched every painful comment by Mr. Martin on CPAC.

    I cannot believe this person is an MP. Well, actually yes, I can. same as how Quebec may elect up to 20 dippers who just happened to put their names forward for the fun of it. Hope the rest of Canada has as much fun as it seems Quebec is going to have. Bwahahahahaha


  177. Ontario Girl says:

    Check out CBC..they are going to show a question Mansbridge asked each leader and their answers plus highlights of all the campaigns…coming up


  178. Alberta Girl says:

    Joe. I am watching his ad on another channel and all I can think about is his “clinic”encounter. Rosie Barton tweeted that his final line in his rally was “Don’t leave anything behind” EWWWWWWW


  179. Alberta Girl says:

    Thanks Jo…I am sure the Layton supporter are all huffy over it – after all,

    jack said it was all above board.


    • Joanne says:

      Regarding tomorrow, I guess I’ll have to enable comment moderation in the evening – if not sooner. This is ridiculous but I don’t feel like having an issue with EC.


  180. Bec says:

    What was it AG? This sounds good!

    PS I too just received my ‘phone call’ from the Prime Minister reminding me to vote! I’m still smiling!


  181. Ontario Girl says:

    The question asked the 3 leaders was…”We all make mistakes from time to time. What was an error in your role that you regret?”
    Layton….The remark he made to Paul Martin telling him he was responsible for the deaths of the homeless…..Then Mansbridge said..”Is that why your hesitant to use the L word and call Harper a LIAR?”

    Ignatieff….”When he challenged the leader and said “Your time is up.” You can’t think your too smart. It has made him a better person.

    PM Harper….”The press gallery tell me errors I made day in and day out. Supporting the invasion of Irac was a mistake but it did have its pro’s.” Then Mansbridge asked…”Did you think that when you pulled the trigger on Libya?” Harper said it was for saving the people there (something like that).
    They showed a clip of PM Harper when he was younger saying the Irac statement …and a pic of Layton saying his statement. No pic of Iggy saying his “Your time is up”.


  182. ed says:

    frmgrl says: May 1, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    “I can’t believe how fickle Quebecers are. How they can fall for Jack and believe that he’s the answer to all their ills? Boggles the mind.”

    frmgrl, they see the NDP as the closest to their Bloc. In the House of Commons, both parties will support each other and Quebec values. Both are socialist. The trade unions have been exceptionally strong in Quebec for many decades. Mulcair has been in the Quebec National Assembly for 13 years. He has many acquaintances across all party lines. He’s seen and heard frequently in the French media for many years. He fits in very well with the quebecois society. I believe he’s accepted by them. So there’s a certain amount of trust that has developed over the years. Also, there’s a lot of brain-washing going on. For the past 5 years, Stephen Harper has been painted by the Bloc as being bad for Quebec. On the other hand, the Liberals are still in the quebecois’ bad books. Meanwhile, the NDP promises Quebec just about everything they want. – well, at least until they get in power. Then, there’s Layton with his ever expanding ego realizing his opportunity for “grandeur.” Add to it, the fact that an overwhelming majority of quebecois have no knowledge of Bob Rae and what he did to Ontario. They are in the dark, kept that way. The bottom line is that Quebec has values that are diametrically opposite to those of Canada. But, sadly, no one wants to go there. The ballot box will tell the real story, how strong that trust in the NDP really is. It is all really bewildering!! Who knows what??


  183. Anise says:

    Lorraine 8.04 says time to pray..

    I shall be poll clerking in a church, so will send petitions all day. Being in Kevin Sorensen’s riding, the prayers can all be for others . We are usually 80% right thinking.

    Hope I get home in time to enjoy the weeping and wailing and gnashing of MSM teeth


  184. Sammy says:

    And tonite,after seeing the Lib numbers in final poll,poor old Craig Oliver,will be he prays to his old canoeing buddy,”I tried Pierre,I really really tried!”..Fife’s hair will turn white overnite (the color it should be!).dripping that beloved ‘liberal Red’ hair-dye to mingle with his tears..Julie Van D will finally give up and go home,never to be heard from again,and the Mildew will lose his stupid Brit accent,thinking maybe next election he’ll try a french one..hoping that will finally sink HARPER! The cbc,as a result of a severe funding cuts after a Conservative victory.. will have to lay off more than half their reporters and no one will notice! I dream..I dream!
    Bec,talked to the kids today..Mama still holding on to the ‘bambino’..she’s thinking Mother’s Day will be the birth day..will get out there yet.Could you request some decent weather?


  185. Alberta Girl says:

    Over on twitter the lefties are questioning what happened as the EKOS poll had the NDP closer….um yeah, cause EKOS is Frank Graves.

    Its all over but the voting kids!!


  186. ed says:

    Joe says: May 1, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    Good one, LOL.


  187. Steven says:

    Team Blue polled 38.7 today / Sunday / 800 people polled on Nanos Election Memo

    NDP down to 30

    I think we can do this\


  188. paulsstuff says:

    More good news. Election Prediction has the Conservatives with 144 ridings they should win, and another 19 to close to call.

    The best part is they predict Chris Alexander as the winner in Ajax-Pickering.


  189. Fay says:

    Good luck Chris Alexander! Hopefully all your hard work will pay off with a win!


  190. Ontario Girl says:

    PM Harper on CPAC on his last stop in Abbotsford BC…..lots of people


  191. ed says:

    As a good Catholic, I took Stephen Harper to Communion today. I had one of those round “Harper Here For Canada” stickers and stuck it prominently on my shirt. I made sure people saw it as I walked down the aisles. I’m sure God understands it was for a most important cause. LOL


  192. Sammy says:

    Story behind the pay-wall at iPolitics re a Lib MP on the hook for thousands of $$ for booze that a ‘staffer’ bought.Anyone able to access story (Liz Thompson has it up) to the story at :


  193. Fay says:

    Thankyou Ed, Canada needs more good people like you. You are an inspiration!


  194. ed says:

    Sammy, here’s your story at the Vancouver Sun:

    “Liberal MP on hook for staffer’s huge booze and travel tab”
    By Elizabeth Thompson, May 1, 2011 7:01 PM


  195. Ontario Girl says:

    Layton on and had Olivia on stage and another chinese girl and he said he wants to see sisters in the house of commons??? He’s in Scarborough. Guess he’s making it a family affair.


  196. JDot says:

    US has killed Bin Laden..


  197. wilson says:

    3 US sources say Osama Bin Laden is dead, US has the body….


  198. Ontario Girl says:

    Rather than take the staff member to court or just let the remainder be covered by the House of Commons under his budget allocation, Pearson says he decided to reimburse “more than $20,000” to the House of Commons out of his own pocket.

    Sounds suspicious.


  199. ed says:

    We need a miracle. We pray for a miracle. We believe in miracles.

    The Power of Prayer: the prayer of a group is the most effective form of prayer.

    Prediction: a Conservative majority. How big? Let God decide.

    Gee, doing everything to push that Conservative machine over the line. 🙂


  200. Mary T says:

    Got the phone call, put it on speaker and we all listened. Son wanted to phone back and say, hey we already voted for you.
    Election prediction has the libs with more seats than ndp, but not enough to form a coalition without the bloc.
    But, with what has happened the last few days, would either the libs or ndp want to get in bed together-(bad choice of words), Would layton’s ego allow him to be second fiddle after his great expectations the last couple of days.


  201. ed says:

    JDot says: May 1, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    “US has killed Bin Laden..”

    Wow!! If true, I wonder when he was killed. I always figured he was dead long ago because he never showed himself.


  202. frmgrl says:

    ed says:
    May 1, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    Ed,Amen! The power of prayer is truly an amazing thing! We should never underestimate it.


  203. Fay says:

    Looks like the National press Gallery have been sitting on this story about Glen Pearson. Covering for the Liberals all day every day. Same old , same old.


  204. frmgrl says:

    Looks like the National press Gallery have been sitting on this story about Glen Pearson.

    You want to make a bet if this were a Conservative the PPG would have been on it from day one. It would have been a major issue through out the campaign. Hypocrites!


  205. Alberta Girl says:

    Ed..BCF tweeted about OBL that Adrew Coyne knew a month ago just didn’t think it was newsworthy!! LOL


  206. Alberta Girl says:

    As soon as I read that Pearson story, I thought it suspicious…someone caught in the coookie jar…easy to blame an ex employee I guess.


  207. ed says:

    My greatest joy is to see a victorious, majority PM, Stephen Harper greeting Will and Kate on Parliament Hill on the first of July. It’ll make up for his family missing their wedding in England. And if it comes to be, we’ll be there on Parliament Hill. That would be a momentous occasion. I can just imagine a record crowd!!


  208. JDot says:

    Word is Harper will speak after Obama..


  209. goodie says:

    I am believing for 188 seats for the CPC!!!!!!!


  210. ed says:

    JDot , thank you for the news!!


  211. Bec says:

    Sun News covering OBL story….PMSH to speak asap…


  212. Sammy says:

    Milewski says PMSH is ‘drafting a statement’ needs to be careful what he says because of E day tomorrow! HUH?? What an ass.
    Think about this kids..will this Bin Laden killing affect tomorrows results? There will most likely be response from terrorists,and it scares me to death to think of an ndp in charge here in Canada.


  213. A Regular Here says:

    To my praying friends…another prayer request.
    Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan.
    My daughter and her husband are in Pakistan.
    I have seen too many eruptions in the Middle East.
    Please pray for them…
    Ps. 91


  214. jon evan says:

    Incredible rally tonite in Abbotsford!
    Record number in attendance likely 2000-3000 people! PMSH said it was the biggest rally of the election and the nicest weather with sunny blue sky giving him a big boost.
    After Chuck Strahl sank the national anthem PMSH gave a stirring speech igniting the room! It was sensational!! Wish u were all there. We will have our majority!


  215. Richco says:

    Re: Obama killed – Milewski is so full of crap on this one Sammy. Harper, like it or not is still the PM today and by all counts will be the PM after on May 3rd too.

    This will definitely effect tomorrow’s results because it’s going to show voters that at a time like this when we need a leader, one who supports our soldiers, our efforts in Afghanistan and the partnership we have with the USA and the world on this we have exactly that leader in Stephen Harper.

    People will be happy when they go to vote after hearing this news tonight or tomorrow morning. They’ll give thanks and want to be cautious at the same time about taking our safety and security for granted.

    I see by some of the headlines to do with tomorrow’s election that even the left-leaners are admitting that a majority is indeed possible – even Ibbitson.

    Leave it to the CBC’s Terry M. to play down this historic night and our PM.

    I predict that this will put Harper well into a majority, and so what will the crybabies at CTV and CBC do – blame THIS on the Harper conservatives too?

    This has blown all the opposition and anti-Harper messages right out of the water.


  216. Sammy says:

    Milewski: PMSH will most likely remind us that their were Canadians killed in 9/11,PMSH needs to be careful and not be too partisan..insert I hate Harper here..then reminds us the Libs/Cons agreed to keep troops in Afghan.,but those peace-lovin,hug-a-thug dipper peaceniks want to bring troops home.


  217. Richco says:

    Milewski’s bubble just burst Sammy. He and the CBC just became even more irrelevant in this election and to Canadians than they’ve ever been.

    Do any of the networks have a live feed of Harper’s statement? I can’t seem to get one from SunTV.


  218. GailM says:

    Good luck to all the Conservative candidates in tomorrow’s election. Canadians need all of you representing us under the leadership of the BEST Prime Minister EVER –
    Stephen Harper!
    And thank you Joanne and others for always providing such great up to date info. You are all very much appreciated.


  219. Sammy says:

    PMSH on NOW! VERY clear,24 Canadians were MURDERED on 9/11..gawd Milewski on to comment: He made the point why we are in Afghan,what he implied Layton wrong to demand troops come home now..he struck a balance due to election,he is associating Canada with the Jubilation in US re killing!Blah blah blah


  220. Fay says:

    Wendy Mesley even looked embarassed by Terry Milewsky ramblings. I don’t believe CTV even showed Stephen Harper.


  221. wilson says:

    ‘U.S. warns of al Qaeda reprisals over bin Laden
    …In a worldwide travel alert released shortly after President Barack Obama late Sunday announced bin Laden’s death in a military operation…

    Yiks, worldwide travel alert!


  222. Shane in the 'wack says:

    I was at the rally tonight in Abbotsford, the place was packed with lots of friendly people. It’s a good thing we got there hour and 15 minutes early. Outside were a few NDP supporters including a town crier yelling all sorts of misinformation. I was going to refute some of his bs facts but people attending the event knew the truth and my daughter tugged me along.
    I was a little disappointed, hoping to have the same happy accident as Joanne and get a picture with the PM. No such luck, but my daughter (11 years old) was so happy to shake hands with PM Harper. She is looking forward to telling everyone at school tomorrow. Really wish I had a picture but there was too many people in the way to get a clear picture. Everyone went to the stage to touch him.
    Was hoping Milewski and Smith were going to be there to ask a few questions of my own….alas was disappointed.


  223. Midnight says:

    Hi Joanne ! It’s me, Midnight … the one and only.

    I hope you will indulge my humour, and allow the previous two comments.

    Or not. The choice is yours. And feel free to not display, or to delete this observation of mine, after you have read it. In fact, you probably should, though I will not let my perceived brilliance, become a factor in guiding your deisions. Unless you want it to. 🙂

    Actually, I’m just in a great mood ; sensing a Majority, and all that…. 🙂

    Cheers !



    • Joanne says:

      Hi Midnight! Well those two previous comments were a bit rough so I think we’ll just keep them to ourselves but I do share your optimism. Cheers!


  224. maz2 says:

    Bec said: “Just take the abhorrent behaviour by Pat Martin during the committee meetings or on CBC with Candice Hoepner…..never in the media or discussed.”

    The pos MartiNDP is here licking his chops at our expense.

    Just the link is too much.

    “Libs brace for election results, could lose House money
    Millions of dollars in funding from the House for research, the OLO and crucial riding offices for MPs at risk.”

    Vote for PM Harper.

    Vote Conservative.


  225. maz2 says:

    PM Harper’s statement:

    “On Sept. 11, 2001, 24 Canadians were murdered in the Al Qaeda attack on the World Trade Centre. The death of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, reported today by President Obama, secures a measure of justice for these Canadians and their families.

    Bin Laden’s death does not end the threat of international terrorism. Sadly, others will take his place.

    But, this does remind us why Canadian Armed Forces personnel have been deployed to Afghanistan: to deny Al Qaeda and organizations like it, the use of Afghanistan, where the 9/11 attack was conceived and planned.

    Through their operations there to cut off terror at its root, our men and women in uniform have made an enormous contribution to Canadian security abroad.

    Here, dedicated security officials work tirelessly and with success, to prevent similar attacks in Canada. Protection of the public is the first and most important duty of government.

    Canada receives the news of the death of Osama bin Laden with sober satisfaction. We will continue to stand firm with our allies against the threat of global terrorism.”


  226. maz2 says:

    MSM has more ’bout Taliban Jack LaytoNDP’s scandal.

    Still no answer to the question, Why were you naked, Jack?

    This is better than Deep Throat*.


    “Liberal insider tipped columnist to Layton massage story in 2008”

    “NDP leader says he did nothing wrong”

    “Aye, but there’s the rub.

    In the final days of this election campaign, Jack Layton’s opponents were left with throwing out a story about his having been to a massage parlour 15 years ago. The Toronto Sun reported that “Layton was found laying naked on a bed by Toronto Police at a suspected Chinatown bawdy house in 1996.”

    The Sun didn’t name the retired police officer who provided it with its information. Layton was not charged with anything and was quoted in the cop’s notes as saying, “I was just getting a shiatsu.”

    On Friday, Layton didn’t deny getting the massage. He told reporters “absolutely nothing wrong was done, absolutely no wrongdoing.”

    It was a classic example of smear tactics, Layton added, the kind that has popped up in the current campaign, with few parties left unsullied.

    “This is why a lot of people get turned off politics,” he said.

    So classic, in fact, was the Layton story that it was shopped around to a journalist in the final two days of the last federal election campaign, in 2008.

    National Post columnist Jonathan Kay confirmed Sunday that he was approached by a Liberal Party insider with the same story on Oct. 12, 2008.

    “I was shown a copy of a Liberal Party lawyer’s Access To Information request seeking details of the massage bust – and I have retained that ATI request in my files,” Kay told The Gazette on Sunday. Kay wouldn’t say who the lawyer is, saying he promised the person his or her name wouldn’t come out.

    He said he didn’t run with the story in 2008 because he couldn’t confirm it.

    “I have no idea who leaked the Layton massage story this time around,” Kay said on Twitter. “But, if I had to guess I’d say the most desperate party.”

    Marc Roy, a spokesperson for the Liberal Party of Canada, strongly denied any Liberal involvement pushing the Layton massage story.

    “We had nothing to do with the Sun story,” Roy said. And “I was the official spokesperson in 2008. We had nothing to do with this then, either.””

    “By MAX HARROLD, The Gazette May 2, 2011 4:02”


    *Deep Throat:

    “The Nixon Administration and Watergate: ‘Deep Throat’ **

    FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover promotes W. Mark Felt to be the #3 official in the bureau. Though Hoover’s longtime assistant and confidante Clyde Tolson is putatively the …”


  227. Liz J says:

    Hoping a few Toronto ridings blot out red for blue today. It may be a long shot but maybe some listened to their Mayor and something clicked.

    This is going to be a very stressful day for all who care about Canada and know the repercussions if we don’t get that Conservative majority.

    Let’s go, get our vote out, give rides, no excuses.


  228. Liz J says:

    Great statement by the PM Harper in response to the killing of bin Laden.

    This should serve as a timely reminder to the foolish people who would vote for the NDP, a party that doesn’t even consider the need for a strong military.


  229. maz2 says:

    PET Cemetery Report. Special Final Edition.

    Liberal Count Ignatieff: “Just Visiting”.


    “Ignatieff ‘s political future hangs in balance”

    “Liberal leader would like to stay”

    “For the first time Sunday, the 63-year-old looked tired.

    During a 20-minute speech that morning, his eyes moistened as he talked about being moved during a tree-planting ceremony earlier that day in Markham, Ont. Families were coming by the hundreds to plant trees that many would not see mature, Ignatieff said. He was touched by the “passion and faith” that they were showing in this country and they deserved politics and politicians that were worthy of that faith, he said.”


  230. fh says:

    what is it with CPAC????????
    I thought campaigning was closed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    silly me


  231. Ontario Girl says:

    Author: fh
    what is it with CPAC????????
    I thought campaigning was closed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    silly me

    I am boiling listening to all the Praise for the NDP and how great they will be for Canada and how terrible PM Harper is. Every callers so far are NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!I think these kids who vote should have to take a test and can only vote if they pass it.


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